If you would like to link several addresses to a single website (virtualhost) that you have created on your Simple Hosting instance without using web forwarding, you can now use our new Multi-address management interface!

To see how to do it, please visit our wiki at http://wiki.gandi.net/en/simple/symlink

Note that you will still need to add addresses to your virtualhost before you can set up the links (symlinks), but after that, our Multi-address management page will do the rest for you :)

Note that if you are still on the old version of the PHP/MySql instance family, you will need to update it first.

Some tranfers of domains into Gandi may see 500 Errors after setting DNS options. 

If this happens to you, just put the transfer through on http://v3.gandi.net instead of www.gandi.net. 

We will repair the issue as soon as possible,  and update this notice when we do. 

Our connectivity supplier for the LINX peering exchange will perform emergency maintenance on their equipment in London between 01:30 UTC and 02:00 UTC 16 November 2012.  As a result there may be some disruption to routing for a few moments during this time.

 Some routing problems have affect our network.

Connectiviity was interrupted for some customers due to Gandi's peering location drop.

As the routes were re-calculated, our core switches became quite busy for a few minutes, slowing down transport.

All is fine right now peering are stabilized

You can now log into your Simple Hosting instance with SSH. This was one of the most frequently asked for features on our Hosting Wishlist, and we have implemented it for you :)

The way it works is rather easy, and will remind many of you of how it is done with our Cloud VPS hosting. You will see a new line called "SSH console" in your instance's Access table, with a link to help you log into it.


link to simple hosting ssh console access


Once activated,  you will have 1 hour of connection time to your instance via the console. After that, the console will automatically disconnect (for security reasons).

For complete documentation on this, and some examples on how to use it, please visit our wiki page.

This extension is the official ccTLD of the island of Saint Martin.

The general opening of .SX is planned for this Thursday, November 15th at 3:00 PM GMT. It is open to everyone, and costs 24 euros excl. VAT for A rate customers. We are already accepting pre-orders, and will submit them as soon as the registry opens registration. Failed orders will be automatically refunded to your prepaid account.

More information on this extension can be found here.

Register a .SX:


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