The operations on the SimpleHosting platform are currently stopped.


Our team spotted an issue on the SimpleHosting operations.

They are done correctly, but their status is not updated in term of display ("operation in progress" although it is done).

But, it is blocking waiting operations.


We are currently analyzing the issue.


UPDATE : the problem was located in a logger system which did not allow the operation to be updated. All operations are finished now.

We will be doing maintenance on our webmail during the afternoon and evening of December 17, in order to update the Roundcube webmail version for all email users.


Between 15:00 and 19:00 Pacific time, webmail will not be accessible. Email delivery and email client access will continue normally.


We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to bringing you an updated version of our webmail client.

Update 2013-12-17 19:15 PST: The maintenance is complete.

We are happy to announce a drop in prices for .PT domains of $3, effective immediately, on all rate scales.

The .PT TLD now costs $29.00 (at A rates) instead of its earlier price of $32.

.PT, the national ccTLD of Portugal, has been open to registration by residents of any country since 1 May 2012. Registrants are still required to provide an ID number, but it doesn't have to be a Portugese ID. The first major change is that it's no longer necessary to have a commercial or personal name related to the domain name being registered!

Some additional details:

  • If you are a "corporate person" (business, association, etc) registered in the European Economic Community, you will have to provide an intra-community VAT number. If your business is located outside Europe, you will need to provide another fiscal identification number.
  • If you are a Portugese citizen, you will have to provide your Fiscal Code. Otherwise, you'll need to provide your passport number.

Get used to it as it will become frequent in 2014: new extensions are available today!

As always, those 4 new extensions will begin with the trademark protection phase (Sunrise), that will last 60 days.

That phase will be followed by the priority "Landrush" registration phase (which means that the registration prices will be higher), during 7 days (19/02/2014), before the general opening (26/02/2014).

In order to reserve or check our prices, use the following links:

If you have made some pre-reservations, log into your account to convert them:

The extensions planned to launch next week are .tattoo, .sexy, .carrers, .photos, .recipes and .shoes.

An incident is currently underway on our Simple Hosting platform (Paris datacenter only).
The reason for the incident is not immediately clear; we are investigating.  Please don't launch any operations on the instance for the moment.
Updates will be posted here as soon as we have more information.

Update Tue Dec 10 21:37:01 CET 2013: This issue has been resolved. Please accept our apologies for the brief period of inavailability.

The pace is accelerating for new generic top-level domain (gTLD) releases. In case you haven't heard, the Donuts registry is offering 7 new extensions for sunrise right now:

Another batch of 7 is queued up for December 10, at 8am Pacific time:

Add to this list the gTLDs .menu and شبكة (aka .shabaka, or "web" in Arabic), depending on whether we get the data we need from the registry in time. 


December 11 is a good day for gTLDs too, with the Sunrise of .tattoo and .sexy. Should be interesting, but where is .nice? 


We are working on getting .kiwi ready for  December 16, and will notify you here about others as the information becomes available. Stay tuned!

Simple Hosting instances located in our Baltimore data center only may be currently experiencing issues. Our technical staff is investigating the issue. Please do not perform any operations on your instance in the meantime.

This post will be updated as the situation evolves.

Update 00:51:20 CET:

A member of our technical staff is currently onsite in Baltimore to address the problem.

Update 01:35:13 CET:

The issue has been resolved. Services should be now operating normally.

As you probably know, RIPE, the organization in charge of delegating IP addresses in Europe, ended the distribution of new IPv4 blocks about a year ago.

The IPv6 protocol was developed in anticipation of this shortage, caused by an exponential increase in internet-connected internet-connected devices. Unfortunately, not all operators and manufacturers have followed recommended standards, and so not all the world's users will be ready for a full transition to IPv6 for several more years.

Due to this situation, the market value of IPv4 addresses is rising, and this is reflected in our prices.

But it's not your fault that certain providers haven't kept up with the rest of us, and so we don't think you should have to bear the consequences if you don't need to. This is why we are now allowing customers to run servers with no IPv4 addresses at all, which will lower your server costs by around 17%.

Anyone whose server doesn't require accessibility by everyone on the internet can benefit from this option (if you're just using a server for your own backup purposes, and your ISP supports IPv6, for example).

To create an IPv6-only sever, just deactivate the IPv4 option in the web form during the server creation. If you're using our hosting API, set the ip_version to 6 in the hosting.vm.create() method.

For more information on the technical aspects and advantages of our new boot procedure, check out our post at

Update: We're on HackerNews! Join the discussion.

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