IaaS Wishlist

Propositions listed below have been refused. Not because we don't want to do them, but simply because they are incompatible with the Gandi AI system.

Incompatible proposals

Windows + IIS

Requested by D. Crocket

Possibility to install Windows server with IIS / ASP and Dotnet

Windows 2003

Requested by Beru

Boot a Windows 2003 ISO

cPanel / Plesk

Requested by Nikoms

Possibility to install easily a control panel on the serveur
Gandi's answer: It's unfortunately not possible to simultaneously use Gandi AI and a Control Panel. The solution will be probably to propose a pre-installed Control Panel in Expert Mode.

Editable PHP.ini

Requested by Hugo

Able to modify the php.ini (requires root) from the interface of Gandi, would be a minimum!
Note: You can already change settings via php.ini htaccess file in your code.

Requested by Philippe

Change the news ticker size