Gandi Flex, launched in 2013 and developed by Gandi, enables our clients to update their servers according to a schedule that they make themselves, to add or remove CPU cores and RAM on the fly. Contrary to our initial expectations, only a minority of our users adopted it, and we have therefore decided to shut it down as part of our ongoing hosting projects for 2017.


In fact, since the creation of Gandi Flex almost 5 years ago, vertical scaling has given away to horizontal scaling as the preferred method to live scale most applications. Users prefer to add or remove servers from their infrastructure to cope with demand fluctuation, instead of adding or removing power to a single server. Going forward, it therefore makes more sense to focus our efforts on the Web Accelerator, a load-balancing and caching service that we built in-house and that is better adapted to these workflows.

Combined with the other features of our platform, it is very easy to clone or delete existing servers and add or remove them to Web Accelerators to scale an infrastructure up and down. They can even be securily connected to the same databases over a virtual private network, all while sustaining no downtime.

In addition, a number of open source and proprietary tools have taken shape that offer the same functionnality as Gandi Flex. It is fairly easy to use our API and CLI, or libraries such as libCloud in combination with these tools, to scale an infrastructure vertically and/or horizontally according to a predetermined schedule or in response to load events.

We will therefore be focusing our efforts on improving other aspects of our platform in 2017 and Gandi Flex won't be available as they are launched. On the one hand, it won't be available for servers running in the new datacenters and, on the other hand, it won't be available on our new website, currently in beta. Then, beginning on April 1st, 2017, our current users won't be able to create new probes in Gandi Flex anymore and the service will be definitively stopped on September 1st, 2017, at which time all scheduled tasks will be deleted. This time frame will leave ample time for current users to find an alternative solution.


We will regularly email all our customers currently using the service to remind them of these dates. Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care team should you have any questions about the end of life of Gandi Flex.

After months of hard work ; an initial round of internal tests, feedback, and improvements, we are ready to unveil our new platform, #gandiV5.

There is still quite a long way to go, and this is just the first step in the transformation of our service, but as the saying goes, the first step is the hardest.

So why the difficulty? What was initially thought of as a simple revamping of our interfaces and platform ended up becoming a total transformation of our company, not just in terms of "decoration", or even our technical infrastructure, but rather a transformation at a more profound level.

Over the past two years, we have doubled the number of employees at Gandi to develop this new platform and the infrastructure necessary to its implementation, all the while assuring the management of 600 new extensions introduced by ICANN, and by establishing three new branch offices to better our presence in Europe, the United States, and Asia. All of this didn't go as smoothly as expected, and we were surely a bit too ambitious in thinking that we could take on all of these challenges within their deadlines and all the while preserving our company's organizational culture, which is a priority for us. It is this optimism, some would say lack of realism, that cost us several months of delays in the launch of #gandiV5. However, we've done it: our new platform is starting to see the light of day.

We are sharing the beta release of the site with you, as-is, and with it's still-limited features. You can see detailed information about this in this news article. We hope that you enjoy it.

We will be regularly releasing new features to add to the ones that you already know, and we will keep you informed of the more significant changes on a regular basis.

This project, which we have baptized as '#gandiV5' from the start, is much more than a new version of our website. It is a new version of our company as a whole, a new way to see our profession, one that is more inline with recent changes in technology and how it's used. By increasing our staff, we have also increased our range of expertise, methods, and efficiency. All of this while keeping focused on our main objective: bring our profession as a domain name registrar up-to-date, no more, no less.

The fundamental idea is clear: make purchasing a domain name simple and universal, with interfaces and features that meet everyone's needs, all the time, and everywhere.

Our new interface is therefore designed to follow you over all your electronic devices (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), and reflects this desire to make it easier for you to register and manage your domain names and how you make use of them across all the services that they can be attached to.

We already provide you with an API and the possibility of managing your domains through a command line interface, and we will of course continue to develop advanced products and features for our expert customers, as well as new tools dedicated to our resellers and corporate customers.

But we are also making it possible for those of you without any specialized technical experience, so you can link your domain names to the services that you use every day in a quick and easy way.

We have already integrated a good deal of intelligence in our tools, notably with our domain name search engine, which suggests extensions that are the most pertinent to you depending on the terms you searched for. We are continuing along these lines, by adapting ever more powerful tools to give you an interface that is simple and flexible, as well as features that adapt to your specific needs.

We are very far from the final version of what we want to be: simply, the best possible service in terms of domain name registration. However this beta release is the first step in the right direction to achieve this.

We hope that that you like what you see with the work in progress that we are now sharing with you, and we look forward to hearing any feedback that you might have for us at

More news about #gandiV5 news here

We are pleased to announce that we will not stop and start your servers this Wednesday, December 21st, between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM UTC (i.e. 10:00 PM PST on Tuesday December 20, 2016, and 1:00 AM PST on Wednesday December 21, 2016).

Our maintenance operation was designed to address a vulnerability in the Xen virtualization software. To respond, we decided to upgrade the Xen software and take advantage of the features of the new version, to allow you to gain performance and avoid these types of maintenance operations in the future.

However, many of you have contacted us to ask us to change our approach. We started by adjusting the schedule, but it was not enough for many of you.

As a result, we have investigated alternative solutions and we will not stop and start your servers.

We've contacted all affected customers via email. Thank you very much for your feedback on this matter.


1. ICANN policy update

2. Recently-delegated TLDs

3. Two-million domains managed

4. 2016 at Gandi: A Year in Review

5. TLD release calendar

6. Promo roundup

You can mark time in two ways, really. With (relatively) arbitrary values, like days, months, and years, in which case looking back and looking forward provides the same view: a long row of uniformly-spaced markers arranged in a straight line into infinity. Or you can mark it by what you've done, in which case looking back you see the monuments celebrating your past achievements and the road ahead is still just under construction.

This month we have a little bit of both. As we look back at the year 2016 we have had some achievements to celebrate and some news to help mark the time. We start out this month with a quick note on a recent ICANN policy update before taking a look at this past month's recently-delegated TLDs. One milestone we passed this year has been the two-million managed domain names mark. We're taking a chance to reflect on that accomplishment before looking back at the year 2016 as a whole.

And of course, it wouldn't be a newsletter without our TLD release calendar and promo roundup.

ICANN policy update

We start off with no surer indicator of the passage of time than an ICANN policy update.

This time around, the change is two-sided. The downside of it is that changing an email address for the owner of a domain name is now a little more complicated. Such a change is now tantamount to changing the owner of the domain in terms of the authorization required.

The upside of it is that ICANN will now allow us as your registrar to act as a designated agent. That means that with some contractual modifications, we will be able to skip the authorization steps and update the email on your account like normal. Unfortunately, that feature is not yet available.

What's different | Back to top

Recently-delegated TLDs

This month we looked into a few strange interactions between community and TLDs. In particular, that took the form of .free, .food, .box, .cruise, and .boston.

.food, .box, .free, .boston, .catholic and more

Things get a little weird, but don't be afraid. It's good-weird.

Take a walk on the wild side | Back to top

Two Million Domains Managed

As a quick note on another milestone marking the passage of time, just a couple weeks ago we surpassed two million domains managed at Gandi, out of 728 (for now) TLDs.

2 Million Domains

Which is a good opportunity to take stock of the fact that we now manage more than two million email addresses, close to 50,000 SSL certificates, and a couple of hundred thousand hosted websites and applications.

Of course, none of it would be possible without all 121 gandians across four offices on three continents in Paris, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and Taipei.

This is the core team that will take us into 2017 towards the next two million domains, which also thanks to you, our customer and fan base, will happen much sooner than the first two million.

Back to top

2016 at Gandi: A Year in Review

Of course, with the year coming to an end all the year-end listicles about the craziest things that happened in 2016 and lists of the top everything that came out this year are popping up around the internet.

A Year in Review

We threw in our own year-end review, this time looking at Gandi news articles, TLDs released this year and looking back at our recently-delegated TLD feature.

Take a look back at this past year with us | Back to top

TLD release Calendar

Only a couple of TLDs were released this month, but they were both good ones. The highly anticipated .art entered the Sunrise phase and the equally exciting .cam entered the GoLive phase.

Here's the same information, but in list and calendar form:


Wednesday December 7:

.art (Sunrise)

Wednesday December 14:

.cam (GoLive)


December 2016
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat




.art (Sunrise)


.cam (GoLive)







Stay tuned for updates!

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Promo Roundup

Our promos are 100% organic, free-range, grass-fed, rambling about the open range. But once a month we wrangle them all together in one place so you can take your pick of the herd.

Here's this month's Promo Roundup:

Promos this month

Ending December 31:

.org half-price -- first 5,000 domains only!
.live, .studio, .video half-price 
.desi half-price
per year in GoLive
.accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party, .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win $2.00
per year
.online, .press, .website, .site, .host, .space, .pw, .tech on promo

.tech, .online, .site renewals 50% off
 .xyz $3.99
per year
.black, .blue, .pink, .red, .lgbt, .kim, .shiksha, .poker, .pro, .info, .mobi, .移动 50% off
.gdn $1.50

Only in December:

.ski, .bio, .archi half-price until December 15
.club 50% off
until December 31

Starting December 2:

.bet $7.00 first year creations until January 31

Starting December 5:

.tech $16.70 per year for 5-9 year creations; $11.50 per year for ten years until January 31

Starting December 20:

.xyz $1.00 until January 5

Ongoing promotions:

 .shop creation for $9.99 until January 31
.markets, .trading 75% off first year through February 12
.cat $5.00 through January 11

.stream $2.00 per year in GoLive

Back to top

In 2015 we celebrated 15 years in business, in 2016 we hit the two million domains mark, But did we miss something? Or are you lonely and want to chat? Tweet us @gandibar, email us at, on Facebook, G+, or contact us on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/

So now what's in store for 2017? We can sum it up in one hashtag: #gandiv5. Thanks for a great year everyone. Happy holidays and a happy new year!


Rolling over from one calendar year to another is a totally arbitrary marker of time. That said, it's a great excuse to take a look back at the previous year and make sure nobody missed anything important.

So since it's December, we decided we'd take a look back at Gandi news from the past twelve months, TLDs that became available for purchase at Gandi this past year as well as a look back at our coverage of the new gTLD program under the guise of our recurring Recently-Delegated TLDs feature.

Gandi News 2016
In August, we looked back at some of our featured content from this year. But we didn't cover the other news items, both industry news and product news, that we covered in 2016. We started off this year by launching our LiveDNS Beta (okay, that was actually three days before January 1 but we'll include it anyway), and Let's Encrypt. In June we launched ten new currencies and One-click Wordpress installation on Simple Hosting instances. Also in June, the new TLD program hit the halfway point.

At the end of September, ICANN's contract with the US Department of Commerce expired and IANA functions reverted directly to ICANN, despite some controversy. We gave you our take on it in October.

If you missed any of these, you can find them all here:

New TLDs 2016
We are proud of having as extensive a TLD portfolio as possible. Not only does this make us one of the only places to find certain new TLDs, but it also means we're a good place to keep a wide domain name portfolio, especially for our Corporate Customers.

That's one reason why we've set out to bring you coverage of new TLD offerings as they come available at Gandi and when they enter the GoLive phase.

As we noted above, this past June marked the halfway point in the delegation of these TLDs by ICANN, so we're looking forward to many more to come, but being the end of the year and all, we thought it'd be a good time to take a look back at new TLDs that became available at Gandi or entered the GoLive phase in 2016, just in case you missed them

Here's the list, separated by month they entered the GoLive phase:




No TLDs entered the GoLive phase






No TLDs entered GoLive in October


This past year we also got serious about keeping you updated on recently-delegated TLDs, both so you can keep an eye out for new TLDs on their way and to give a glimpse under the hood, so to speak, of the new gTLD application process and all the haggling and sometimes drama of it.

Find them all right here:

We'd also like to open it up to you, our customers and our audience. Is there information that you would like to see that we're not covering? Let us know.

What's the difference between a cam and a camera anyway? They both take photos and videos, but a cam is enhanced by the internet.

Sure, on the one hand, that means selfies and doggy daycare cams. And who doesn't love selfies and doggy cams?

But also with a webcam, families separated by continents and oceans can talk face-to-face, news can be streamed live online as it happens, someone unable to speak can relay a message to someone else unable to see or read signs. Or a window can be opened from your desktop to another place.

There's nothing wrong with photos, but with the power of the web, a camera becomes so much more powerful (just remember to cover yours up when you're not using it).

That power is also behind the new TLD .cam.

On Wednesday, December 14, .cam will be entering the GoLive phase. That means .cam domains will be open to everyone, first come, first served, for $40.25 per year at A rates*.

If you've got a vision to share, get your .cam now.

Get a .cam?



*Prices in USD. See .cam page for local pricing.

TLDs delegated by ICANN this month are all a little strange, each in their own way and, as always, they all represent a slightly different take on the intersection between TLD and community.

Recently-delegated TLDs

.freeNovember 8

Perhaps the most contentious of the TLDs delegated to the root zone this past month, the .free TLD was among the 58 applications the European Commission flagged as potentially incompatible with "existing policy positions and objectives of the European Union."

At issue is a letter sent to applicants for 58 TLDs by the European Commission in 2012 in which they specifically noted that in doing so they were side-stepping ICANN's mitigation process.

The heart of the issue lies in the European Commission's disagreements with ICANN, specifically regarding adopting their copyright and trademark policy, which is a long-standing conflict going back years. Suffice it to say the European Commission leadership doesn't feel empowered enough by ICANN's multi-stakeholder model.

In the end, Amazon won the contract to manage .free in their TLD portfolio.

.foodNovember 10

When the new TLD program began, Minds+Machines and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck teamed up to secure and promote the .food TLD. The idea evidently was that Minds+Machines would apply for and manage .food while Puck would be used to promote it.

Minds+Machines says that when Wolfgang's wife got involved the couple demanded involvement in TLDs Minds+Machines was working on while the Pucks claim Minds+Machines reneged on their deal.

In the end, .food went to Lifestyle Domains Holding Company with Verisign serving as the technical backend. It doesn't seem like any celebrity chefs are as-yet on board.

.boxNovember 11

Initially in the application process, ICANN flagged .box as a potential source of name collision issues, but not long afterwards (a matter of weeks, really) ICANN removed the block on the .box application (among others) and allowed it to proceed as normal.

It was delegated to NS1 Limited, a Hong Kong based company, who beat out Amazon for this TLD. Backend services will be provided by Neustar.

.cruise November 12

The .cruise application was one of the TLD applications that got a warning from ICANN's GAC (Government Advisory Committee) because both applicants — Cruise Lines International Association Inc. and Viking River Cruises Ltd. were single companies within the cruise line industry seeking to register the TLD for their entire sector.

As has been the case for other applications the GAC gave such warnings for (most prominently Amazon's .book application), the ICANN board approved the delegation of .cruise to Viking River Cruises Ltd. (with Afilias acting as the backend provider).

.boston November 29

For some reason geoTLDs were much more popular when ICANN opened applications for new gTLDS for Europe much more than in the US. While there are now nearly thirty delegated new European gTLDs, .boston joins .nyc and .miami as one of a much smaller number of US cohort (.quebec is Canada's only new geoTLD so far, Africa has just three, Asia has 13, Oceania two and just .rio for South America).

Backed up by a letter of support from the City of Boston, the Boston Globe newspaper applied for and was delegated this TLD and got it totally uncontroversially.
Which makes it somewhat of an ideal new gTLD. The community served, being geographic rather than conceptual, is clearly delineated, the applicant has a clear stake in that community and has the full support of the clear, entitled representatives of the community.

.catholic, .天主教, .كاثوليك, .католик

These three TLDs are more like a BrandTLD, but worth mentioning. As you may have guessed, the Roman Catholic church applied for .catholic. The .天主教, .كاثوليك, and .католик TLDs (Chinese, Arabic and Cyrillic, respectively) are all just alternate script transliterations of the same. And that makes intuitive sense, even if this is the only application so far for a TLD on the part of a world religion.

However, the Roman Catholic Church isn't the only Christian religion to use this label and it was the Saudi Arabian government (because ... who else?) who raised this point in objecting to these three TLDs (among others).

While the Vatican has previously issued statements disparaging some of the kinds of content that has become widespread with the advent of the internet, applying for these new TLDs also shows a willingness to participate in the internet as well.

As we've seen in months past, making sure the communities represented by a particular TLD are given their say in the process was one of the key goals of ICANN's new gTLD program. This month's crop of newly-delegated TLDs is full of odd balls that nonetheless show interesting ways in which communities react to the creation of new TLDs, whether related or not.

What makes a work of art? A century ago, experts might have measured art by its technical skill, a mastery of composition and form, or the even the inspiration of some kind of pathos on the part of the observer. But then artists and their appreciators spent decades jackhammering these sacred cows of artistic value, constantly re-sculpting and remolding the definition of art itself.

But we're not here to solve the unresolved tensions of art theory. Suffice it to say that art has value. At least to some. When some new expression of the artistic zeitgeist comes along, if you're the type of person or organization that can't miss out, then we have some important news for you.

On December 7, 2016 .art, the only TLD oriented specifically to the art world, is entering the Sunrise phase. That means if you're in that world and you have a trademark registered with Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), you can register your .art domain for $300.62 for first year registration*, ahead of anyone else, until February 7, 2017.

Art-related non-profits, museums, institutions, galleries, and artists without a TMCH-registered trademark won't miss out entirely, though.

From February 8, 2017, until May 9, 2017, such established members of the art world can register their .art domains at Landrush pricing  per year**.

Finally, .art domains can also now be purchased in the GoLive phase, which begins May 10, 2017. Domains purchased in this phase are available for $17.44 per year at A rates* and are open to anyone with a creative spirit and an interest in art. However you want to define it.

Register your .art?


*Prices in USD. For local pricing, see .art page.

**Landrush pricing for .art has yet to be finalized. We will let you know what those prices are when they become available.

Just like every year this time of year, right now a bunch of cool new tech is out. We might take a moment to walk you through our top picks for the season, but we know you've probably had your eye on some things for awhile now so we'll save you the indignity of watching us drool over the latest gadgets and limit ourselves to just one suggestion: a .tech domain.

From December 5, 2016 through January 31, 2017 is the perfect time to get a .tech domain, when you can get some real savings by buying your .tech domain for the long-term.

That's because if you buy a .tech domain name for between 5-9 years, it will only cost you $16.70 per year*. With .tech domains normally $60.79 per year at A rates*, that's just $150.30 for the full 9 years instead of $547.11*.

Or, if you're going to get a .tech for 9 years, you might as well make it a full 10 years. Registrations of new .tech domains for 10 years this December and January will be just $11.50 per year*, meaning a ten-year .tech registration would come to just $115.00 instead of $607.90*.

So get yourself a .tech domain for a few years now and save yourself enough to get some great tech later.

Register a .tech?


*Prices in USD. See .tech pricing page for local prices.


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