.fitness Domain Names

.fitness .FITNESS
Registry: Brice Orchard, LLC
Technical operator: DONUTS
Origin: international
Creation date: 2014

Description: .fitness is an extension intended for use for the promotion of fitness

Whois: http://whois.donuts.co

Trademark holders: our Gandi Corporate team is at your service for the registration of your domain during the sunrise period for this extension.

Extension with launch phases

  Start date End date
Sunrise trademark protection phase
Priority "Landrush" registration phase
General opening

.fitness periods

  Period (more info) Action
Registration period 10 years maximum Register a .fitness
Renewal period 9 years maximum Renew a .fitness
Late renewal period (domain suspended) 45 days
Restoration period 30 days Renew a .fitness
Period before liberation (Pending Delete) 5 days
Minimum period before a transfer 60 days Transfer a .fitness
Purchase a .fitness
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