We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on the Gandi Blog database from midnight to 01:00, Paris time (22:00-23:00 GMT) during the night of 23-24 April 2013.

The Blogs will be unreachable during the maintenance.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

EDIT : 01:08 CEST : maintenance ended

An issue is ongoing on DNS resolvers on the hosting platform.


The technical team is analyzing and fixing the issue currently.

Do not reboot your VPS.


Update 17:30 : two system administrators are going on site, the rest of the team is triying to restart the DNS resolvers remotely and spawn new DNS resolvers in the meantime.


Update 17.35 : one DNS resolver is now working again. You can use :





Update 17.45 : the two mostly used DNS resolvers are working again.

We suffer from a DDoS attack on the IaaS Hosting platform on the Paris/FR datacenter.


The technical team is currently mitigating the attach and trying to solve the encountered issue.

4 physical nodes have been impacted by the attack.



UPDATE : End of the issue around 2PM. The technical team did restart the physical nodes and the concerned VMs properly. The attack has been mitigated and is analyzed more precisely now.


UPDATE : a IaaS/PaaS storage unit will be rebooted in the next minutes, for safety reaons because of a few disks which are blocked. The reboot operation will take 20 minutes approximately. there is no need to reboot or stop/start your VPS or SH instance, the I/O will be delayed and will catch up once the filer is restarted. We do the necessary operations on our side. Sorry for the inconvenience this issue may cause to you.


UPDATE : the reboot operation took less than 10 minutes, the I/O recovered within 5 minutes, the operations are still halted but will be restarted in the next minutes once all is clear.


UPDATE : hosting operations are now restarted, the situation is back to normal.


1. Pre-reserve a new gTLD domain at Gandi
2. Trademark protection with the new gTLDs
3. Big promotion on .PW
4. New Simple Hosting instance: node.js / PgSQL
5. Recap of current promotions

Spring is springing in the Northern Hemisphere, and while our
Australian customers prepare for Fall, the US and Europe are
getting ready to enjoy a return to sunshine and warm weather.
As the natural clouds thin and dissipate, Gandi's cloud computing
is rushing in to fill the gap. We are launching a new cloud instance
in beta test mode, a node.js/PgSQL Simple Hosting family! Combine
this with the recently announced Git support, and you have a
super-easy way to deploy dynamic web applications on reliable,
fast, and predictable infrastructure.

There is action on the domain name side too, with 2013 set to be the
year that ICANN fulfills the promise of the new gTLD releases.
Gandi is offering you the chance to get your request in line for the
domains you want to register with these new extensions, with our
pre-reservation system. There are over 40,000 already reserved! Now
we are also offering trademark protection for these extensions through
TradeMark Clearinghouse.

If you want to get a new domain on a new extension, you don't
need to wait! The .PW extension is live now, and we are making
it super easy with a promotional price of just $4 (€3, or £2.75) excl. VAT per .PW domain.

1. Pre-book a new gTLD domain at Gandi

Now you can pre-book the domains you want to register with the
upcoming batch of Top-Level Domain names. We have a registration
system online

We have listed 576 extensions that have so far not been blocked or
otherwise prevented from getting released.
We left out Internationalized special-character extensions
(IDN gTLDs) as these are of interest only to small numbers of
localized registrants. We included all of those we considered
to be popular in some way, to make sure we meet the most possible
demand. All pre-bookings you make are free, and will guarantee you
a chance at registering when the TLDs concerned open.
This is also a good way to keep abreast of developments in the
market, since we will be notifying you about any domains you pre-book.
For more information about how this works on our site, see here.

2. Trademark protection with the new gTLDs

With any new extension comes concerns about trademarks, brands, and
intellectual property. ICANN anticipated this, of course, and so for
the new gTLDs, there is a system in place to centralize the
management of these concerns. This aptly named "TradeMark Clearinghouse"
will be in charge of managing documentation related to
trademarks, and making them available for anyone involved in the
registration of new extensions. This will result in significant
simplification of the process, and help to reduce the costs associated
with verification, especially for those who wish to register domains
with several extensions. It will also provide a monitoring system, to
alert you when someone else registers your domain name with a different
Obviously, this service comes with a fee. Our corporate team has
developed an interesting offer for you to take advantage of, if you need
it. See here for more information.

3. Big promotion on .PW

Opening for registration at the end of last month .PW is now being
offered for a stunningly low price of just $4 (€3, or £2.75) excl. VAT for new, one-year
This domain is quite popular, and its use to denote "password" or
"pro-web" is catching on. If you want to join the fun, you have until
early June (or about the same time as winter ends in Europe this year!).
See here for more on this.

4. New Simple Hosting instance: node.js / PgSQL

A new kind of instance is now available (in beta for the moment).
This time we are making an instance dedicated to developers using
node.js. We are offering this with the PostegreSQL database to start
with, but will later add support for MongoDB, for those 10gen fans out
there. In the meantime, if you want to test it out and give us feedback,
you are welcome to! Our wiki page on this new instance family can be
found here.

5. Recap of current promotions

Here's a quick recap of promotions currently underway on Domain names at

- The .ASIA extension is available for $10.00 (€8, or £7.50) excl. VAT for creation of new
domains for a year. This promotion is valid until April 30 2013. More on this promo here.

- The .IN extension is on special until the end of the year: 50% off
for any new registration for from 1 to 5 years, regardless
of your pricing level. More on this page.

- The .MX extension offers the same class of special promotion, ie 50%
off on new registrations for from 1 to 5 years, but only in the month of
April. Learn more here.

So dear reader, as always we want to hear from you. Send us your
suggestions, comments, praise, criticism, and witticism. We read what
you send to newsletter-en@gandi.net with interest.


Nicolas Lhuillery
Product Director

PS: To subscribe or unsubscribe from this newsletter, just change the Newsletter
setting in your Gandi account (see how).

 As you know by now, the biggest news of 2013 will be the arrival of the first round of new extensions. More than 500 new registries will emerge to manage a set of nearly 1,500 new TLDs. Obviously, the idea is to multiply the number of available names, and this can only multiply the difficulties when it comes to protecting your trademark. This is where the sp (TMCH) comes into play.

What is it?
To put it simply, the Trademark Clearinghouse is an institution which will focus on centralizing management of trademark-related issues.
More specifically, ICANN has requested the creation of a unique service to manage trademark registrations. This service will be managed by two heavyweights in their respective fields: IBM will handle the technical aspects; Deloitte, the validation procedures. Together, their role will be to verify the rights of registered trademark holders and to facilitate priority registrations during defensive registration periods (Sunrise) or to alert markholders by email when a domain name identical to their trademark has been registered within a 90-day window after the end of a Sunrise period.

Who can sign up?
Any natural or legal person with documented rights to a given national or regional brand (EU and international) is eligible. There are several restrictions on the use of a trademark as a domain name. For example, brands which contain periods or intellectual property rights which cannot be handled by the DNS (e.g. patents and designs) will not be accepted. It will be possible to replace spaces and other punctuation marks contained in trademarks with dashes, and translated versions of symbols such as & and @ can be used, in the language of the trademark jurisdiction (e.g. "and" and "at" for English-language brands)

What can Gandi offer?
We are pleased to offer trademark-based registration management and early-warning notifications through Gandi Corporate Services.

If you are not a Gandi Corporate customer, you only need to subscribe for at least one month on this page: https://www.gandi.net/corporate/souscrire

Gandi Corporate offers complete support for trademark registrations under TMCH and for monitoring for domains registered which violate your intellectual property rights (Claims Services) available at the following rates:

One-year registration (per brand): 190 euros (including TMCH fees of $145) and 190 euros per renewal (for protection under extensions that have not been released yet)
Three-year registration (per brand): 520 euros (including TMCH fees of $435)
Five-year registration (per brand): 830 euros (including TMCH fees of $725)

Knowing that the first extensions will be available by June (according to ICANN estimates) and that the rest will follow over the following 20 to 22 months, it seems smart to take a 3-year package (or 5 years if you want to be ready for the second wave of new extensions!).
Lastly, for bulk purchases, contact us for volume pricing.

If you are interested in our offer or if just want more specific details, we invite you to contact us at tmch@gandi.net.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
1. git now available in Beta on Gandi Simple Hosting
2. A new version of BaseKit is ready to roll
3. Launch of the .PW extension
4. New gTLD extensions: what you need to know
5. Rate increase at the Registries
6. A reminder of our current promotions
-------------------------------------------------- -------------
It's almost spring, though winter is visiting Europe once again for a last hurrah. Gandi has some updates for you to get you through the remaining dark days...
The git tool is now available on Gandi Simple Hosting, making the beta testers happy and rubbing their hands with anticipation of super easy code and content management. If that doesn't warm your heart, how about a new version of Basekit? Lots of cool things there, and we are also launching a new extension, .PW. For your viewing pleasure, we are making a nice preview of some gTLDs (a whole lot of them are on the way), and even letting you pre-select the ones you want. For a cold, hard reality that is not yet upon us, there is a price increase on the way for some popular extensions (though thankfully not for .COM).

1. git available on Beta Hosting Simple
git is a code and file management tool well known to many web developers. This tool allows you to do version management on your code, revert easily to prior versions, merge code, fork, and collaborate. It's available right now, in beta test in the Paris data center. Anyone can start an instance there, so no reason to wait! To learn more about using git on your instances, click here.

2. A new version of BaseKit is ready to roll
We are rolling out a new Gandi Basekit version this week, with new and improved templates, easier upgrades and better management screens. If you had been wanting to try Basekit, check it out now!  Here are some features we have added

3. Launch of the .PW extension

.PW is the official extension of Palau, in Micronesia, with a little more
20,000 inhabitants. Most geeks (like us) think of "password" when we see the .PW at the end of a domain, but you could also think "Pro-Web", as in a professional working online. So if you are a Web marketing professional from Palau, or a geek sporting a beard, or both, you need to know that the official opening of this extension is on March 25th, and everyone is welcome to register. If you want to pre-registrer your .PW domains at Gandi,  just log in to your Gandi account, and register now! Prices for a .PW start at $15.00 (read more).

4. New extensions: you need to know
Did you know that 2000 new extensions will be created over the next two years by ICANN? From .PARIS to .FOO (not to mention .FUN), registrations will multiply and domain names abound! Although many extensions will soon be forgotten after 15 minutes of fame, many will be imprinted permanently in the Internet landscape.


As always with this sort of thing, excluding the protection afforded to brand names, it is the law of first come, first served. Currently, estimates of the availability dates for the first extensions are leaning towards September. However, the registries do not yet know the conditions, nor the rates, for granting registrations.


That's why, starting at the end of the month, Gandi is offering pre-registration! This will allow you to choose among the extensions you are interested in and place free reservation orders. You'll be kept up to date regarding the selected extensions and can, if you wish, turn them into final orders when the time comes to decide.

5. Rate increase at the Registries
Price increase? Yes, as we had announced last year, several major gTLDs ( namely .NET .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .NAME) will increase in price this summer. Interestingly, .COM will not increase, because the U.S. government did not authorize a price hike. We are, unfortuneatly, going to have to pass on this increase to our customers, and so these domains will end up more expensive by $0.51 to $0.78. For full details, dates and prices, see here.

6. Reminder of our current promotions
Here's a little reminder of the promotions we are currently running on domain names:
- The .ASIA extension is available for $10.00 for creation of new domains for a year. This promotion is valid until April 30 2013 (read more).

- The .ME (for Montenegro) extension is 25% off, for creation of new domains at all price levels. Valid until the end of March. See here for more.

So dear reader, as always we want to hear from you. Send us your suggestions, comments, praise, criticism, and witticism. We read what you send to newsletter-en@gandi.net with interest.

Nicolas Lhuillery
Product Director

PS: To subscribe from this newsletter, just change the Newsletter setting in your Gandi account.

Our version of BaseKit has just been updated, from v61 to v72. There is a big improvement in useability. You will also see many new themes, and you now have the possibility of globally changing languages (French, English, Spanish), as well as your themes "on the fly". The interface is easier to work with, more intuitivie, and responds faster than the previous version. It's a real pleasure to work with.


The other big improvement with regard to this version is that we will soon be able to provide the "Mobile" option of BaseKit. This will arrive in a few weeks, which will give us time to prepare a quickstart guide for you.

No action on your part is necessary to migrate to the new version. When you log into your site to edit it, you will see that your interface has been automatically updated. Your site will not be changed, but the new features will be available.


Small bonus: if you would like to create a new BaseKit website or upgrade your existing BaseKit website to a larger package, enter the code BK20 in the "promo code" field at checkout to get a 20% discount on your purchase. This promo code only works with creations/upgrades that are annual subscriptions. This promo code expires on April 14th.

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