Our 80%-off sale last week on .ski and .bio domains is over, but we have got some fresh powder for your slopes and some more all-natural 100% organic, No Bullshit brand fertilizer for your crops: .ski and .bio domains are still on promotion, now for 50% off. So if you missed last week’s promotion, it’s not too late.

From now until the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2:59 PM PST (and what's a more romantic gift than matching .ski and .bio domains?), .ski domains will be available for $15.99 (normally $31.98 at A rates) and .bio domains will be available for $31.98 (normally $63.96 at A rates).

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“Wine is a good and beautiful substance,” Roland Barthes wrote in the landmark deconstruction of French culture, Mythologies. Maybe we wouldn’t agree with all of his analysis, but we have to admit, he’s got us there.

And today that “belle et bonne substance” enters the GoLive phase:  .vin (French for “wine”) and .wine will now be available for $68.09 per year (at A rates). They age well.

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Just above the physiological needs like eating, sleeping, drinking water on Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs is Safety. More than just about anything else above the base necessities of just continuing body functions in normal circumstances, safety takes a priority.

Today the TLDs we have entering the GoLive phase address this need for safety: .protection and .security, now available for $2214.19 per year (at A rates), respectively.

And then there’s .theatre. As much as we would like to think .theatre is a fundamental need of all people, Maslow would probably put it up in the self-actualization part of the pyramid (though some may put it under “Love/Belonging”). Either way, .theatre is entering the GoLive phase today as well and is now available for $594.19 at A rates.

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This is just a quick reminder to owners of .net domains, or those who may be thinking about bringing a .net into their lives soon, that there will be a small rise in .net prices starting February 1, 2016. So once again, we'd just like to encourage all of you looking to keep your .net domains for at least one more year to renew them before that magic date of February 1 rolls around.

On that date, domain transfers will go up from $14.00 currently to $15.00 and creations and renewals will go up from $17.00 currently to $18.00 (all at A rates). Short term, $1.00 per year may not seem like that much, but remember that if you're planning on keeping your .net domain for 10 or more years, you'll save $10.00 per domain by renewing now.

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Since 2015, Gandi has been directly accredited with CNNIC (the registry for .CN) to offer the .cn and .xn--fiqs8s (.中国) domain name extensions.

This year, at the annual China Domain Name Industry Conference, Gandi received an award from the registry as "Registrar with the highest potential".

Receiving this prize acknowledges our commitment in the region to provide the best Chinese-language customer service and to assist individuals and companies to build their online presence for the Chinese market.

The conference, which took place in Guangzhou, China this year also highlighted that .CN now has more than 16 million registrations, which makes it the most used ccTLD in the world, just ahead of .DE.

Currently, .CN registrations cost only NT$310 / USD $10.13 / EUR € 8.44 HT per year (A Rates)*.

To register a .CN at Gandi and more information about .CN visit:

*Every domain in Gandi includes:

  • Full domain management
  • Five mailboxes and 1,000 forwarding addresses
  • A basic website
  • One-year free SSL certificate
  • 50% off one year of our Simple Hosting

If you’re like us, you probably thought it really couldn’t get any better in terms of buying a .xyz domain than the deal we closed out at the end of 2015—Five bucks per year for a .xyz domain—so we are shocked, really shocked, to be announcing that for a limited time .xyz domains will be on sale at Gandi for just $1.00 per year.

What can you ever get for as little as a dollar these days? A game of skeeball at the arcade? Four whole gumballs? One-half of the smallest possible Powerball pool? You can’t even do a load of laundry for that little.

But from now until February 29, 2016 at 4:59 PM PST, you can have a .xyz domain for one year for one dollar.

At this point, you should almost be asking yourself, “What have I got to lose?”

And on the other hand, a .xyz domain can be quite the benefit. Just ask HBO’s Silicon Valley.

Got a dollar? Get an .xyz


When the first two computers were networked together however-many years ago in some university's computer science research lab, those present probably didn't realize that they were witnessing the birth of the world's greatest venue for the free circulation of photos and videos of pets.

Dogs, cats, goldfish, ferrets (or marmots as the case may be), rodents of unusual size, canaries, parakeets, turtles, frogs … as long as they're owned by humans, the Internet has become their home perhaps even more than it has for us humans.

Great news for the free propagation of domestic animal images, then, because .pet is entering the Sunrise phase. During this phase, .pet domains will be available for $102.87 per year. There's no Landrush for .pet, and on February 23 at 8:00 AM PST, this extension becomes available in the GoLive phase for $20.79 per year at A rates.

The .pet TLD doesn't just have to be for cute domestic animals, though. A lot of words ending in -pet … snippet, trumpet, poppet (or puppet). So even those of you with crippling allergies can at least have a .pet domain name to cuddle up with at night.

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So it's not just a great New Wave song, it's actually, apparently, a thing. Today, January 18, is the one day of the year that has been proven to be the day when we're all the most depressed as we ever are.

Something about the cold and the low light levels (at least in the North Hemisphere) but also probably giving up on all our New Year's resolutions (two weeks out is about right, isn't it?) gets us all down this time of year.

But this year we have seen the light! And to make you feel a little less blue, we're offering you a .blue domain creation for just $2.00 (normally $8.15) all this week.

So turn that frown upside down and get a .blue domain.

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We think feedback is a necessary part of any healthy system that evolves and develops and, despite the "back" in the name, moves forward.

Now, as we announced last month, there's a TLD available from Gandi for just that process. The .feedback extension is, for a few days now, still in the Landrush phase, but enters the GoLive phase on Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:00 AM PST.

The odd thing about this release schedule is that in the Landrush phase, .feedback domains are actually less than in GoLive. For now, .feedback domains cost $10.63 per year until 6:00 AM PST on Monday.

Then, domains will be available in this extension in the GoLive phase for $41.41 per year at A rates. So get them cheap while you can.

And a reminder, since this extension is intended to bring together Internet feedback, all domains registered in .feedback are automatically redirected towards a dedicated platform provided by the registry.

For more information, see the domain info page.

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We are excited to announce the release of the Gandi plugin for Let's Encrypt, making it easy to create and install free certificates on Simple Hosting instances.

Gandi is a sponsor of Let's Encrypt, a free, automated and open Certificate Authority, with whom we share the objective of making the Internet a better and safer place for everyone.

Simple Hosting PHP and Ruby users are now among the very first PaaS customers in the world to enjoy an integrated experience with Let's Encrypt.

Head over to the letsencrypt-gandi project page to install and use the plugin. 

Users of other Simple Hosting instance types, as well as Gandi Server and Web Accelerator customers, can also use certificates issued by LE. 

We have created a complete tutorial about Gandi and Let's Encrypt that shows you how to create and install certificates, covering the entire process.

We are proud to support Let's Encrypt and will continue to work towards making it as easy as possible for our users to obtain and install TLS/SSL certificates. 

Don't hesitate to contact us at feedback@gandi.net if you have any questions about Gandi and Let's Encrypt or to reach out to our Customer care team if you have any trouble getting your certificates up and running with our products.

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