Until the 4th of July August 1st 2013, one-year .CO domain creations are 50% off in all price rates or € excl. VAT for A rates.

Note that as of last month, the .CO extension is considered as a generic extension by google, just like .com and .net.  


Note: this promotion has ended. 


Register a .CO:


Maintenance will be performled on Gandi's database from Monday night, June 3rd at 11:00 PM GMT to Tuesday morning, June 4th, at 2:00 AM GMT.

Our website and our APIs will experience a slowdown and some disruptions during this period. The other Gandi services will not be impacted.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any invonvienence this may cause.

We are currently experiencing routing anomalies via our Paris transit providers.


Currently traffic from the internet to Gandi which uses our IP transit connections (as opposed to peering) is only visible via our connections in the US.  As a result, European customers accessing Gandi via our transit providers will be experiencing increased latency.


We are working with our transit providers to resolve the issue.


Note that paths following our peering connections are not impacted by this issue.


We apologise for any inconvenience.


Update:  16:13 CEST (14:13 GMT) -- The issue has been resolved.

We are currently experiencing an incident on a storage unit.


The situation should be resolved shortly.  In the meantime, please do not attempt to restart your server. 


We apologise for any inconvenience.

EDIT : 11:08 AM CEST : end of incident.

EDIT : 11:27 AM CEST : the problem is back, we working on it.

EDIT : 11:52 AM CEST : problem solved.

We will be performing preventive maintenance on two hosting storage units on 21 May 2013 at 21:30 UTC (23:30 CEST).

Affected customers may experience up to 15 minutes of disruption to their server disks.  Those customers likely to be affected will receive a notice by email.


We apologise for any inconvenience.


EDIT : maintenance start

EDIT : end of maintenance 00:14 CEST

An attacker is trying to target Gandi's Simple Hosting services with a distributed denial of service. Our teams are mitigating the attack. Service speed may be affected. 


Update 19:25 CEST We filtered a web hos who was slow to respond to our requests to stop the attackers. The rest of the world can use Simple Hosting normally again. 

We are encountering some technical problems with some Simple Hosting instances. Our team is working on fixing the issue.

Please do not try to restart your instances. We will provide more information on this incident here.


15:20 CEST : some virtual machine disks were impacted

15:40 CEST : the problem is fixed, the situation will slowly be returning to normal for the affected virtual machines

We are encountering some problems with an IaaS storage unit. Please do not try to restart your machines. We will provide more information on this below.


11:55 : the service is now operating in degraded mode. We will need to change a piece of equipment.

We experience a high delay on one web accelerator plugged on the SimpleHosting instances.

Our technical team is investigating currently.


The PaaS/SimpleHosting instances are running well. Do not reboot your instances in the meantime please.


UPDATE 12.30 : it was related to a DoS, coming from one of our instance. Sorry for the inconvenience this issue may have caused to you.

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