The Starting Dot Ltd Registry has introduced a new gTLD, .BIO.

.BIO is already in Sunrise, with the Landrush phase beginning 11 July. The two phases will run simultaneously until 10 August.

GoLive will begin on 21 August 2014 at 3am PDT (10:00 UTC).

The registration period during Sunrise and Landrush is 2 years (renewals can be from 1 to 10 years thereafter).

.bio launch timeline

Prices at A rates are as follows:

  •  Sunrise: $145.13
  • Landrush: $110.26
  • GoLive: $89.26


[Pre]register a .BIO?:


Three funky fresh new TLDs have entered Sunrise at Gandi.

The Sunrise phase will end 19 August at 9am PDT (16h00 UTC) for these extensions.

General Availability is scheduled to begin 3 September 2014 at 9am PDT (16h00 UTC). There will be no Landrush phase for these TLDs! Therefore, we strongly encourage you to submit your preregistrations before GoLive begins in order to have the best chance of getting the domain you want.

Here's the list of newcomers, along with links to the TLD pricing pages as well as the price in Sunrise and GoLive, at A rates:


Keep it real, ya'll:

Two of our links between FR and US are down. Due to that, performance is a bit degraded (more latency than usual).

Our team is working on it.

Update: The issue has been resolved.

Welcome to another GoLive Wednesday, brought to you by Donuts!

Today, we celebrate the GoLive of domains with the theme of relationships! Yes, whether you are starting one (with .DATING or .EVENTS, or even .PRODUCTIONS, if you are ambitious), or want to be known as being .PARTNERS, today is your day!

The following new gTLDs are entering GoLive and are therefore available for registration by all. Here they are (accompanied by the price of a one-year registration at A rates):

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:

Today we welcome three new money-related domains into the Sunrise phase, where holders of TMCH-registered trademarks can register their domains under the new gTLDs .CASH, .FUND, .INVESTMENTS, and .TAX.

Here are the prices for the Sunrise phase and General availability phase in US dollars, for customers with A rates, before tax:


Search for a money-themed domain now:

Dear .UK,

Those letters are so familiar, and yet, we don't really know you at all. You've always been so distant, separated from us by your second-level domains .co, .org, and .me, with their cold, uncompromising restrictions...

Now, you've promised we can be together, and that anyone who meets your residency standards will be able to register a .UK of their very own!


Registration priority

Registrants of existing third-level .uk domains (,, and so on) will have priority rights to the corresponding .UK domain for five years(*). (Five years! This is the internet, .UK. Five years is a long time. But that's cool, we can wait.)

Here's how it will go down if the same domain name exists with different registrants in multiple second-level .UK TLDs (e.g.,

  • Top priority will go to the registrant of the corresponding,
  • The owner of the will get next priority,
  • Finally, registrants of the corresponding will get their chance.


.UK verification

Nominet has established an automated verification system to confirm the owners of new .UK domains meet residency requirements. The rule is pretty straightforward:

  • .UK registrants must have a verifiable physical address in the United Kingdom.
  • If the address doesn't pass the automated verification, it must be manually validated, by Nominet or by Gandi. If this hasn't been completed within 30 days, the domain will be locked, and bovines shall be hurled over the walls of your castle.

Gandi doesn't offer a trustee service for .UK yet, but we're working on it.



The prices of .uk domains will be the same as That is to say, the price of a one-year registration will be $9.00, or £4.00, or 7,00 €, depending on your currency of choice, and a two-year registration ends up being a bit less.

Details can be found on the .UK TLD pricing page.


New API method

Users of our API may be interested to note that we've added a new API method to verify eligibility for .UK domains.


So, how do I get my .uk?

Start the registration process as you would with any other domain, while logged into the Gandi account that owns the corresponding, or domain. If you have any trouble, contact our support team or on Twitter @gandibar.


(*) valid for domains registered up to June 10, 2014 for the rule, and prior to October 29th, 2013 for the other third-level .uk domains.

Our operations team will perform an emergency maintenance on storage units today, Monday 9 June 2014.

This maintenance may impact the following services :
  • access to the control panel, orders
  • IMAP, POP, SMTP, webmail
  • Web redirections
  • GandiSite (Basekit) / Sitemaker
  • DNS zone provisioning
  • Gandi Groups / Gandi wiki
  • Emergency console / DNS cache for hosting datacenter in Paris
  • SimpleHosting (PaaS) virtualhost provisioning

The maintenance window will be four hours, and will occur between 2 and 4pm PDT (11pm to 3am CEST/Paris).

We apologize for the inconvenience this maintenance may cause.



2:00pm PDT [11:00 PM CEST, 21:00 UTC]: start of the maintenance

2:47pm PDT: end of the maintenance

Gandi has scheduled a network maintenance Tuesday, 10th of June 2014 between 22:00 and 23:00 UTC
The web redirection service may encounter a few minutes downtime.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
If you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Support Team.

Gandi Team
Update: maintenance complete at 22:24 UTC. No impact.

Two cities in the land of the rising sun are getting their own gTLDs: .TOKYO and .NAGOYA.

You can already register .tokyo domains in Landrush for $69.48 or pre-register for GoLive, which starts 22 July, for $15.88.

.nagoya, the third largest Japanese city, is in Landrush until 13 June, also at $69.48. General Availability begins 23 June; pre-registrations and registrations for that phase also cost $15.88.

You can register domains under either of these extensions using Latin characters (ASCII, to be exact) or in Japanese (IDN). For more information, see the Registry's IDN policy (new window).


Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:

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