.SA ドメイン

.sa登録 または移管 ($177.10から)

.SA domain names at Gandi.net

Price: see the .SA domain names price list
Corresponding Gandi contract:https://www.gandi.net/contracts

Terms and Conditions

Assigning: .SA domain names are open to commercial entities registered in Saudi Arabia or that are the owner of a trademark or a trade name registered in Saudi Arabia. The domain name must correspond to your name or your trademark, or be closely related to your activity. The administrative contact must be a legal person having a local presence. If you do not have a local contact, Gandi can provide one (please contact our Corporate team)
Syntax: from 2 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place)
IDN: no
Registration period: 1 year
Second-level extensions: .COM.SA


Registration:during the registration process, if the domain name is based on a trademark registered in Saudi Arabia, you must indicate your trademark number.
Once your registration request made on our website, you will have to send us the following documents:
- the letter of registration request completed and signed on letterhead and with the stamp of the entity (as “Administrator name”, you must indicate the name of an individual who is an employee and represents the legal person indicated as administrative contact, or if you have not a local administrative contact, please indicate the “Administrator” provided by Gandi)
- if you are an entity registered in Saudi Arabia, your certificate of incorporation
- if the domain name is based on a trademark registered in Saudi Arabia, your trademark registration certificate
- if the domain name does not correspond to your name or your trademark: an explaination of what the domain name represents and of the purpose of your registration request and its relationship with the commercial entity that requests the domain name, indicate what are the services that will be provided through the domain name and what is the targeted population, any documents proving the link between the domain name and the commercial entity that requests the domain name.
Furthermore, you must specify DNS that are correctly configured for the domain name that you intend to register

Please note that the modifications of contacts and DNS are charged
登録期間最大1年 saを登録
更新期間最大1年 saを更新
復元期間N/A 特別な手続きが必要です。カスタマーサポートまでご連絡ください。
移管前に必要な登録期間60日 .saを移管



米国での価格は、通貨が $ (USD)で表示されます。 (Aレート) 変更

【登録】 価格/年 1年 $177.10
【更新】 価格/年 1年 $100.10
移管 - $128.38
所有者変更 - $150.15