Our operations team will perform an emergency maintenance on storage units today, Monday 9 June 2014.

This maintenance may impact the following services :
  • www.gandi.net: access to the control panel, orders
  • mail.gandi.net: IMAP, POP, SMTP, webmail
  • Web redirections
  • GandiSite (Basekit) / Sitemaker
  • DNS zone provisioning
  • Gandi Groups / Gandi wiki
  • Emergency console / DNS cache for hosting datacenter in Paris
  • SimpleHosting (PaaS) virtualhost provisioning

The maintenance window will be four hours, and will occur between 2 and 4pm PDT (11pm to 3am CEST/Paris).

We apologize for the inconvenience this maintenance may cause.



2:00pm PDT [11:00 PM CEST, 21:00 UTC]: start of the maintenance

2:47pm PDT: end of the maintenance



We are facing problems reaching the .eu registry servers. The corresponding domain availability search service is not available. Our teams are working on the matter.


Thanks for your patience.

A scheduled maintenance will take place between Tuesday 01 April 22:00 and Wednesday 2 April 05:00 UTC (01 April 2pm to 9pm PST).

During the maintenance, zone file updates on domains hosted on {a,b,c}.dns.gandi.net could be delayed.

Please excuse us for any inconvenience.


The Gandi team

A scheduled maintenance will take place between Monday 31 March 22:00 and Tuesday 1 April 05:00 UTC (31 March 2pm to 9pm PST).

During the maintenance, zone file updates on domains hosted on {a,b,c}.dns.gandi.net could be delayed.

Please excuse us for any inconvenience.


The Gandi team

We will be performing major network upgrades to our backbone network in Paris during the night of 23-24 March 2013.  


The purpose of this work is to replace our current (aging) backbone network routers with newer generation equipment allowing for increased capacity, performance and resilience.  During this time, all Gandi services in Paris will experience brief periods of network unavailability and/or instability as the migration proceeds.


This activity will not impact the individual Gandi services themselves, but rather only the network connectivity between the internet and those services.  As a result, there will be no need for hosting customers to restart their IaaS or PaaS servers/instances.  Services in our Baltimore datacentre will not be directly affected by this maintenance, but some periods of routing instability and reconvergence may be experienced, though these will be far less prevalent than for the Paris services.


This migration will commence at 01:30 CET (00:30 GMT) on Sunday 24 March 2013, and we estimate between 10 and 15 minutes of major network outage during the initial migration, followed by a number of brief periods of network instability during the remainder of the migration.  The entire migration activity should last approximately 90 minutes, but no more than two hours.

Operations will be ended at 05:00 AM CET (04:00 AM GMT).


We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

EDIT 03:08 AM CET : maintenance ended

Some tranfers of domains into Gandi may see 500 Errors after setting DNS options. 

If this happens to you, just put the transfer through on http://v3.gandi.net instead of www.gandi.net. 

We will repair the issue as soon as possible,  and update this notice when we do. 


Over the past 24 hours (since June 12th at 11:00 CET), our web forwarding service has been the target of an extremely large DDoS attack. Our technical teams have been working on thep problem since it began, though it appears somewhat likely that the attack will succeed, meaning, the total saturation of our service and a subsequent temporary interrumption in service.

The services impactes will be all the web forwarding addresses that are configured on our DNS.

No other service is currently at risk (DNS, Email, Hosting, SSL, are OK).

We ask that you refrain from contacting our support with questions concerning this, as they can only forward you to this message, which will be updated in real time. The saturation of our customer support will only degrade the situation, while not being able to give you any more information concerning the status of the situation than is on this page.

We apologize for the inconvienence, and assure you that we are doing everything possible to recover from this attack and return to our normal quality of operation.


update: we have put in place a solution that has allowed us to reduce the risk of service interruption. We are therefore lowering the alert level, but will continue to monitor the DDoS which is still underway.

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