.sb Domain Names

Registry: NICsb (Solomon Telekom Company Limited)
Registry operator: CoCCA
Origin: Solomon Islands
Date of creation: 1994

Description: the .SB ccTLs is the official extension of the Solomon Islands

Warning the .SB is available only in third-level domains
You can register the following at Gandi .COM.SB, .NET.SB and .ORG.SB

Whois: here
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.sb domain name prices

Gandi provides you with special rates depending on the total volume of purchases that you have made with us over the past 12 months. For example:

  • If you manage 40 domains or less (at $15 USD each), our A rates apply, and include Gandi's full range of services
  • For resellers or key clients with over 40 domains, B through E rates are available, depending on the volume of your purchase. These rates may save you up to 50% off our normal rates (example: $8.80 per year for a .com at E rates).

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  Registration period
1 to 5 years
1 to 5 years
1 year
Change of owner
1 to 5 years
Restore (more info)
1 to 5 years

Prices are valid until 12.31.2015 and may vary due to changes in the registries' rates or the current euro/dollar exchange rate. Gandi reserves the right to change its prices in response to strong variations of these rates. Non-EU residents and EU companies (outside of France) with an intra-community VAT number will not be charged VAT. The Current VAT rate is 20% if you are paying within France.
Please note that our prices do not take into account the costs related to your equipment, connections and electronic communications needed for the use of our services. These costs are yours to manage and are your responsibility.

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