Flexible servers

Create, manage and resize your servers easily and choose among popular Linux distributions, FreeBSD, or install your own system.

Modular platform

Easily attach and detach load balancers, private networks, additional data volumes, and IP addresses to build your own infrastructure.

Prepaid and digressive pricing

Never be surprised by a hosting bill with our prepaid credit system, which becomes cheaper as you buy more.


Create your fully customizable cloud infrastructure

This option is available on our classic website

Gandi's website is in the process of being improved, but unfortunately Cloud Hosting is not yet available on the new version.

Existing Gandi customers, please contact our support team who will be happy to help you access this feature with your existing account.

If you are new to Gandi, and are interested by our philosophy and our services, you can still visit our classic website to buy and manage your Cloud Hosting.

Once the new Gandi interface is ready, everyone will be able to seamlessly switch their Cloud Hosting management to it.

See our Cloud service details

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