Until October 1st, 2012, the Mexican registry is offering .mx domain creations at 50% off the normal price. This offer is valid for creations for 1 to 5 years and does not concern transfers or renewals.

Under A rates, the extension drops to $24 excl. VAT per year for 1 to 2 years and $21 excl. VAT for 3 or more (see all the .mx prices).

The extension is open to everyone without any restrictions.

Want to register a .MX?


This offer has expired! Sorry...

Disk is still very inexpensive, even at the regular prices...

Starting today, and for the entire month of August 2012, if you purchase additional disk quota* with a one-year commitment, you will pay half-off the normal price!

Additional GB will only cost €.90 under A rates (see all the hosting prices) instead of the usual €1.80.

Warning, this does not concern optional disk space on our Simple Hosting (PaaS) platform.

*all additional disk quota at Gandi is RAID10

This offer is now expired! Sorry...

Please keep an eye out for our next promotion!

This month we are offering the .IO extension at cost for new creations (see .io prices)*

This extension is quite the trend for start-ups in Europe now, such as our friends at Infinit for example, or in America like start.io or soup.io...

So if you have a new company idea or a name to protect, now's a great time to get it in .io!


* this promo was initially for 2 years, but the Registry is incompatible with this duration during creations. You can renew only at the full price, but can choose a 2 year term, however. 



We are currently experiencing perturbations on our internal network that mainly affect our Cloud infrastructures (servers and Simple Hosting).

Please do not try to reboot your server, the service will return to normal shortly.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvienence.


13:19 GMT: the incident is over. A fiber optic sheath was damaged and purturbed the normal functioning of our internal network.

An email is currently being sent to people that is actually an attempt by unscrupulous individuals to steal your Gandi login codes and probably your domain names.

We would like to take this moment to remind you of basic security precautions you need to take when you receive an email that asks you to click on a link:

1. Never click on a link in an email
2. Really, don't click on links in emails
3. If you want to click on the link nevertheless, verify that the destination address that displays in your web browser is correct (it will appear green for gandi.net), and don't just look at the beginning of the link, look at the whole thing, as phishing links will often include the real name of the site at the beginning in order to trick you.

Here is an example of the phishing email that is currently being sent out:

Subject:     [GANDI] The login ip to your account Gandi has been changed
Date:     Thu, 12 Jul 2012 10:52:08 -0800
From:     Support Gandi
To:     xxxxxx


Warning! The login ip to your account Gandi has been changed! We have
seen that the ip may change so please re-login to the site
To make sure the safety of your membership..

Login To Your Account


Thank you for your confidence.



GANDI - http://www.gandi.net

Following an overload of the platform, email delivery delays and some errors have been observed.

Our teams are currently working on the problem.


UPDATE: The situation has returned to normal.

During the night of Tuesday the 19th to Wednesday the 20th of June 2012, we are going to interrupt the generation of DNS zones in order to perform a database modification.

This modification will notably allow inserting long records (SPF or TXT for example).

Modifications made during this time period will therefore be put on hold and will be applied only once our operation is over.

The technical team

[Resolved] This maintenance was resolved without incident ]

Tuesday June 19th 2012 at 9:30 GMT: our mail platform is currently experiencing a slowdown. Our technical team is on location and performing diagnostics to determine the reason for this incident. Affected services are email reception, Gandi's webmail, as well as the customer support ticket processing platform.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvienence. We will keep you informed of developments below as we learn more about the incident.


update 9:50 GMT: Our teams have fixed the problem, and the service is back to normal again.


Update Wednesday June 20 at 14:15 GMT: another machine has experienced the same problem as yesterday. We rebooted it as preventative measure, however it is currently in a filesystem correction. The service on this machine should return to normal in about 45 minutes.


Wednesday June 20th 2012 15:29 GMT: The unit has returned to normal operating conditions.

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