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    .IE is the official ccTLD of Ireland

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    see https://www.iedr.ie

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.IE domain names on Gandi.net

Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited by IEDR since January 2016
Price: see the .IE domain names price list
Corresponding Gandi contract:https://www.gandi.net/contracts

Terms and Conditions

Assigning: .IE domain names are open to persons having a real and substantive connection with Ireland (see Registration policy - 2. Registration and Naming Policy Statement).
The domain name must correspond to a name on which you have rights. For example it may correspond to your first name and surname or to the corporate name or the business name of your company, or to your registered trademark. The domain name may also correspond to the goods and services you provide, or to a project you may have.
Your application must be based on one of categories referred to the following address, and you must respect the rules on the choice of domain names according to the relevant category and provide all documents required depending on the relevant category as well as a proof of your connection with Ireland (see: Registration policy - Appendix II – Registrant Class and Domain Category)
In addition the owner and administrative contacts must be identical (same Gandi handle). In case of the contact is a legal person, the individual person indicated into the contact must be a member or an employee of your entity having the authorization to act for the account of your entity in the framework of the management of your .ie domain name.
Syntax: from 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place)
IDN (accented domain names): yes
Registration period: 1 to 10 years
Second-level extensions: no


Registration:during your registration request on our interface, you have to indicate the following information:.
- your “class” (status).
- the “category” of the domain name
- any information supporting your registration request (eligibility, choice of the domain name) as for example your company business number or your trademark number
Once your request has been made on our website, in some cases documentary evidence (official or certified copies) will be required depending on your “class” and the “category” of your domain name, in particular:
- if the domain name is based on your first name and surname (category reserved to Irish citizens or residents): an ID copy (passport, driver's license, birth certificate ...),
- if the domain name is based on your corporate name: a copy of the incorporation certificate of the entity,
- if the name is based on your trademark: a copy of the trademark certificate,
- an evidence of your link with Ireland.
If documentary evidence is required by the Registry, Gandi will contact you by email. These documents have to be provided to the Registry within 27 days following Your registration request.
In addition, you shall specify at least 2 nameservers (DNS) that are correctly configured for the domain name that you intend to register. If the DNS are not correctly configured within a deadline of 20 days following your registration request, your registration request will be rejected by the Registry.
Renewal : domains are deactivated upon expiration. It is possible to renew up to 69 days following the expiration date
Disputes:Dispute resolution policy
Transfer (change of Registrar): the process is started on the new registrar's interface with an auth code. The effective transfer depends on your validation (by email) and renews the domain name for one year
Change of Ownership: not available on our interface, please contact our support service
Deletion process: no quarantine, see this table
Registration period1 year max. Register a .ie
Renewal period1 year max. Renew a .ie
Late renewal period
(domain suspended)
69 days
Restoration periodN/A Special procedure: please contact support.
Period before release
(Pending Delete)
1 day
Minimum period before a transfer60 days Transfer a .ie

Prices include Gandi's full range of services.

If you manage a larger portfolio of domain names, B to E rates are available with a discount of up to 50%.

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Registration price/year 1 year $24.64
Renew price/year 1 year $24.64
Transfer - $24.64
Owner change - $86.70