For 4 days, from November 16th through the 19th, the Mexican registry is giving us a great promo on the creation and renewal of .MX domain names: 50% off 1 and 2-year creations, as well as 50% off renewals from 1 to 5 years!

This translates to only 18 euros for creations and renewals under A rates.

Note, however, that domains are not part of this promo, and that it starts and ends at Midnight in Mexico's time (GMT-6).

Register a .MX domain:


We have opened up the door to tweaking the PHP.INI file in Gandi Simple Hosting. You can't change everything, but you can make adjustments to selected parameters. 

Check out how to make the changes you want, here. 

From now until January 1st 2013, the .ASIA registry is offering its .ASIA extension at a very low price for every new creation. This offer is valid for 1-year creations and does not include renewals or transfers.

Under A rates and excl. VAT, the extension is available during this promo at $5 (instead of $25). You can see all the .ASIA prices here.

The extension is open to everyone without restrictions.

Register a .ASIA?


All thoose of you with Simple Hositng telling us how you want to run cron jobs, we heard you!

We have added anacron to Simple Hosting. It's an easy (SImple!) to configure way to schedule commands to run at regular intervals. 

Warning: In order to access anacrontab, you must be running version php5.4. We provided this update in July 2012. If you haven't upgraded yet, now is the time!

Here's an article on how to set it up:

As of 16:45 UTC Oct 29, 2012, our Baltimore data center has seen no effects from the leading edges of hurricane Sandy. We are seeing many power outages in the local area, however, and we caution our hosting customers that while our power systems are highly redundant, it would be prudent to expect outages of connectivity, and possibly even power over the next 24-48 hours. The size of this storm is unusually large, and the effects expected to be severe. 

Update: As of 15:00 UTC, the Baltimore Data Center has not lost power or suffered a degradation in service, despite losing one of the redundant connections to the Internet. 

Resolved: The cyclone "Sandy" did not manage to take out power or significantly affect the Baltimore data center hosting or network services. 

We have a new accrediation for Chinese domains,  allowing us to re-open the .CN extension to everyone! Well, almost. For Chinese citizens residing in China, the process is a bit more complicated.

.cn domains


You can now register ASCII.IDN (for example: "") and IDN.IDN domains like  "一个域名.中国" (.中国 means .china in simplified chinese.)

The IDN.CN (that is, Chinese ideograms on ASCII .cn domain names) should be available at Gandi shortly as well. 

You can check the details of the registration process here:


Do you want to register a .china ? Here you go!

.CN et .中国

This am two of Gandi's peering locations from Paris dropped, and began to "flap", or come up and go down again rapidly. As the routes were re-calculated, our core switches became quite busy for a few minutes, slowing down transport. Some customers reported an interruption in service. 

The peering locations stabilized and our routers followed soon after. The entire incident lasted slightly less than 20 minutes. 

Our teams noticed the issue and decided to allow the automated systems to recover without intervention, which they did. No hosted systems were taken offline, but connectiviity was interrupted for some customers. 

To give you a little more time to adapt, we have left the old version of Gandi's website accessible at the following address:

Of course, all the operations that you could do on the old version will work on the new :)

Also, if you are still a little bit lost, despite our efforts to not totally mess-up the interfaces, you can continue to perform all your operations on the old version of the website. We will keep it in place for 2 to 3 weeks, so that you will have enough time to become used to the new site ;)

Finally, if you find bugs, things that dont quite work well, anomalies, or you would simply like to give us some feedback, please feel free to write to

Not many of you are still using it, and it is no longer really compatible with modern web browsers, so we have decided to stop using the interface, in favor of the RoundCube interface available at

If you are still using the old webmail (e.g., we are going to migrate the DNS configuration of your domain to RoundCube (new domains have been pointing there already since Monday).

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