Following our summer promo on the .IO extension, we are pleased to announce that .IO prices have been reduced for both creations and renewals!

Since the registry grants prices to registrars based on volume, the more .IO domains we manage, the less we need to charge you. So, beginning today at 10:50 Paris time, both creations and renewals of .IO domains will be at €32 excl. VAT under A rates (a reduction of 4 Euros).

Finally, I would like to remind you that .IO transfers are free (at the registry and at Gandi), so feel free to spread the word!


Register a .IO


What is Gandi's Mail Pack ?


When you purchase a domain name at Gandi, you get 5 free email mailboxes, 1,000 forwarding addresses, and an unlimited number of aliases with a combined total of 1GB of storage.

If you need more than that, you can subscribe to Gandi's Mail Pack. for $1.30 excl. VAT per month (A rates). This subscription immediately grants you an unlimited number of mailboxes, additional storage space and additional features:

  • Ability to use a wildcard in your alias addresses
  • Access to an automatic out-of-office reply

For more details on setting up and using Gandi's Mail Pack features, please see our Mail Pack wiki entry.

If you already have several Mail Packs at Gandi, we have added a new page that lets you see them all at a glance (domain, expiration date, auto-renew status and a management link):


This was in high demand by our customers and so we hope that it will now help you manage your Mail Packs more easily!

Since August 15th, AdamsNames, the registry in chage of .GD, VD, and TC has been performing a large technical migration that will shake up their architecture a bit. This technical migration is not without impact for us.

First of all is the temporary unavailability of .GD and .VG operations. We should be once again connected to the registry in a couple hours.

The second is the temporary suspension of the .TC registration platform: this extension seems to cause difficulties for its registry, which has also raised rates (renewals are now €73 excl.VAT per year under A rates, instead of €40). Registrations of new .TC domains are therefore halted until October (no exact date has yet been given to us). It is still possible to renew .TC domains however.

We will keep you informed via this news as we have more information from the Registry.

There is currently an issue on Paris datacenter affecting some IaaS/Cloudserver & PaaS/SimpleHosting physical machines.

Our technical team is currently analyzing the issue, and is on-site in the datacenter. 

More information to come on this article.


EDIT : All hosting operations are currently stopped.

EDIT : It seems that it was located on a network device. The physical nodes and the VMs are coming back up. We monitor the impacted VMs to be sure that they respond in the next minuts.

EDIT : The issue has been solved. The hosting operations are up.

UPDATE: This offer has expired. :(

If you would like to try our VPS Cloud Hosting, why not ask for a trial?


If you would like to discover our VPS cloud hosting offer, the month of August will certainly be the right time this year!

In addition to the recent power upgrade of shares, we are now offering a 50% discount off the price of your first server share!

If you are tempted, simply go to this page, choose a monthly share and enter the promo code CLOUD50 at the checkout page. You will then see that your shopping cart total is divided by half!

If you are a happy customer, feel free to share this offer with those around you :)

* WARNING: this promo only works with an order containing a SINGLE monthly share. You can purchase others at a later time if you want. For more info on using your promo code, see this page.

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