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Domain Privacy might be changing: It's up to you!

The proposed ICANN policy on whois privacy services is up for public comment, and ICANN needs to hear from you as a stakeholder. Own a domain? You are a stakeholder!

The Internet is changing. Or maybe not? It's up to you.

If you own a domain, you are a stakeholder in the Internet, and you have rights and responsibilities.

What rights are we talking about? We are talking about your right to privacy. If you have a domain name, you know that all domain names are linked to an entry in the WHOIS database, and that the name, address, email, and phone number of every domain name owner and its contacts are exposed for all to see?

Well, not always. It's more complicated than that, of course. This is the Internet, and nothing here is ever simple. Actually, a lot of information can be hidden, depending on the top-level domain you choose when you registered. In some cases you can hide all your information, even your name, from everyone but your friendly neighborhood registrar (and the registry of course). In other cases, there is no provision for hiding your name, but your address, phone number, and email can be hidden. Gandi hides your email behind a rotating hash email that forwards to your real address by default, unless you expose your real address yourself. Where possible (and for free), we…  Read more...

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PLEASE accept Bitcoin!!!

 by Pavel SÝKORA

PLEASE accept Bitcoin!!!

 by Pavel SÝKORA

PLEASE accept Bitcoin!!!


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