Afilias, the .PRO registry, is working with Gandi to offer you .PRO domain registrations for 50% off the regular purchase price of $20. That's a .PRO for $10! 

This price applies to all discount levels, and is good for new registrations for one year only. It does not apply to renewals or transfers. 

Remember, .PRO is special, and restricted to registered companies. 

Register a .PRO now: 


Nestled in the heartland of West Central Africa is the Republic of Cameroon.

Gandi now offers everyone the chance to register domains with the .CM extension. This extension has sometimes been used to register typo-sqatting domains, due to its similarity to .COM. Cameroon, however, is a country with 20 million inhabitants, and they are now opening this extension to everyone.


Prices for new registrations of .CM start at $75 for level A, plus VAT. Learn more.

Want to register a .CM? :


After the "Thunderbird, .ME, and Gandi too!" promo last year, our friends over in Montenegro are letting us provide you with another one!

Until the end of the month of June, and for every .ME creation, you get 50% off the normal price, or $12.00 (£7.00, or €8,00) excl. VAT under A rates

Want to register a .ME domain?  


PHP/PostgreSQL is the second instance family available on our Simple Hosting cloud platform. PHP/PostgreSQL instances costs the same as PHP/MySQL ones (starting at $5 excl. VAT per month), and also has the special 50% discount promo for domain name customers at Gandi.

The version of PHP is 5.4, and PgSql is 9.2. These versions will be upgraded as time goes on.

Other instance families, with other languages, will be available soon!

Until May 1st 2013, the .ASIA registry is offering the .ASIA extension at a very low price for new creations. This offer is valid for 1 year registrations. Transfers and renewals are not included in the offer.

The price is $10, €8, or £7.5 excl. VAT across all price rates which is about 60% off the usual price!

The extension is open to everyone without geographical restrictions.

Register a .ASIA?



We are experiencing an incident due to an unexpected hardware problem with a storage node. Our teams are currently working on the problem to restore service as soon as possible. We recommend that you do not reboot your server if you are impacted.

We will keep you informed of the situation in this news article.


[Update] The hardware component has now been replaced, and the situation is back to normal.

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