This Monday is July 14th, which means our Parisian colleagues will be intoxicated with liberty and enthusiasm on the day of their independence. Here in the San Francisco office, we'll be tirelessly toiling on many things, not least of which is the planned GoLive of two new gTLDs.

Publically available registrations of .bar and .rest domains is scheduled to begin on Monday, 14 July at 5am PDT (noon UTC). Here are the prices in Landrush and GoLive at A rates:

  • .bar: $237.80 | $85.43
  • .rest: $170.63 | $42.88

At the time of this writing, there are just two hours left of the Landrush phase. You can already preregister for the GoLive phase right now. We recommend doing so as soon as possible, as we will be submitting the orders to the Registry at the moment GoLive begins, in the order they're received.


Register a domain under either of these TLDs?:


3 new gTLDs are now in Sunrise at Gandi: .bar, .rest, and .xyz.

These three extensions are currently in Sunrise. Non-trademark holders can already submit Landrush and GoLive pre-registrations, which we will submit at the beginning of the corresponding phase in the order we receive them.

Here's the list, accompanied by a link to the TLD info page as well as the price in Sunrise and the GoLive date and price, at A rates:

  • .BAR   $193.02 | $85.43 (begins 14 July)
  • .REST $148.24 | $42.88 (begins 14 July)
  • .XYZ    $228.91 | $13.63 (begins 2 June)

Register a domain under one of these extensions?

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