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Your website needs storage space for its data and associated files. This is web hosting. No matter what your level of experience is on the web, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

What do you need?

I want to publish a personal or professional website online in a way that is easy and automatic.

Our Simple Hosting products are compatible with WordPress and PrestaShop, and let you create your website without needing to code: easily linked to your domain name, quick and automatic installation, 100% flexible offer, and data stored in France.

Starting from $10.95

I am looking for a webhost for my site

Our solutions are robust and flexible in order to meet the needs of web professionals, with a wide range of configurations, languages, and databases to choose from. Host your website thanks to our complete and secure web hosting solutions.

Starting from $10.95

WordPress, the world's most popular site editor

  • Templates included

    To concentrate on the essential and choose what works best

  • Automatic installation

    To not waste any time, and get your website online in a flash.

  • 24-hour support

    To be accompanied during critical moments

3 steps for getting your website online

Step 1: I choose my domain name

A domain name is an address on the internet. It is thanks to this that your visitors will be able to find your website on the web. Our catalog contains over 800 extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.). The choice of the domain name's extension is a crucial step: see our advice on choosing your domain name.
A domain name at Gandi comes with a complete and free service:
2 email mailboxes, 5GB of storage for your documents, 1 SSL certificate included.

I already have a domain name, and want to transfer it to Gandi.

Choose my domain name

Step 2: I choose my hosting plan

Publish your personal or professional website online easily. WordPress is the leader among content management systems (CMS), and is used for the creation of 1 out of 2 websites in the world today! This solution allows you to publish a website online without any technical knowledge.
To launch your WordPress website, we recommend subscribing to the S+ Simple Hosting plan. Our Simple Hosting solution is totally flexible and can evolve along with your activity.

Choose my WordPress hosting plan

Step 3: I link my domain name to my web hosting

The rest of the process is completely automatic: Gandi takes care of the connection between your domain name and your WordPress hosting, just let us guide you along the process. Choose the WordPress platform among the ones offered, and the installation of WordPress on your hosting is launched automatically. When you see the button, "See my website" everything is in place!

Go to my web hosting dashboard

All is good! Your website is online

All that remains is for you to express your creativity. Welcome to the wonderful web adventure!
What is the best name for your website?

Do you need an e-boutique? Sell your items online with PrestaShop

Are you launching an online store? No need to hire a developer or agency for this, thanks to the PrestaShop module. Upload our own products and secure the online payment process!

  • Instantly linked to your domain name
  • E-commerce management (Prestashop) with automatic installation
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • SSL certificate included for free

Open an online store

At Gandi, we guarantee

  • Data hosted in Europe

    Your website is hosted in one of Gandi's European datacenters, you have the choice between hosting it in France or Luxembourg.

  • Security is priority

    Spike in traffic, pirating, technical outage, environmental many unexpected events for which we do everything possible to guarantee the service continuity of your projects.

  • 6d/7 24h support

    Because you might have a question at any time, Gandi is available 24/6, ready to help you via numerous channels.

Do you want to test before diving in?

Start your free 10-day trial. No credit card required, no commitment, and no tacit renewal.

Test our web hosting

Even more possibilities with Gandi!

  • For storing files

    Storing and sharing files on the cloud is a prerequisite today for any team that needs to work remotely, whether in a professional, associative, or even familial context. Nextcloud is a free and open-source application. You are free to use it without any fees, and without your data being monetized. You are in control.

    Discover Nextcloud
  • For an alternative to WordPress

    GravCMS allows easily creating light and elegant websites. The particuliary of this CMS is that it does not require a database. Once the pages or the site is generated, it takes the form of a group of static html files, which reduces considerably the loading time for visitors.

  • To analyze traffic on your website

    Accurately analyze the visits and actions of your visitors on your site(s), while keeping control of your data, thanks to Matomo.
    Compatble with WordPress and PrestaShop, which are also available on Simple Hosting as automatic installations!

  • To manage an infrastructure

    Do you want to deploy and configure your servers with your own Infra-as-Code tools such as Terraform, Ansible, etc? Opt for a GandiCloud VPS solution.

    Discover GandiCloud VPS

Frequently asked questions

There are many options on the market, at almost any price. Obviously, they aren't all the same, but in general, there are hosting platforms that are right-sized for the needs of personal websites, and not other kinds of websites. The main risk is that you might choose a solution that's either the wrong "size" (too expesnvie, or not powerful enough), not adapted very well to your needs (e.g. requiring a high level of expertise), or both!

There are several types of web hosting, and each of them meet a different set of needs.

  1. Shared web hosting (multiple sites share a single server). The structure of Gandi's comparable hosting service is a little different, especially in that it uses dedicated resources. Our goal is to guarantee the best possible performance for your websites over time and to offer you right-sized web hosting solutions according to your needs. That's why on each of our web hosting options, you can add data storage space, or you can temporarily increase the allotted processing power (for spikes in traffic), or permanently update the configuration (if your needs have permanently changed).
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is the most complete, affordable Cloud hosting solution. Gandi offers several VPS hosting solutions that can be adapted to your needs by showing greater flexibility of use. You administer your server as you see fit and can configure it and deploy it with all your applications.

To host a website, you need to use a web hosting server. You'll also need to choose a web hosting provider. Finding a web hosting solution that meets your needs is crucial! There are several different solutions out there, and they are all priced differently. Obviously, they're not all the same, but nonetheless, certain hosting platforms are built to respond to particular needs more than others. The danger is in choosing a solution that's not well fitted to your needs (not powerful enough or too expensive), that otherwise isn't suitable (requiring considerable expertise), or worse yet, both!

There are several types of web hosting services, each with its own standards. Whether you're looking for hosting for your WordPress blog, a more complete professional hosting solution for e-commerce or dedicated servers for creating a mobile app or an SaaS service, Gandi offers the services you need.

Whether you want to promote your company to a wider audience, establish yourself as an expert in your field, or earn the trust of internet users, you can use a website to introduce your business to the world.

To create your website in 5 minutes or less, Gandi offers pre-built solutions with automatic installation. All you need to do to create your website is follow these three simple steps:

  1. To create a website, you should first get a domain name. This is your website's address. For more information on how to register a domain name, see our documentation on the topic.
  2. Choose your web hosting, which will enable you to make your site visible online. We recommend hosting using WordPress if you want to create a blog or a showcase site. If you want to build an ecommerce site, Prestashop is the best CMS for you.
  3. Install an SSL/TLS certificate on your website to guarantee its security. When you register a domain name at Gandi, your SSL/TLS certificate is free. Find out how to install your SSL/TLS certificate step by step here.

There are many types of web hosting solutions, each meeting a different set of needs.

  1. Shared web hosting (many sites sharing a single web server). Gandi's hosting solution is built a little differently, making use of dedicated resources. Gandi's goal is to guarantee the highest performance level on your websites over time and to offer you right-sized, flexible hosting that meets your needs. That's why on all of our hosting products, you can always add more data storage, or even change the processing power temporarily (for traffic spikes), or permanently (for a permanent change in your needs).
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is the most complete Cloud hosting solution available at the most affordable prices. Gandi offers several VPS hosting solutions that are adapted to your needs with greater flexibility of use.
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