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Hosting, Surveillance, and Democracy

What can one company do in the face of government surveillance?

We do not like this law, and we intend to fight it, if necessary.

But what can one company do against a government, a nation, a civilization that is willing and ready to follow this path?

If we want to win this fight, we need you now more than ever.

Without blowing it out of proportion, who has been fighting for the past 15 years to defend its users? Who has systematically appeared before courts and the public alike to defend a certain worldview, aligning the protection of personal data and the role of web hosts? We have. Yesterday, today, andwe hopetomorrow. This company is rare in that these values are in our DNA.

We didn't wait for this occasion to realize that we were citizens and then show our face on TV to sell our stuff. We made a conscious choice to try to stop the hemorrhaging of a communications catastrophe that our government seems determined to perpetrate. All of this is happening in a global context of indifference. Have we failed? Is there a shadow of a chance in this game, rigged from the beginning?

Yes, the hastily-passed amendments, with interlocutors who refused to a word, are a band-aid on a gaping wound.

Yes, in the eyes of those who pay closer attention to the intersection of technology and society than…  Read more...


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