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There are many benefits to designing a personal or professional blog using WordPress with blog hosting as opposed to using blog hosting sites. WordPress enables users to easily customize their websites without knowing any code and provides an all-in-one solution for bloggers who want to focus on content. However, WordPress is not a ‘turnkey’ blog hosting option like most blog hosting sites. That's why you still need to put a third party in charge of your WordPress blog hosting. Still, entrusting your website to a blog hosting provider rather than blog hosting sites can be an unexpected asset.

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  • Up to 1TB expanable storage (€0.18/GB)
  • Free SSL/TLS certificates
  • 無制限の帯域幅
  • ドメイン名への関連付け (DNSレコード編集)
  • ウェブアクセラレータ (Varnish)
  • Technical support via email


Benefits of choosing your own WordPress blog hosting solution over blog hosting sites

There are many benefits to designing your blog with WordPress while choosing your own blog hosting provider, as opposed to blog hosting sites. This solution enables you to:

  • 自分の意図に反した不必要な広告の表示を避ける
  • Decide the price you want to pay based on the features and options that you deem important for your blog web hosting,
  • Have the flexibility to adjust the size of your blog web hosting offer according to the amount of traffic your blog hosting gets,
  • Enjoy a fully automated installation process that will immediately connect your WordPress blog hosting to your domain name.

When you get blog web hosting instead of using blog hosting sites, you can enjoy these benefits without having to sacrifice any of the other advantages you get from using a CMS.

The advantages of using WordPress as your CMS to create a blog instead of blog hosting sites

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that offers a high degree of customization and user-friendliness that's far beyond what's offered by blog hosting sites and even few other open-source CMSes provide. Even professional web developers don't hesitate to rely on it.

Thanks to the thousands of themes, extensions, and plugins available with this CMS, WordPress users can create a unique, high quality blog without running the risk of lengthening the time it takes to display the pages and host it on their own blog hosting service.

WordPress blogs emphasize content, which particularly as it benefits their ranking in search results. It also makes search engine optimization simpler thanks to a wide range SEO plugins that are easy to integrate.

Lastly, WordPress’s community is where this platform truly shines. In their online forum, you can communicate with people who have truly put their hearts into making the official forum as lively and useful as possible. It's possible to find answers to all your WordPress questions there.

All of this makes WordPress with blog web hosting a better option than blog hosting sites.

Steps to create a WordPress blog and host it with Gandi's blog web hosting service

Gandi assists you with the creation of your WordPress blog using our blog web hosting service. We provide a streamlined experience, from domain name, to blog hosting, to WordPress installation.

The first step consists of purchasing a domain which you will then be able to connect to your blog web hosting.

The second step is to connect your domain name and your blog hosting. When you select your domain name from Gandi, and entrust your blog web hosting to us, this process becomes very simple. You just need to choose the best blog hosting plan for your needs.

A few emails later, your SSL certificate will be created. You will then receive the final message inviting you to complete your WordPress configuration on your newly created blog web hosting instance. Once you receive this email, you will immediately be able to start customizing your web pages and writing your content.

Thanks to our free customer support and the ability to modify the options available in our WordPress blog web hosting platform, providing your website visitors with a streamlined and enjoyable user experience couldn't be easier.

Select your blog hosting plan to start your blogging project

WordPress only


818円 /month
  • WordPress only
  • Domain name included
  • 1 website maximum
  • Up to 1 CPU/ 256 MB
  • 20GB storage
Most popular


1,025円 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 5 websites max recommended
  • Up to 2 CPU/up to 512 MB
  • 50GB storage


1,543円 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 10 websites max recommended
  • Up to 3 CPU/up to 1 GB
  • 100GB storage


2,061円 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 15 websites or more
  • Up to 4 CPU/up to 4 GB (upgradable to 8 CPU/up to 16 GB)
  • 200GB storage (upgradable to 1 TB)
価格オプション 日本向け価格 (税: excluded) 通貨: ¥ (JPY)

Included in each blog hosting plan:

  • 1TBまでストレージを増設可能 (22円/GB)
  • SSL証明書
  • 無制限の帯域幅
  • ドメイン名への関連付け (DNSレコード編集)
  • ウェブアクセラレータ (Varnish)
  • メールでのテクニカルサポート

FAQ (よくある質問)


  1. Register a domain for your blog
  2. Choose your blog hosting
  3. Easily configure your specific website platform, WordPress for example

There are a few different options for getting your domain at Gandi for your site, whether you use it for blog hosting or something else:

It only takes a couple of basic steps to get your website online with our blog web hosting service:

  1. Register a domain
  2. Configure your Wordpress blog hosting in one click with our website creation process
  3. ブログ記事を書き始めましょう!
  1. .jp、.tw、.sg など国や地域など場所に関連したトップレベルドメインを選んだり、提供しているサービスや業界に関連したトップレベルドメイン (.org、.tech、.store、.cloud) を選んだり、製品やサービス内容や主張にもとづいてトップレベルドメイン (.gay、.best、.art) を選ぶこともできます。
  2. あなたのブランドや業界などを表すキーワードを含み、覚えやすいドメイン名を選びましょう。
  3. 過去に使用されていた期限切れドメイン名を使用すると、そのドメイン名が持っていたSEOの影響力を確保したまま自分のウェブサイトに使用できる可能性があります。GandiのWHOISを確認して既に登録されているドメイン名があるかどうか確認してみましょう。
  4. SSL証明書を使用することで、SSL証明書を使用していないウェブサイトよりもSEOで高くランクされるようにすることができます。
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