Started as the ccTLD for Cameroon, we believe .cm can achieve so much more. Like Community Management, for example, or Chief Minister. For fans of the metric system, centimeter (because sometimes you need to measure those distances too small for meters and too large for millimeters).

In fact, we believe in .cm so much that starting now until January 31, 2016 at 2:59 PM PST, .cm domains will be available for just $16.50 per year instead of the usual $94.00 per year at A rates.

Hopefully this will help .cm reach Critical Mass. Okay, enough.

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Remember what real laughter sounds like? What real applause is like?

We know, a laugh track is supposed to elicit a psychological response in those who hear it that makes them laugh too. But somehow canned laughter always sounds just a little bit … off. The audience reaction never seems to be quite appropriate, always seems a bit too uproarious, and to pivot to a totally different emotion a bit too quickly.

Two new TLDs are entering the GoLive phase today that remind us that ultimately, nothing beats the spontaneity of the proverbial  .live .studio audience (if only we had a .live .studio audience for announcing new gTLDs like these).

Both .live and .studio are both entering the GoLive phase this Wednesday October 28th at 9:00 am PDT. Each will be available for $31.15 per year at A rates.

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If you use Gandi day-to-day, you're probably familiar by now with, or you've at least seen the little green (okay sometimes red or orange) light next to your login.

Being committed to using Open Source solutions whenever possible, when we couldn't find an Open Source option that had all the features we were looking for, we developed one in-house, that we dubbed "baobab."

With a backend and API based on the Django framework and a public site written in Angular.js, the tool lets you:

  • Publish items in a chronological order such as incidents and scheduled maintenances
  • Share messages on Twitter or IRC (with the option to add other social networks)
  • Translate messages for multi-language sites
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed

We invite anyone interested to have a look in our project repository and use it or adapt it to your needs. Of course, don't hesitate to send feedback via GitHub Issues or even to propose your own improvements or new features. We welcome any and all input.

If we told you this TLD (now entering the GoLive phase), .健康 means "healthy" in Chinese, you might be tempted to start thinking about acupuncture and herbal medicine, and while these practices are testament to the fact that medicine in China has been around for millennia and China's recorded history of medicine extends further back than just about any other civilization on Earth, it's not necessarily fair.

But with roots that deep, it's no wonder that China now has nearly 2 million physicians. However you define "healthy," it's clear that health care—whether traditional or "modern"—is a healthy enterprise in China.

And Tuesday October 27th, 2015 at 6:00 AM PDT, .健康, (puny-code .xn--nyqy26a) enters the GoLive phase, opening up domains for anyone interested in the intersection of "health" and China, to register a domain for $2016.19 per year (at A rates).

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Depending on the language, it stands for Società a Responsabilità Limitata (Italian), Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (Spanish) or even Societate cu Raspundere Limitata (Romania) all of these are something of a Latin-country equivalent of LLC and all are the niche market for .srl domains.

This TLD is entering the GoLive phase as of October 26, 2015 at 7:00 AM PDT and domains will be available for $53.72 per year at A rates.

Remember: to qualify for a .srl domain, you need to be able to provide a company ID number.

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As a truly international company, Gandi has accepted payment, across all of our business units, in Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, and more recently New Taiwan Dollars, Chinese Yuan and Swiss Francs, via credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.

But we think of ourselves first and foremost as a member of another community that's separate from the mechanisms of financial markets and which transcends national boundaries. Yes, we come from France originally, we have offices in Luxembourg, Taiwan and the US, but at heart, we are citizens of the Internet.

So that's why we're excited to join other progressive vendors of online services in helping our customers break their dependency on both big banks and fiat currency by adding payment by Bitcoin—the only currency guaranteed by an international series of tubes—to the payment methods we accept.

So, to use Bitcoin to pay for your next purchase from Gandi, you will just need to select "BTC" as the payment method. You'll then be redirected to our Bitcoin partner's site where you'll get a QR-code to scan in order to complete payment.

You can also add funds to your prepaid account via Bitcoin. Our provider will make the conversion for us to the currency you use for your account.

Questions? We're @gandibar on Twitter, and our support team is here to help.

A new critical security vulnerability will be publicly announced Thursday, October 29. The Xen team has already communicated fixes to Gandi. This flaw is found in the Xen virtualization software.

Following this announcement we applied the necessary patches, thus reinforcing the existing security measures we had previously implemented. Over the past week, we have continued to study the vulnerability. As a preventive measure, we have decided that a reboot of Xen-based VMs is required in order to ensure that all possible attack vectors have been mitigated.

We will contact affected customers directly via email to provide instructions on performing the reboot on their own. This preventive reboot will not affect customers we did not contact
We strongly recommend that customers concerned by this to restart their VMs themselves, in order for them to verify that all of their services have been correctly restarted.

We will reboot the VMs of affected customers (those which were not rebooted by their owner) from Thursday, October 22 until Wednesday, October 28. An outage of 30 minutes maximum is expected for each impacted VM.

Maintenance status page:

It's a great time for Swiss Gandi customers. Not only is the .swiss extension currently in the Sunrise phase (other phases forthcoming) but now for our European customers, Gandi is now accepting payment in Swiss Francs (CHF).

So for your next .swiss or .ch order (or any other order, really), you can select CHF as the currency.

If you already have a prepaid account with Gandi, you'll need to deplete the funds in that account before being able to add CHF value to it.

Careful not to step on the wrong side for the .law down South America way or you might find yourselves in right need of watcha call an .abogado (except in Brazil, it'd be an advogado). See that ain't no green-skinned, pear-shaped tree fruit (well, not alls of 'em at least), that there's Spanish for lawyer. Otherwise, you might end up like old Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Or iffin yer a .law practicer yerself, whether the English-talkin' or the Spanish-talkin' (or made-up-Hollywood-cowboy-talkin') variety, a .law or a .abogado domain could be right for you.

As of October 19, 2015 at 9:00 AM PDT, these extensions will be in the GoLive phase, when .law will be available for $248.59 per year at A rates and .abogado for $199.99.

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It's great to see a gTLD truly for the Internet age—.八卦—which is Chinese for "gossip." The Internet has always had that side of it, you know, the innuendo, the rumors, the conspiracies...

In any case, we can confirm the rumors: .八卦 is entering the Sunrise phase tonight, October 14th, 2015 at 9:00 PM PDT. During this phase, domains in this extension will be available for $1895.23 per year at A rates (as long as you have a TMCH-registered trademark).

On November 14th, 2015 at 9:00 PM PDT, this extension will enter the GoLive phase, when, rumor has it, it will be available for $288.19 per year at A rates.

And remember, just because it's a conspiracy doesn't mean it isn't true.

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