To start 2015 off right, we're happy to present a festive promo for 40% off on the ever-popular .me. From now until April 1, you can register your .me domain at $14.40 instead of the usual $24 at A rates (new one-year registrations only).

Happy New Year! \o/


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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Holiday, it's fun to get into the spirit of giving this time of year. That's why we're making new .COM and .NET domains (normally $15.50 and $16.58) 20% cheaper.

This promo will be valid on new, one-year .com and .net registrations until the end of December, and you can get the discount by using the promo code MERRYCHRISTMAS when you place your order, right up until midnight Paris time on December 31, 2014 (3 p.m. PST/22:00 UTC).

In the true spirit of the holiday, this promotion is available to all customers, regardless of your rate scale. Go ahead and treat yourself to a domain! Feel free to tweet about it to us and your friends, too. We love to see what you come up with.



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We must be crazy to be selling these domain names at such ridiculously low prices!

The wacky, waving inflatable tube man on our roof is flailing his arms wildly in promotion of the latest too-good-to-be-true rates on .WEBSITE domain names. After its first two months at the ludicrously low low back-to-school price of 50% off, .WEBSITE domain names are now available for the unbelievable price of just $5.00 for a one-year registration. We're practically giving these away!

We have four-doors, two-doors, automatic and manual transmissions all available at ZERO APR. Act today and we'll throw in free rust protection. But this deal won't last. We can only offer this amazing deal for one month only, the offer ends December 16th at 3 pm PST, so come on down today!


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Last month, we kicked off an incredible deal on .XYZ domains: just $4.00 for a one-year registration.

What makes this promotion special is that Gandi and the .XYZ registry each kicked in to contribute $1 to one of our favorite organizations, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for each .xyz domain you bought.

We want to share the love again this month, and we asked you to choose the beneficiary for us!

You voted by retweeting the @gandibar tweet for your favorite supported project: Fight For the Future, FreeBSD, or Creative Commons. We couldn't bring ourselves to do this winner-takes-all style, so we'll donate to each organization in direct proportion to how many retweets each received as of Thursday, December 11.

The organization mentioned in the tweet with the most retweets will be also be ceremoniously declared the winner of Gandi customers' hearts, and we're not sure there's a higher honor than that.

So who won? See for yourself in this screenshot:

Who's your favorite?


Yes, it is Creative commons who wins Gandi's heart - by a nose. Let's all make them proud and get them some cash while we get some .XYZ domains in December!

Update Jan 7, 2015: 423 .xyz domains were registered in December, so we'll be sending a $423 donation to these three organizations, divided proportionally by the number of retweets you gave them. Thank you!


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The Famous Four Media registry is delighting us with an exceptional promo for 50% off on .bid,  .trade and  .webcam domains.

You have until December 31, 2014, to register any of these TLDs for $19.15 instead of the normal $38.30 (at A rates).

The promo is valid for 50% off at all rate scales, and applies to new registrations of one year only.


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Another great promotion on a new top-level domain: .LINK!

The general opening date for .LINK was back in April, and now this useful domain space is available for 50% off, for all new one-year registrations. That means just $6.01 for a .LINK, instead of $12.02, using A rates.

This promotion is valid through November 30. Why not get yours today?


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The .CM is indefatiguable.

The .CM folds endless piles of t-shirts and treks to the post office to dispatch them to all the corners of the earth.

The .CM calms the angry masses when there's an outage, relaying technical details and status updates with the steady, fearless determination of Nancy Wake on her famous bike ride.

The .CM writes glorious blog posts that are flawless in their beauty and wit.

The .CM ventures far and wide to tech conferences across the land, showering happy customers with swag and enticing new customers to come to the light.

Clearly the most underappreciated of all the TLDs, .CM clearly deserves a raise.

And yet--and yet! .CM is being offered at 75% off. That means you can have your very own for $24.00 as opposed to the usual $94.00 (new registrations only).


Have you hugged a .CM today?


Go on, show us some love!

No, we didn't hack the .XYZ database and change the prices :) It's still only $4 for a .XYZ, but this month, the folks over at .XYZ have upped the ante in a way we can really get behind. For all of November, they're contributing $0.50 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for every new .XYZ domain you register.

Furthermore, as you probably already know, the EFF is one of our favorite supported projects, so Gandi is pleased to match this donation! That means a full $1 of your puchase will go to the EFF so they can continue to be an awesome defender of your digital rights.

Best of all, we are keeping the price at a ridiculously low $4/€3 per domain (excluding taxes, if applicable), just like we did in October!

If you have a favorite project you think we should support in December, we want to hear from you! Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Update: December's promo is live!


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