We are encountering a paypal payment issue.

Please use if possible another payment method for the moment.

We are working on it.


We are sorry for the inconvenience.


update 10:52 CET: the incident is over, we are handling the blocked payments via this method.

We lost contact with 7 physical machines hosting PaaS/SimpleHosting instances (no impact on IaaS platform when we analyze the behavior).


Our technical team is currently analyzing deeply the issue and will fix it as soon as possible.


One of our technical team members from Luxembourg is on its way to the datacenter.


Update 19h50 : it seems that we lost a network unit (switch). To be confirmed once our system/network administrator is on site.


Update 20h30 : the network unit has been replaced, all is now working again. Postmortem analysis will be done asap.

Due to an equipment failure, simple hosting was in degraded mode form 15:52 to 19:00 CEST.

The failure wasn't detected by our monitoring. Our team will analyse the problem and do the necessary.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvience

There is a new network issue on our platform.


We will analyze and recover as soon as possible. Our technical team was already in the datacenter. It seems related/like to the same issue we got a few hours ago.


Please do not launch any operation in the meantime.


More information to come.


UPDATE : 18H30 : the network unit that has been isolated this morning was the source of this new issue. We apologize for this new issue and the inconvenience you encountered, again.

Due to a high load, a storage unit is currently suffering from a high load, so the SimpleHosting is in degraded mode.


Errors may be encountered on some instances during this issue.


Our technical team is currently working on fixing this issue, we will analyze and do the necessary maintenance operations.


Please do not launch any operation like rebooting your instance.


UPDATE 24/07 19h51 : issue is now finished, we will identify and correct a software-related bug.


UPDATE 25/07 11h30 : a new issue has been encoutered on another storage unit, impacting part of our Simplehosting instances on Paris/France datacenter. We work on the issue, will take appropriate actions to identify surely the bug and fix the bug in a sustainable way to avoid contention once the incident is finished.


UPDATE 11h55 : the faulty storage unit has been restarted, please do not launch any operation on your PaaS instance or your IaaS instance (like restart)


UPDATE 12h50 : the situation is now stable, tech team is analyzing and identifying the whole issue to find the potential bugs.

15h30 Paris time : We are currently experiencing an issue on the IaaS/CloudServer backend.

The operations are slowed down.

Our technical team is analyzing the issue and will fix it as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvience this issue may cause to you.


UPDATE 17h12 Paris time : we found the source cause of the issue impacting the IaaS operations, they are now well executed, unless the virtual disk creation.

We are still analyzing this problem.


UPDATE 17h54 : we fixed temporarily the issue, a real fix and a new release of this hosting backend will be done asap.

Since the launch of our Simple Hosting offer, we have not offered our usual price rate system that is in place for the majority of other Gandi services.

Today, with a visibility over the first 18 months of Simple Hosting's existence, and well over 30,000 websites hosted on this service, we have a clear view of the market. This allows us to propose better rates to our large customers and resellers, depending on their rate scale.

As a reminder on how Gandi's price rates work:
The price rates are automatically applied to your handle depending on the total amount of purchases you have made at Gandi during the last 12 months. If, for example, this amount is greater than $600, you would be given B rates. $2,000 gives you C rates, $6,000 D rates, and finally, $12,000 grants you E rates.

For Simple Hosting, this translates to:

- B rates: a 10% discount on all packs
- C rates: a 20% discount
- D rates: a 30% discount
- E rates: a 40% discount

It should be noted, however that the 50% reduction for your first annual instance is only valid for those with A, B, and C rates.

How can you resell Simple Hosting?
You can create instances via our website or through our API. Once created, you can:

- install content for your customers,
- give them the sFTP logins and those of local administration page.

You may customize the local administration page too! More at

1. The New Gandi Flex
2. A new limited edition t-shirt
3. Spotlight on .ME domains
4. The .CO on sale and then some
5. A new ICANN contract: big changes
6. Current promotions


This month we will remind you of a nice way to save money on your IaaS
Cloud server at Gandi, with the newly refactored Gandi Flex service. In
case you missed it, we will introduce the latest Gandi t-shirt (limited
edition!), and discuss the .ME and .CO domain extensions.

Of particular interest to privacy advocates will be the new ICANN
contract. In some ways we are all privacy advocates these days, since we
seem to have less and less of it every time we turn around, or look in
the news. The new contract will means some big changes, though. To round
out our newsletter this time, we will once again give you the latest on
the promotions we are running.

1. The New Gandi Flex
Gandi Flex has been around for a while, but our recent changes make it
all but unrecognizable. It's a way to set the power of your server to
whatever level you need it to be, on a recurring schedule. The resources
(CPU, RAM, and network) are adjustable hour-by-hour, at any level you

The best part is the excellent web interface our engineers came up with
for setting up the patterns of resources. With our new billing method,
it's sure to save you money on your Gandi cloud IaaS servers.

2. A new limited edition t-shirt
Our designer, Steven, has flashed out his 8-bit rendering skills and
come up with our latest design: the Gandi invaders shirt! It features
our proud logo zapping BS-tagged aliens, representing of course those
pesky pop-up offers and upsells you seem to get every few minutes when
using online services (other than Gandi, of course).
If you want one, let us know! Supplies are limited, and this one is sure
to be a classic among t-shirts.

3. Spotlight on .ME domains
Take advantage of the current promotion on .ME, which will last throughout
the summer, and get your Montenegrin extension at half price, or €8.00 ($12.00 / £7.00)
excl VAT
per year at A rates.

This promotion is valid only on creations of a domain
for a year and is not limited on the number of domains.

4. The .CO on sale and then some
The this extension is, according to Google, the latest gTLD. The
previous promotion of 50% was valid until July 4th, but today it is
extended until the end July. But that's not all! During the week of July
8 to 15
, it will be 75% off! If you time it right, there will be a great
.CO for you at a really great price.

5. A new ICANN contract: big changes
As you probably know, thousands of new domains will soon appear in the
Internet landscape. With over 300,000 pre-registrations, it's clear our
customers are interested. This has not escaped the attention of ICANN,
the supreme ruler of domain names, which has "proposed" a new version of
the basic registrar contract. As you might imagine, this contract is the
subject of controversy for all global registrars, and the verbal jousts
are in full force in forums and mailing lists. We are already planning
to implement some of the provisions before the end of the year. For
example, we will now have an obligation to check the contact data you
enter when you register a domain and ensure that the domain contacts are
reachable. We will let you know the details as they become more certain,
but you can already get a glimpse of what it will be like in this post
from back in April:

6. Current promotions
Here's a little reminder of the juicy promotions we are currently
running on domain names:

- The .IN (for India) is in special promotion mode until the end of the
year: 50% discount for any domain creation of ​1 to 5 years, regardless
of your fee schedule:

- The .ME is 50% off all price levels until the end of September. Create
your .ME now for €8.00 ($12.00 / £7.00) excl VAT per year at A rates.

- .CO is 50% off for new domain registrations for a year. See the
special section above for the way to get %75 off!

If you like what we do, and want to tell us about how we can do better,
we always want to hear from you. Please, send your thoughts,
suggestions, missives, and compliments to newsletter-en@gandi.net


Nicolas Lhuillery
Product Director

PS: If you would like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you can do so by enabling the feature from your account (see how here).

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