Today, the geographic extension .ruhr is entering General Availability.

This geographic extension requires that the contact administrative contact have a physical address in Germany.

.ruhr domains cost $42.10 per year at A rates.

For more information or to register a domain, see the .ruhr TLD info page.

Register a .RUHR?


As the countdown nears 0 for public availability of the first new TLDs (beginning of February), more are entering Sunrise every week.

This week, there are 8 new extensions available for pre-registration. The list is as follows:

At Gandi, .link and .education finished with the highest number of pre-reservations, followed by .camp.

This week's fun fact: .ruhr is the first new geographic TLD in Europe. Don't get too excited: it's reserved to inhabitants of the Ruhr region of Germany.

Sunrise registration is available as of today at Gandi for all of the above TLDs.

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