Our database system will have a maintenance tonight.
Therefore all update of the DNS zones updates will be delayed betweeen 00:00 CEST and 02:00 CEST.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

A network unit currently encountered an issue.


Our technical team is on  site and analyzing the issue.


They will do the necessary maintenance operations in the next minutes.

This issue was resolved by the network team within minutes of this message being posted. 

Some of the Simple Hosting infrastructure is affected by a technical problem. Our team is working to resolve it now. We will update this post with the status. 


We apologize for the inconvenience.


Update 12:50 CEST : A network equipment was faulty. Our technical team fixed the issue. The service is now available. 

For our IaaS customers, we've added a nice little feature that allows you to let others give you credit, or to buy credit for other users.

We implemented this feature with three use cases in mind:

  • Many of the open source projects hosted by us can ask for support in the form of credits to help run their Gandi server
  • Sites hosting communities (games, cultural associations, non-profits, etc.), and would like to ask their members for credits
  • Small entrepreneurs who run servers for their customers can now ask their customers to pay directly for their servers
The system works by simply telling Gandi where the credit resources you order should be sent. Or, you can use a link with a Gandi account handle on your site, like this:

Sending email from the installed sendmail server on Simple Hosting instances is possible, but restricted for your protection. No one wants to be blacklisted as a spammer, after all. If you need to send mass mailings like newsletters, for example, now there is now a solution. We have opened SMTPS (465) and the Submission port (587) on the platform, allowing you to use a third party email service provider.

For more information, see our documentation wiki

We received an alert by our monitoring concerning the Baltimore/USA datacenter.


We lost contact with 11 physical machines.


We are currently analyzing the issue with the technical team.


Sorry for the inconvenience this issue may cause to you.


UPDATE : one of our technical team members is on its way to the datacenter.

UPDATE : we lost in fact a network unit, a switch on which the redundant system did not work as expected. The physical nodes are coming back.

IaaS customers are now able to use a new feature that allows purchasing credits for someone else.

We have implemented this feature with three purposes in mind:

  • The many opensource projects hosted at Gandi which could benefit from sponsors who buy hosting credits for them,
  • Websites that host communities (videogames, cultural, associations, etc.) and would like to ask for active help from their members,
  • If you manage servers for your customers, you can now ask them to pay for their server and only bill for the service you provide.

The system works by indicating the Gandi handle that you want to buy credit for either during the online order process or by going directly to https://www.gandi.net/credit/buy?handle=XX123-GANDI (be sure to change the handle at the end!), and puttting this link on your site for example.

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