For the month of October 2013, the registry of the .MX extension (open to everyone) is having a sale that lets us sell .MX domains at 75% off the regular price for 1 or 2 year creations. For more than 3 years, 15% off is applied to the normal rate, and 75% off the others is added, giving you a total of 79% off the total price!


This promotion is expired. 

.MX is therefore down to $12.00 (£8.25 or €9) excl. VAT per year for 1 or 2 years, and even less per year for 3 years or more! (see the /MX prices)

Yet another promo only for creations?

Not this time! The registry has also taken into account renewals, by offering, today and tomorrow only, 25% off renewals.

You can renew your .MX domain here

To register a new .MX use the form below:



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