Need a place to keep some things online for awhile? Well we have got the perfect (name)space for you. Today, July 5, 2016, .storage is entering the Sunrise phase, meaning that if you have some stuff you want stored on the Internet for awhile and have a TMCH claim, you can register your .storage domain for $200.60* per year.

Of course, you can always pre-register a spot in one of the next two phases, even while the Sunrise phase is still going on.

The Landrush phase for .storage starts September 6, 2016 at 9:00 AM PDT and ends January 3, 2017 at 8:00 AM PST. Registering in this phase gives you an exclusive shot at getting a possibly higher-demand .storage spot for $150.60*.

Then, on January 3, 2017 at 8:00 AM PST, .storage is open to everyone in the GoLive phase. Register (or pre-register) your .storage in this phase for $95.36* per year at A rates.

Register a .storage?


* Prices in USD. See the .storage price page for local prices.

Now that "Happy birthday" is public domain, we can sing "Happy birthday" to two jolly good TLDs with birthdays is this month: .online and .tech.

Here goes: Haappy biiirthdayy to youu, haappy biiirthdayy …

You know what? Forget it. It feels tacky. How about this instead? All month, to celebrate .online and .tech getting one year older, your first year creation of a .online or .tech TLD will be just $1.50* each (normally they’re $29.99 each). From August 1 through August 31.

That way we don’t have to strain your patience with our rendition of “Happy birthday,” (We know our limits).

Happy birthday:


*Prices in USD. Check local prices on the TLD price pages: .online, .tech

Global post-secondary education enrollment has been on an upward climb over the past twenty years. According to UNESCO, in 1996, just 16% of the world’s young adult population was enrolled in university while by this year enrollment is on track to exceed 35% of the global young adult population.

Regardless of what you think of this trend, .college is more popular than ever. Which is great news for those who sell The Big Lebowski posters, bean bag chairs and Twin XL size sheets.

You don’t need a dorm room, though, to furnish your life with a .college domain. Or, if you prefer, you could .rent off-campus. Either way, this August 1 through August 31, both .college and .rent are on sale for just $9.00* for the first (dare we say freshman) year (normally $92.71 per year at A rates).

Go to .college? Pay the .rent?:


*Prices in USD. Check local prices on the TLD price pages: .college, .rent

For several years now we have been proud to maintain a datacenter on the East Coast of the United States for Cloud hosting and other hosting services.

So it’s with a heavy heart that we must inform you of our decision to close the US datacenter located in Baltimore (US-BA1) on December 1, 2016.

The decision was not taken lightly but as we looked into how to move forward with the next generation of our hosting services, we found that our current space in Baltimore was just not compatible with the quality we want to offer.

In Paris and Luxembourg, where we’ve been able to run the latest versions of our infrastructure. And partly because the amount of space we have in Baltimore is too big for the kind of streamlined services we run in Europe and that we want to run in North America, those upgrades have not been made in Baltimore, nor would they be feasible.

We’re already testing a new hosting platform in Europe and the plan has always been to introduce this new platform in North America in a new hosting space. We obviously would have preferred to introduce this new option before closing the Baltimore datacenter, but commitment timelines on the space in Baltimore didn’t sync up with our timeline for introducing the new option.

We’ve already emailed those of you with Simple Hosting instances or IaaS resources (servers, disks, snapshots, web accelerators, VPNs, IPs, etc.) in Baltimore and invited you to migrate either to LU-BI1 in Bissen, Luxembourg or FR-SD2, in Paris.

We wanted to give everyone early enough warning to be able to migrate out of the Baltimore datacenter before the cutoff date, so we’re telling you now and recommending that you migrate as soon as possible.

If you’re migrating to one of our European datacenters, we recommend reading through our wiki articles on migrating here:



 In particular, we want to remind everyone that you will need to update your DNS zone file during this process.


  • If you use Gandi’s DNS for your domain name, you can do that automatically from either your Simple Hosting or IaaS interface.
  • If you’re using another DNS provider, you can get the correct DNS records from the management pages corresponding to the hosting service you’re using


Of course if you have any further questions or run into any difficulties, please feel free to contact our Customer care hosting team:



If you’re a current Gandi hosting customer with services hosted in Baltimore, we hope this isn’t the first you’ve heard of this closure. It certainly won’t be the last. We’ll be continuing to remind you over the next several months, up until December 1.

We also realize that this change may be inconvenient, to put it lightly, for many of our hosting customers and we are cognizant that it may cause some hassle for some of you. We aware that we are not pulling hosting out of North America forever, just until we can implement the new infrastructure, which we assure you will be better than anything we’ve previously been able to offer in the US.


It wasn’t so long ago domains used to be .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, and .gov. While anyone could register a .com, .org or .net domain, there was always a distinct US-centric flavour (or flavor if you will) to this initial set of generic TLDs.

Especially given that a special set of country-specific TLDs (ccTLDs) were created to be used by individual countries.

Since then, the internet has connected the world in a way it wasn’t before when this initial architecture was laid out and now, with the arrival of the new generic TLDs over the past couple of years as they’ve been delegated by ICANN, true generic TLDs can emerge.

Enter .gdn, a new generic TLD that stands for Global Domain Name, which launched just this past 7 March. And from now until 31 December, you can get a .gdn domain for just  US$1.50* for the first year.

What's your .gdn?



* £1.30, €1.50, or NT$50. See here for local prices.

A critical security issue in the virtualization software Xen will become public July 26 and the Xen team has already informed Gandi of the necessary patches. 

Since this announcement, we have already preemptively deployed the patches required to correct the issue. We have been monitoring the particular security flaw and have determined we will need to stop/start certain Xen VMs in order to assure that no further possible attack vector will remain.

We will be contacting the affected customers directly in order to allow them to sufficiently prepare for this stop/start and those of you who have not received any message from us are therefore not affected.

In order to minimize downtime and also to help minimize the impact in general, we would advise all affected to schedule a stop/start of their platforms yourselves sometime between now and the cutoff date of July 26, 2016.

Any affected VMs that you have not yet stopped and started again by 12:00 AM PDT July 26, 2016 (07:00 UTC), we will stop/start at some point between then and July 28 at 9:00 AM PDT (16:00 UTC). Please expect around 30 minutes of downtime per stop/start.

As always, if you have any questions or have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer care team.

Edit 7/21/16: Previously we used the term "reboot" instead of "stop/start." Rebooting isn't sufficient to apply the security patch. Your VM(s) need to be stopped and then started again in order for the patch to take effect.


1. Recently-delegated TLDs

2. Gandi Events: The Root Zone

3. In-Depth: Checking in on new TLDs

4. TLD release calendar

5. Promo roundup

This past month Paul Vixie visited our office in San Francisco to talk about DNS. When he was asked what fights were worth fighting on today’s internet, he reflected on two phases in his career: the time he spent at ISC heading the organization that wrote BIND 9 and the time spent building MAPS, trying to stamp out internet abuse completely.

In the first case, he paved the way for the modern internet. In the second, he tried to hold back a growing tide of spam.

“Build roads,” he said, “don’t build walls.”

It’s good sense. It’s better to make something work than try to stop people from using something already out there.

This month, we’re building roads.  Some of them are open now, some of them will be opening shortly.

We also looked at Recently-delegated TLDs and summed up our The Root Zone. series. Then we looked into how ICANN’s nTLD program is coming along.

As always, of course, we’re summing up this month’s TLD release calendar and we rounded up all our current TLD promos for your convenience.

Paul’s words make good sense and are a good mantra to live by. And it’s a wish for the world as well. We hope this month and the rest of this year, we can all focus on building roads, not walls.

Recently-Delegated TLDs

The TLDs added in June this year all seemed to have been a bit contentious, with objections for string confusion, legal use rights and one attempt to game the system represented in this past month’s delegated TLDs.

TLDs such as .art, .save, and .now were added this month

Embrace the controversy | Back to top

Gandi Events

 When Paul Vixie came to our The Root Zone. DNS meetup organized in collaboration with CloudFlare this month, he inadvertently gave us the theme of this month’s newsletter but also a lot of interesting stories and fascinating technical details.

The Root Zone. w/ Dr. Paul Vixie

So come see what we’re all excited about.

See the video or read our summary | Back to top

In-depth: Checking in on new TLDs

ICANN launched the nTLD program in October 2013 and a little under three years later more than a thousand new TLDs have been delegated. By the beginning of June, 20 million domains in over 1,000 nTLDs had been registered, so we thought it was as good a time as any to check in on how things are going.

ICANN's nTLD program situation to date

Check in with us on ICANN’s nTLD program | Back to top

TLD release Calendar

Here's a look at TLD releases at Gandi for the month of July 2016:


Thursday July 7:

.tube (GoLive)

Tuesday July 12:

 .games (Sunrise)

Tuesday July 19:

 .shopping (Sunrise)

July 2016
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat



ALSO: You can now register .网络 (punycode .xn--io0a7i, the Chinese equivalent of “.net”) and .公司 (punycode .xn--55qx5d the Chinese equivalent of “.com”).

Stay tuned for updates and, of course, for next month's releases.

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Promo Roundup

There are plenty of opportunities this month to plant the seeds to be reaped later by taking advantage of new and ongoing promos:

Promos this month

Starting July 1:

.live, .studio, .video 50% off through December 31

.online, .press, .website, .site, .host, .space, .pw, .tech on promo through December 31

Starting July 8:

.tech, .online, .site renewals 50% off through December 31

Starting July 12:

.xyz $3.99 per year through December 31

Don't miss these ending July 31:

.club premium domains 25% off through July 31

.eu 50% off per year through July 31


.black, .blue, .pink, .red, .lgbt, .kim, .shiksha, .poker, .pro, .info, .mobi, .移动 50% off until December 31 (previously June 30)

Ongoing promotions:

.cat $5.00 per year through August 31

.store $14.99 per year in GoLive until August 14

.stream $2.00 per year in GoLive

.me $14.40 through December 31

.accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party, .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win $2.00 per year through December 31

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It's summer. Which means it's construction season. Can we build some roads for you? Or, maybe you have a road for us. In any case, we're always happy to hear from you. And many roads lead to Gandi: tweet us @gandibar, email us at, on Facebook, G+, or contact us on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/



Grab your bag and get your wallet, it’s time to do some .shopping. Especially if you have a TMCH claim because the latest e-commerce oriented TLD, .shopping, is in the Sunrise phase from July 19 through September 17, 2016. Domains bought in the Sunrise phase are now available for $150.60 per year.

But smart shoppers know that for hot-ticket items, it pays to show up early. Well, even though .shopping doesn’t enter the GoLive phase until September 28, 2016, when .shopping domains will be available for $38.35 per year at A rates, there’s still a way of lining up outside the door: pre-register your domain in the GoLive phase (and you don’t even have to pitch a tent). When the GoLive phase begins, we will submit your registration automatically.

Or if you’re worried the .shopping domain you want might fly off the shelf and are willing to pay a higher price to get just the right one, consider pre-registering now (or registering later) in the Landrush phase. This phase only lasts between September 25, 2016 and September 28, 2016 and registrations will go for $170.60 per year at A rates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Let's do some .shopping


If you think of the world in terms of TLDs, in the vast ocean of TLDs, it’s the .com’s and .net’s that are the vast continents and get all the attention. But along the .fr coast, between .wales and .bzh lie the Channel Islands: .je and .gg, or Jersey and Guernsey.

Like their real-world counterparts, these island TLDs are perfect for a maritime summer holiday. And all the more so this summer since, in celebration of their one-year anniversary (as TLDs, that is), .je and .gg are on sale from 18 July until 28 August for 50% off to create and 25% off to renew.

That means instead of £50.00 or $75.00 per year, .je and .gg will only be £25.00, and $38.00 per year to create and £37.50 or $56.75 per year to renew.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


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