From January 1 through March 31 at 3:59 PM PST, we have a deal that's all about the power of social media.

Social media helps propagate news. Okay some of it is fake, but still, Pew research recently showed that 62 percent of US adults get their news from social media. And this winter .news domains will be just $14.44 for the first year*.

Social media also helps consumers exchange product information. Feedback takes the form of publicly-viewable reviews whether you're looking for a highly-rated Bluetooth speaker, a ride-share driver you can trust, or you just want a comment-field shaped hole to spew your undying hatred for lemon wedges in glasses of water, reviews are now an integral part of the service industry thanks to social media. And .reviews domains are on sale for $12.22 for the first year, too*.

And finally, what would social media be if it didn't make us more social? Feel the warmth and kindness (and envy) of all your friends with a .social domain, just $16.25 for the first year*.

All of these deals are only available January 1 through March 31 at 3:59 PM PST, so get one and get on social media and tell your friends.

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*Prices in USD. See and .social pages for local prices.

BREAKING UPDATE: This promotion has now been extended even further, until December 31st, 2015!

BREAKING NEWS: This promotion has been extended until October 31st, 2015!

SAN FRANCISCO — Inc. is happy to offer to its customers 50%-off the first year of registration of any .news domain from September 8 through October 8 31, December 31, 2015. Domains normally available for $31.15 at A rates will during this time be available for just $15.57.

Infomaniacs rejoiced earlier this week with Gandi's announcement of a so-called "super promotion" for the TLD .info and this promotion is considered by some an attempt to further court this important demographic.

When reached for comment, representatives of stated, "We thought we would write our announcement for .news like a newspaper article. We were hoping that this wouldn't be considered 'too cutesy.'"

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Say you're sitting in your neighborhood coffee shop, the aroma of freshly-ground, deep-roasted coffee beans is heavy in the air, sunlight is filtering in from the window, next to which you are seated, watching the crowd walk by perched atop a comfy armchair as you sip your pour-over Ethiopian peaberry.

As you watch the crowd roll by your picture window, you're thinking about, well, domain names of course (what else?).

A woman on the street corner with an old newsy hat, just on the other side of the glass is selling papers, greeting passersby with a cheery, "Nice day out today!" or the traditional "Extra!" Today, a gTLD perfect for her enters the GoLive phase: .news, available for a one-year registration for $31.15 at A rates.

Your eye lazily (not enough caffeine yet) drifts to the computer screen just in front of you in the outdoor seating. Perched a good two-feet higher, you can't help but sneak a peak of the project being worked on: someone is writing Python! You deftly surmise that this person must be a web developer and remember that today .site also goes live, available for $19.95, also at A rates.

Suddenly, you catch sight of a bicycle courier racing to beat a stoplight, for a moment it seems she is frozen in mid-pedal as you admire her speed and efficiency, bringing to mind .express, which is now available for $41.41. She seems to pause for just one moment to deflect the question back on you.

And how would we answer her? Try a .cafe to sum up this experience, now available in the GoLive phase for $41.41 at A rates.

Today, all of these gTLDs enter the GoLive phase.

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Today's new gTLDs entering the Sunrise phase are all fast-paced extensions. First, get caffeinated with .cafe. Since we parlons français (aren't you impressed?) we know that café is French for "coffee," but did you know it's also a place to buy coffee? Or a sandwich? Or a croissant?

Then, leaf through today's paper and glean some of today's .news. Of course, this gTLD is mostly aimed towards rapscallion newspaper boys with suspenders, bright red bandanas, tweed flat caps, and canvas messenger bags. Which are also popular with bike messengers, who we assume are the target audience for .express.

The list is below, accompanied by the corresponding Sunrise, Landrush and GoLive prices of a one-year registration, all at A rates:

  • .cafe: $162.19 | $183.79 | $41.41
  • .news: $167.59 | $178.39 | $31.15
  • .express: $162.19 | $183.79 | $41.41

The Sunrise phase will last until Saturday, July 4 on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Landrush phase will last from Sunday, July 12 to Wednesday, July 15. The GoLive phase will begin Wednesday, July 15.

Remember, the Sunrise phase is for TMCH-registered trademark holders. Contact our corporate support team if you have a TMCH-registered trademark (or would like help registering your existing trademark at TMCH) in order to register one of these new gTLDs during Sunrise. If you are not among the trademarked, you can still pre-register for the Landrush or GoLive phases. We'll submit your order at the earliest possible moment – as soon as your chosen phase begins – for the best chance of success.


Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


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