Why choose Gandi for your hosting service?

Gandi AI

Simple installation of tools that you need

Gandi AI (Auto Install) frees you from the installation and configuration needed to set up a dedicated server. Thanks to our unique system, you can choose the type of server installation that is best for you in just a few clicks:

  • globally (an e-mail server or a backup server for example)
  • in a detailed manner for a web server (Apache 2 with Python, MYSQL 5 and an e-mail server for example)

List of available services

If you choose not to use the Gandi AI solution, you will have root access to your VPS. This gives you the possibility of installing and configuring your server as you want, and to choose the operating system that you want from our list of available distributions.

If you choose Gandi AI, you will not have root access to your VPS, though some SSH access is still available. Our Gandi AI system will take care of installing the services that you choose to add to your server. Gandi AI can install the following for you:

  • Web server
    Apache 2.2
  • Scripting languages
    PHP 5.3, Perl, Python, Ruby
  • Database
    MySQL 5.1
  • Mail
  • Data server
    SSH access, ftp, webdav
  • Development server
  • Community tools
  • Web applications
    PhpMyAdmin, Dotclear 2, Magento, PunBB...

Suggest another package

We have put in place a special page where you can tell us what you would like to see supported by Gandi AI. To make a request, simply go to the Gandi AI "wishlist".

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