Why choose Gandi for your hosting service?

Quality material

Reliability, our top priority

We could have launched a product with a much more attractive price, a clone of a number of offers already on the market, but our goal is to keep to the spirit of our company, which so dear to us (you?): provide an alternative platform of quality service at a correct and reasonable price.

When it comes to hardware, we have chosen established leaders in the industry in selecting our servers, storage, our network equipment, and have carefully chosen our Internet bandwidth providers.

In the same way throughout our infrastructure, we have doubled our equipment, and have gone the route of security for your services, so they will be the best protected possible ( Raid 10 disks, double load balancing...).

Why this choice?
Quite simply because Gandi does no advertising whatsoever, and the sales people for our company are you, the satisfied clients. This means we cannot afford to disappoint you if we want to continue to grow.

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