It's the Fourth of July and we're thinking about hotdogs and watermelons and fireworks but we don't need Bill Pullman to remind us of the reason we all get a day off of work to blow things up (hopefully not ourselves) in the backyard: 239 years ago we sent a boldly-worded letter to a monarch not just declaring our independence but also the elements of the fundamental human dignity to which we at least aspire, if we're not always perfect at it.
Something about the summer seems to draw out the change that the rest of the year simmers quickly on a back burner. It's not just the US after all that celebrates its independence and its freedom in July. France celebrates the French Revolution on July 14th, and 23 other countries besides the US celebrate their independence this month.
But our minds are on recent freedoms, and in particular the Supreme Court decision to uphold gay marriage strikes us as an affirmation of the kind of values that strongly-worded letter to the king way back then invokes. These happen to be the kind of values we support at Gandi too.
In celebration of this Fourth of July, we're offering a promotion on six TLDs, each inspired by a color in the rainbow flag to celebrate freedom in the realm of marriage:
  • The original rainbow flag had a hot pink stripe on the top to symbolize sexuality. Due to the unavailability of hot pink flag fabric, this was merged into Red but it's in that spirit that .sexy is on sale.
  • Orange is for healing but also globally represents human rights. So to acknowledge both healing and human rights, you can also find .lgbt on sale.
  • Yellow has to be the happiest of all colors. Maybe it's the association with the sun but there's something simultaneously buoyant and joyful about yellow, like a sunbeam dancing on the surface of the water. To celebrate the bouncy energy of yellow, we chose .dance to represent this color.
  • Night vision goggles use the color Green because it's the color for which human eyes have the greatest photosensitivity. And since before a wedding it's good to take pictures, we chose .photo to represent green.
  • Blue represents serenity and harmony: two things that marriage celebrates between two individuals, so it seems only fitting that we chose .wedding to represent blue.
  • And finally Purple symbolizes spirit and energy, and since after every good wedding is a great reception, we decided that .party would be a fitting choice.
Want to celebrate new freedoms this Fourth of July? Purchase one of the domains below (at the promotional price for a one-year registration):
.SEXY $10.85  (normally $21.70) until 09-16-2015
.LGBT $31  (normally $57.25) until 08-01-2015
.DANCE $5   (normally $24.44) until 08-01-2015
.PHOTO $16.25  (normally $32.49) until 09-16-2015
.WEDDING $15  (normally $38.33) until 08-15-2015
.PARTY $1.50  (normally $38.29) until 07-27-2015

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Today a new batch of domains are being released by Donuts as part of their EAP (Early Access Program) for domains that ICANN is releasing from the former list of likely name collision candidates, since they no longer pose a risk. If you're confused about what that means, check out this page.

On the other hand, if you're a fan of that kind of jargon, then today's category release is just for you. Today's Category is: technology.

This category includes the following extensions:

The EAP prices (at A rates, not including any applicable tax) will vary by day, and will be approximately as follows:

    Day 1 (July 1, 2015 at 16:00 UTC): +$12,667
    Day 2 (July 2, 2015 at 16:00 UTC): +$4,222
    Day 3 (July 3, 2015 at 16:00 UTC): +$1,778
    Day 4 (July 4, 2015 at 16:00 UTC): +$945
    Days 5-7 (June 5-7, 2015 at 16:00 UTC): +$189

Here's the full list of categories and their release dates:
    June 10, 2015 : Photography (.camera, .digital, .gallery, .graphics, .media, .pictures, .photography, .photos, .productions)
    June 17, 2015 : Business (.agency, .associates, .careers, .company, .enterprises, .holdings, .industries, .international, .management, .partners, .sarl, .services, .solutions, .ventures)
    June 24, 2015 : Generic & Fun (.cool, .church, .center, .exposed, .fail, .gripe, .guide, .life, .place, .today, .wtf, .zone)
    July 1, 2015 : Technology (.codes, .computer, .directory, .domains, .email, .technology, .systems)
    July 8, 2015 : Education (.academy, .education, .expert, .foundation, .guru, .institute, .schule, .support, .tips, .training, .university)
    July 15 2015 : Foods and Goods (.bike, .cards, .clothing, .coffee, .diamonds, .fish, .furniture, .pizza, .recipes, .restaurant, .shoes, .toys, .watch)
    July 22, 2015 : Shopping (.bargains, .boutique, .cheap, .deals, .direct, .discount, .gifts, .gratis, .tienda)
    July 29, 2015 : Property (.camp, .city, .community, .condos, .estate, .farm, .house, .land, .lease, .maison, .properties, .rentals, .town, .villas)
    August 5, 2015 : Building (.builders, .construction, .contractors, .equipment, .glass, .kitchen, .parts, .repair, .solar, .supply, .supplies, .tools, .work)
    August 12, 2015 : Services (.cab, .catering, .cleaning, .engineering, .florist, .lighting, .limo, .marketing, .plumbing)
    August 19, 2015 : Healthcare (.care, .clinic, .dental, .fitness, .healthcare, .surgery, .vision)
    August 26, 2015 : Financial (.accountants, .capital, .cash, .claims, .credit, .creditcard, .exchange, .finance, .financial, .fund, .insure, .investments, .limited, .loans, .tax)
    September 2, 2015 : Travel (.cruises, .dating, .events, .flights, .holiday, .reisen, .singles, .vacations, .viajes, .voyage)

We were really holding out for the "Potent Potables" category, but no luck we guess.

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Three gTLDs are entering the GoLive phase today and all of the have to do with commitment.

First off, going on a .date involves a lot of commitment: time, maybe some money, blocking off part of your schedule … and if your date can't commit to all of those things that's a great signal that person, well, probably has other problems but call it "commitment."

Next, .faith is often a lifelong commitment, whether faith in an actual organized religion, an abstract system of governance or economics, or just faith in a personal friend, relative, or spouse.

And then there's what we consider the one true sign of commitment: .review. Nothing shows love and devotion like a good old fashioned review. Whether it's a rave review of a film, album, or book, a performance review at work, or an academic review. And every good relationship should occasionally be subject to review. We aren't marital experts, but we tentatively suggest, if you are truly committed to a loved one, putting that person through a lengthy review process. That's the only true way to verify their claims of devotion.

If you're ready for the commitment of buying a domain in one of these extensions for a whole year, check out the prices below (at A rates):

  • .date: $41.37
  • .faith: $41.37
  • .review: $41.37

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It really feels like more than a coincidence that the official opening of our Gandi Asia offices in Taipei corresponds with the release of the new gTLD .taipei. Maybe the gTLD spirits are smiling on us. We're not superstitious, but we think it means things will go well for us in Taipei.

And if things are already going well for you in Taipei, .taipei is currently in Sunrise, though it's not the traditional Sunrise we're used to seeing for most gTLDs.

Here's how it will go:

June 16 through July 6: Individuals and registered companies located in the city of Taipei (or New Taipei) who own a trademark registered with the government of Taiwan can register that trademark for a .taipei.

July 7 through July 17: The same qualifications as above, but your trademark doesn't necessarily have to be registered specifically with the government of Taiwan, but any trademark protection institution.

As a result of the peculiar way this Sunrise phase is rolling out, if you're interested in taking advantage of this phase, you'll need to contact our Customer Care team so we can check with the registry. As long as everything checks out, you would be invoiced for $69.00 (or 2100TWD).

You will also need to credit your prepaid account the amount due for our Customer Care team to process the order.

Here's to new beginnings in Taipei!

Register a .taipei?


Entering the Donuts EAP for previously protected name collision domains are domains in a gTLD category that has a familiar ring to it : Fun & Generic. We had to wrack our brains to think of where we'd heard that one before but then we remembered! That's how we described ourselves on our online dating profile.

Anyway, here's the list of the extensions that qualify as Fun & Generic, many of which we may consider for the next revision of the dating profile.

The pricing for this is a little tricky, but here's how it goes:

Day 1 (6/24/2015 at 16:00 UTC) : +$12,667; approximately
Day 2 (6/25/2015 at 16:00 UTC) :   +$4,222; approximately
Day 3 (6/26/2015 at 16:00 UTC) :   +$1,778; approximately
Day 4 (6/27/2015 at 16:00 UTC) :      +$945; approximately
Days 5 through 7 (from 6/28 at 16:00 UTC until 6/30 at 16:00 UTC) : +189; approximately

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Today, the  .irish extension enters the GoLive phase, and it has us dreaming of the Emerald Isle, its people, and its poetry.

In the poem "Dublin", Louis MacNeice wrote:

This never was my town,
I was not born or bred
Nor schooled here and she will not
Have me alive or dead
But yet she holds my mind
With her seedy elegance,
With her gentle veils of rain
And all her ghosts that walk
And all that hide behind
Her Georgian facades –
The catcalls and the pain,
The glamour of her squalor,
The bravado of her talk.

Ireland never was our country either, but yet she holds our mind …

If she's on your mind too, now you can buy a .irish domain for one-year for $47.82 at A rates.


Edited 6/24. Our banner for this announcement originally contained something that, we confess, was a distasteful attempt at humor on our part.

Do you wish to register a .irish?


With .gal, the geographic gTLD for Galicia (in Spain) and .scot, for Scotland (in the UK), now available, .irish entering the GoLive phase, and having just celebrated the summer solstice, its an auspicious time for historic Celtic communities.

Break out the bagpipes (or gaita as they say in Galicia). To paraphrase a great Celt: they can take away your home, they can take away your lives, but they can never take away your gTLD. Get in on the good luck with a one-year registration of a .gal domain for $114.19 or a .scot for $55.48 at A rates.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Radix, the registry for .website, .space, .host, and  .press is in a party mood and the good news is: you're invited.

This is a three-day only celebration and all you have to do is take advantage of one of the following promotions:

The extensions .website and .space are available to register for one-year for just $1.00, which we have to say, is an awesome deal. A bag of balloons costs more than that.

And if that weren't good enough, .host and .press are both available for $10.00 for a one-year registration. You might find a cake for that cheap but we doubt it will be as sweet a deal.

But remember: this will only last for three-days, from Monday June 22 at 5:00 pm PDT (just in time for Monday happy hour) until Thursday June 25 at 5:00 pm PDT. So act fast.

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Now announcing a new gTLD just for the tech community : .tech. You know who you are: inventive, experimental, risk-taking and open to try anything.  With a .tech domain you can underscore your love and passion for all things tech.

Here's how it will happen:

First, there will be a Sunrise phase, which will begin next Monday, May 25 at 9:00 AM PDT and will last until July 24. During this phase, a one-year registration of a .tech at A rates will cost $307.99.

Next, comes the Landrush phase, which will fall between August 2 and August 5, during which time a .tech will run you $199.99.

Finally, on Wednesday August 5 at 9:00 AM PDT, we will enter a new era as .tech enters the GoLive phase and, here's the most startling prediction of all: when it enters GoLive, .tech will be available at more than 60% off, so will only be $19.99 for the first year at A rates (versus $60.79 normally) until October 5.*

Remember, the Sunrise phase is for TMCH-registered trademark holders. Contact our corporate support team if you have a TMCH-registered trademark (or would like help registering your existing trademark at TMCH) in order to register one of these new gTLDs during Sunrise. If you are not among the trademarked, you can still pre-register for the Landrush or GoLive phases. We'll submit your order at the earliest possible moment – as soon as your chosen phase begins – for the best chance of success.


* Updated June 22. Originally, we were only able to secure 50% off; now we're happy to have secured 60%+ off for this extension!

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