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PDF invoicing


Suggested by GregC

Have the possibility to download the invoice in PDF

Add DynDNS service


Suggested by JamesDYN

Add a DynDNS service on Gandi

Add SIEVE management on Gandi Mail


Suggested by Jack

It could be cool to have access to the SIEVE extension on Gandi Mail and have the possibility to filter mails directly on the server.

A Gandi plugin for WHMCS


Suggested by Nico, ShenZhen QuYu Tech CO.,LTD

The possibility to link Gandi with, the billing platform

Add support for CNAME record on zone apex (aka ANAME/ALIAS entries in DNS zone files


Suggested by Marcus Stade, Jaroslav, noclat

To take advantage of the CDN capabilities of other hosts, it'd be great if Gandi would support ALIAS entries in the DNS zone file. As an example, GitHub recommends using ALIAS records when using custom domains for pages hosted on their services. This functionality would make a lot of developers happy, so that they could enjoy Content Delivery Network and Denial of Service mitigation offered by services like Github, and have the ability to point their bare domain to their applications hosted by services like Heroku.

Add a domain alias on email


Suggested by Nickö

Add the possibility to alias a domain to an other for emails (ex all emails from to

Payments in Bitcoin


Suggested by korobkov, jacquesbh, apropos

International payments can be a pain. Bitcoin is easy and irrevocable, low risk for Gandi. Please add BTC as a payment option.

Add the possibility to use subdomain on gandi mail


Suggested by SITE SECONDE

With the possibility to create email like

Expired domains monitoring


Suggested by Marou

Informs customers when a monitored domain has expired and ready to be registered with Gandi.



Suggested by laurent

Add the possibility to login by using an OpenID

SSHFP support


Suggested by Sebbb

Allow SSHFP records at least in expert mode. SSHFP is standardized in the RFC4255 (

Add a mobile phone version


Suggested by FredTev

Add the possibility to access to Gandi via mobile phone

Better hosted email/groupware


Suggested by ding

I'd love to be able to pay 1.5 - 2x as much as Gandi Mail for something along the lines of Zimbra Open Source Edition mail and calendar on my domains. In particular, the iCal, CalDAV, and actually useful server-side mail filtering features would be nice.

Add the possibility to add a web forward in bulk


Suggested by Otto

I want to add a web forward to several domains in one click

Offer DNSSEC on Gandi's nameservers


Suggested by kallisti5

Offer support for DNSSEC on your DNS servers ([abc]

Affiliate/referral program


Suggested by David

Would Gandi be willing to set up some sort of affiliate linking process? I have a couple of sites using your hosting platform and I'd like to reference you in them in the hope I can promote you guys a little more. I really like using Gandi for my hosting and I was wondering how I could promote the service in some kind of mutually beneficial way?

Activate autoresponder from the webmail


Suggested by JB

add the possibility to activate mail autoresponder directly from the webmail

Cloaking forwarding


Suggested by etimau

Add the possibility to specify a favicon to the transparent web forwarding

Session timeout


Suggested by Quinode

Option to set the session timeout while logged in to (first suggested by Geoff on gandibar)

Set default: auto-renew for domains


Suggested by Simon

It would be nice to be able to set defaults for new domains, *particularly* making all new purchased domains set to auto-renew by default.

Add possibility to login with OpenID


Suggested by Hedy

Add possibility to login with OpenID

Prepaid account and insufficient funds


Suggested by Thomas

Give how much we have to put on prepaid when the account is insufficient.

Add sub technical contact


Suggested by pirod

Add the possibility to enable sub technical contact with limited rights on a domain

.SU Domains


Suggested by Kaishou

Soviet Union domains would be very nice to have here at Gandi. :)



Suggested by Lidéjis

Add .GP support

per-domain control of WHOS


Suggested by chrisjj

Please add per-domain control of * contact email address substitution a.k.a. "Anti-Spam" * Privacy

Reset 2-factor authentication using emergency codes


Suggested by Rohin

Currently the only way to reset 2-factor authentication (required when you change or reformat phones) is via a phone call with Gandi Support. However a better option might be to use emergency codes that are created at the time of enabling 2-factor (the way Dropbox does it).

.MK domains


Suggested by fjulien

Add possibility to buy .ML domains

.AZ domains


Suggested by Patrick

It would be nice to be able to register .az (ccTLD of Azerbaijan) at Gandi.

import mail aliases/forwarding addresses


Suggested by Marcel, Club41Français, Hugo, Chapo

There is a possibility to export mail aliases (forwarding addresses). It would be nice if there were an import (and bulk edit) option available as well.

.jobs domains


Suggested by Matthieu Oliviers

Please add .jobs to the list of TLDs that can be registered at Gandi.

Yubikey support


Suggested by Ben

It would be great if the two factor authentication would directly work with Yubikeys.

Payment method: Webmoney


Suggested by Reza

Please consider Webmoney as payment method instead of Paypal which is difficult to use for some countries.

GIT support for zone files


Suggested by vr

Instead of relying on your web interface, it could be great to enable git repositories for zone file management, with push-to-deploy capability.

Allow direct submission of DNSSEC DS records


Suggested by Pete S.

Gandi's current DNSSEC system allows customers to select from a list of DNSSEC algorithms and add their public key. Gandi's systems then compute the DS record and send it upstream to the registry. It would be excellent if users could have the option of submit the DS record itself, rather than needing to submit the public key and have Gandi compute the DS records: several managed DNS services will give customers the DS records for the registry but don't provide the public key.

PDF guides and contract is bad


Suggested by BSD32-GANDI

I'm new to Gandi, and my official language is Portuguese-Brazil. I received an e-mail containing the URL of a PDF file in English. This is not for me. It would be better to send a web page in HTML with the option to download the PDF.

Add 2-step auth to webmail (roundcube)


Suggested by viccuad

Install Roundcube plugins for providing 2-step auth or at least to prevent brute-force attacks. Roundcube is well suited with plugins, make use of them to provide an outstandind service without added work:

More DNS servers


Suggested by Pete S.

Currently Gandi offers customers DNS service from servers in Baltimore and Paris. It would be nice if DNS service was also provided in other locations like Gandi's Luxembourg facility, the US west coast, Australia, Asia, etc. for better performance and less latency.



Suggested by Olga Nuber

Add the possibility to login by using Persona :

DNSSEC for .CAT domains


Suggested by Jöha

Who doesn't love cats? No-one. Well, maybe dog people. But dog people wouldn't be buying a .CAT domain, right? The .CAT sTLD, intended for the Catalan-speaking community, used for Nyan Cat videos, has supported DNSSEC since autumn 2009. Keep your cats safe. Use DNSSEC.

Show zone file diff before activating


Suggested by zw95

It would be neat if the DNS management interface's zone-update confirmation step could show a diff of the current zone and the new zone so you can see exactly what changes you're about to make live.

Replace address and phone in WHOIS for TLDs without private domain registration


Suggested by jw

TLDs without support for "private domain registration", such as .email (often used for personal purposes), should still support hiding or replacing some personal information to safeguard privacy. Could the address and phone number be replaced by an address and phone number owned by Gandi? Other registrars seem to support this (e.g. WhoisGuard, Domains By Proxy). I do not want to hide my name, just my home address and phone number, to guarantee privacy and prevent spam.

allow email forwarding for owners of domains


Suggested by Human

I own a domain, and the current domain provider lets me forward email directed to to the address of my choice. I would like to transfer this domain to, but according to this page ( ) I wouldn't be able to set up forwarding from without owning as well. The main point of the .name extension when it debuted was to allow a permanent personalized email forwarding address. Hardly anybody could use it as intended if only the few people who owned a domain could forward email. Please make the infrastructure improvements necessary to allow domain owners to forward email properly. In my case, I have about half a dozen domains that I would transfer over if you could make this happen.

OAuth2 support for API


Suggested by Chaz6

Now that Gandi supports TOTP, it should be possible to use this in order to authorize individual applications rather than giving each use a single API key as this defeats the point of having 2-factor authentication. Domain Names


Suggested by Luke Antins

Add support for domain names

Keep forwarded mail to mailbox


Suggested by Meroje

Have the possibility to keep a forwarded mail into an existing email account (mailbox) : "forward has copy"

Domain names for planet Earth


Suggested by Tim

Please can we have domain names that make us think about this beautiful planet, and perhaps remind us to live with humility and look after all that makes our lives possible. Some examples... .earth .ocean .biodiversity .sacredearth .biophilia .oceania .oneplanettoliveon .pricelessearth .pricelessocean .cetacean .plankton .whale Anything else come to mind? domains


Suggested by nat

Support domains, or at least allow them to be transfered in.

SSL Certificate availability


Suggested by jpj

When a F/B Billing profile renew a domain certificate, this new certificate is not visible for technical (who is normally in charge of its installation). Can you make is available for techs ?

How can I give the domain to another account of


Suggested by Onuphriy

Hi there! I registered a domain and I don't need it anymore and my partner want to take it. How can I give this domain to her? Thanks.
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