Afilias, the .PRO registry, is working with Gandi to offer you .PRO domain registrations for 50% off the regular purchase price of $20. That's a .PRO for $10! 

This price applies to all discount levels, and is good for new registrations for one year only. It does not apply to renewals or transfers. 

Remember, .PRO is special, and restricted to registered companies. 

Register a .PRO now: 


PHP/PostgreSQL is the second instance family available on our Simple Hosting cloud platform. PHP/PostgreSQL instances costs the same as PHP/MySQL ones (starting at $5 excl. VAT per month), and also has the special 50% discount promo for domain name customers at Gandi.

The version of PHP is 5.4, and PgSql is 9.2. These versions will be upgraded as time goes on.

Other instance families, with other languages, will be available soon!

We are experiencing an incident due to an unexpected hardware problem with a storage node. Our teams are currently working on the problem to restore service as soon as possible. We recommend that you do not reboot your server if you are impacted.

We will keep you informed of the situation in this news article.


[Update] The hardware component has now been replaced, and the situation is back to normal.

You are now able to schedule snapshots for your Simple Hosting instance. Just like snapshots for your cloud VPS servers, you must subscribe to additional disk space in order to store the snapshots that were taken.

The Snapshot profile for your Simple Hosting instance only consumes 30% of the total disk size of the target instance. Therefore, if you have an instance of 10GB, you will need to subscribe to 3 additional GB. You are able to acquire these additional GB during the activation of the snapshot on the instance in question as it is integrated into the process.

The profile takes snapshots as follows:

  • 1 snapshot per day
  • 1 snapshot per week
  • 1 snapshot per month

Caution: Please note that snapshots do not take into account any databases!

To learn more about the snapshot procedure for Simple Hosting, please visit our wiki pages.

As of 05:50 CEST, one of the Gandi email servers has stopped responding. We have a team looking at the issue. We will update this posting as soon as we have a new status to report. 

Edit: 6:46 AM CET, the problem is resolved. There was a disk issue that made the machine freeze.

After the price reduction we saw in September, the registry is giving price reductions based on volume so that the more .IO domains we sell, the less expensive the extension will be for everyone.

Therefore, starting today, creations and renewals of .IO domains drops to €30 excl. VAT for A rates, for a decrease of 2 euros excl. VAT.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that .IO transfers are free (both at the registry and Gandi), so don't hesitate to spread the word.

Do you want to register a .IO?



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