• Gandi will automatically forward some of the information communicated to us (by you) to the customers that you reported - this is done in order to encourage a rapid response.

Report abuse

Welcome to Gandi's Abuse Department contact page.

We have provided you with the following form which you can use to inform us in the event that you encounter the abusive use of a service provided by Gandi.
Please note that all of your complaints will be handled by our team within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.
Our communications are done entirely by email, so please be sure to provide a working email address so that we will be able to reply to you. Following your first notification, you will get an automatic confirmation mail which will contain a ticket reference number in the subject.
Please keep this number handy in the event that you need to follow-up with your request, as it will allow us to quickly identify your original request.

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