.aero Domain Names

Registry: SITA
Origin: international
Date of creation: 2001

Description: .AERO is a GTLD reserved exclusively for the aviation community.

Registry Whois: https://www.information.aero/whois/
updated in realtime.


.AERO domain names at Gandi

Accreditation: Gandi has been SITA accredited since July 2009.
Price: See price table for .AERO
Associated Gandi contract: https://www.gandi.net/contracts

Terms and Conditions

Attribution: .AERO is a GTLD reserved exclusively for the aviation community. The eligibility criteria and documents to provide are described at http://www.information.aero/registration/eligibility. Before applying for a .AERO domain name registration, you must create a .aero ID at SITA (new window).
Syntax: from 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or hyphen (other than in the first or last place)
IDN (accented domain name): not available
Registration period:from 2 to 10 years
Third-level domain: airline.aero; airport.aero
Private registration: yes, with Gandi's Private Domain Registration service


Disputes: http://www.nic.aero/registration/policies/ (new window)
Renewal: domains are deactivated upon expiration. It is possible to renew up to 45 days following the expiration date
Transfer (change of registrar): with an auth code, supplied by current Registrar. The domain must have been created since more that 60 days. The transfer to Gandi does not include any renewal (remaining period is lost). Trade (changing the owner during a transfer) is not available.
Change of Ownership: not available on our interface. If you need to change the owner of a .AERO domain name, please contact our customer support team.
Deletion process: see the table in our wiki. Redemption Grace Period: 30 days.
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