Launched today on August 1st 2013, the .IN.NET is an alternative to the .IN. the .IN.NET extension is open to everyone for €10,00 / $13,00 (excl VAT) per year.


Note that the .IN extension is also open to everyone and is currently on sale: €6,25 HT / $7,75 (excl. VAT) a year until the end of 2013!



Want to register a .IN.NET? :



Want to register a .IN? :


A nice treat for lovers of Asian domain names, and those of you who usually spell Gandi with an "h": 50% off .IN domain names!

Seriously, though, from April 2nd until the end of the year, you can get 50% off on the creation of new .IN domain names, for up to 5 years! That means a lot of value for you, our customer. Why not future-proof your new domain today?


Want to register a .IN ? :


Though we have been accredited for a while now, it was only being handled manually and therefore reserved to our Corporate Offer. Today, however it is automated and is available on-line!

.FI domain names are reserved to companies registered in Finland or individuals that live in Finland. You must provide proof of ID to demonstrate this.

.FI domains can be registered for only 1 year, for €20 excl. VAT under A rates (see the extension's information page)

Do you want to register a .FI?


Nestled in the heartland of West Central Africa is the Republic of Cameroon.

Gandi now offers everyone the chance to register domains with the .CM extension. This extension has sometimes been used to register typo-sqatting domains, due to its similarity to .COM. Cameroon, however, is a country with 20 million inhabitants, and they are now opening this extension to everyone.


Prices for new registrations of .CM start at $75 for level A, plus VAT. Learn more.

Want to register a .CM? :


After the "Thunderbird, .ME, and Gandi too!" promo last year, our friends over in Montenegro are letting us provide you with another one!

Until the end of the month of June, and for every .ME creation, you get 50% off the normal price, or $12.00 (£7.00, or €8,00) excl. VAT under A rates

Want to register a .ME domain?  


Until May 1st 2013, the .ASIA registry is offering the .ASIA extension at a very low price for new creations. This offer is valid for 1 year registrations. Transfers and renewals are not included in the offer.

The price is $10, €8, or £7.5 excl. VAT across all price rates which is about 60% off the usual price!

The extension is open to everyone without geographical restrictions.

Register a .ASIA?



This extension is the official ccTLD of the island of Saint Martin.

The general opening of .SX is planned for this Thursday, November 15th at 3:00 PM GMT. It is open to everyone, and costs 24 euros excl. VAT for A rate customers. We are already accepting pre-orders, and will submit them as soon as the registry opens registration. Failed orders will be automatically refunded to your prepaid account.

More information on this extension can be found here.

Register a .SX:


From now until January 1st 2013, the .ASIA registry is offering its .ASIA extension at a very low price for every new creation. This offer is valid for 1-year creations and does not include renewals or transfers.

Under A rates and excl. VAT, the extension is available during this promo at $5 (instead of $25). You can see all the .ASIA prices here.

The extension is open to everyone without restrictions.

Register a .ASIA?


We have a new accrediation for Chinese domains,  allowing us to re-open the .CN extension to everyone! Well, almost. For Chinese citizens residing in China, the process is a bit more complicated.

.cn domains


You can now register ASCII.IDN (for example: "") and IDN.IDN domains like  "一个域名.中国" (.中国 means .china in simplified chinese.)

The IDN.CN (that is, Chinese ideograms on ASCII .cn domain names) should be available at Gandi shortly as well. 

You can check the details of the registration process here:


Do you want to register a .china ? Here you go!

.CN et .中国

We are pleased to announce that you can now manage .CO.ZA (the official commercial extension of South Africa) domains at Gandi.

In case you were wondering why it is "ZA", this stands for "Zuid Afrika" in Dutch, though the official language has been Afrikaans since 1961.

.CO.ZA is available to everyone, though the registry performs a DNS check (called the zonecheck) during registration, just like .FR domains.

You can register a .CO.ZA domain starting at €12 excl. VAT per year under A rates (€6 excl. VAT per year under E rates). See all the .CO.ZA prices here.



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