If you wonder what region of the world could possible correspond to .IO you will not be dissapointed by the voyage :)

This extension is very popular among computer enthousiasts, often referred to as Geeks or sometimes Nerds... And why this? Quite simply because this acronym, IO, is used in the computer world as i/o meaning Input/Output for data within a computer system.

Otherwise, .IO is the official extension of the British Indian Ocean Territory, though that is apparantly a less popular usage of the extension...

It only costs $50 to register a .IO domain for one year under A rates, if you don't pay VAT. You can see all .IO prices here.


Note for transfers: incoming transfers are free, they do not change the domain's expiration date. To perfom a transfer, you must either ask the registry or your current provider to make Gandi (NIC-1165) the billing contact and then launch the procedure via our interface or ask your provider for the password of your administrative contact at the registry and then add it as the transfer authorization code during the procedure.


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