During April and May 2014, you can register a new .CO for one year for half price: $16.50 instead of the regular $33.00 at A rates.

The timing is perfect for this promo: .CO, technically the ccTLD of Colombia, is becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry as a generic extension. Google has even confirmed it will consider it as a GccTLD for the purposes of indexing and SEO [Wikipedia].

.CO domains are available to all, with no residency restrictions. For more information or to register a domain, see the .co TLD info page.

Register a .CO?


Until the 4th of July August 1st 2013, one-year .CO domain creations are 50% off in all price rates or € excl. VAT for A rates.

Note that as of last month, the .CO extension is considered as a generic extension by google, just like .com and .net.  


Note: this promotion has ended. 


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