.CO.COM ドメイン

.co.com登録 または移管 ($31.54から)

The .CO.COM extension at Gandi.net

Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited by co.com LLC since March 2014
Price: see price grid for .CO.COM
Associated contract: https://www.gandi.net/contracts


Attribution: .CO.COM is open to everybody
Allowed syntax: 1 to 63 letters or digits or/and hyphen (excepted in the first or last place)
IDN: no
Allowed registration time: 1 to 10 years
Second level extensions: no


Renewals: domain set inactive at expiration date, late renewal possible 45 days after the expiration date
Litigations: URS and UDRP
Transfers (registrar change): the process is started on the new registrar's interface with an auth code. Ensure that your domain does not have a TransferProhibited status, does not expire soon, is older than 60 days and has not been transferred in the last 60 days. The effective transfer depends on your validation (by email) and renews the domain name for one year
Ownership change: please send us the owner change form
Domain deletion: 30 days quarantine, see tableau
登録期間最大10年 co.comを登録
更新期間最大9年 co.comを更新
復元期間30日 .co.comを再取得
移管前に必要な登録期間60日 .co.comを移管



米国での価格は、通貨が $ (USD)で表示されます。 (Aレート) 変更

【登録】 価格/年 1年から10年 $31.54
【更新】 価格/年 1年から9年 $31.54
移管 - $26.73
所有者変更 - 無料
再取得 (詳細はこちら) 1年 $118.02

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