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E-commerce hosting for your online shopping website

Businesses who operate from a physical shop use e-commerce to inexpensively grow their audience, offer their products to a much wider client base, and expand the ways they interact with customers. Other businesses sell their products exclusive online on e-commerce websites. The e-commerce web hosting solution you choose is essential to ensuring your e-commerce business is a success, so it's imporant to spend the effort to find the best hosting for e-commerce websites.

Select your e-commerce web hosting plan

僅適用 Wordpress


$10.04 /month
  • 僅適用 WordPress
  • Domain name included
  • 建議最多 1 個網站
  • Up to 1 CPU/ 256 MB
  • 20GB 儲存空間


$12.59 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 建議最多 5 個網站
  • Up to 2 CPU/up to 512 MB
  • 50GB 儲存空間容量


$18.94 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 建議最多 10 個網站
  • Up to 3 CPU/up to 1 GB
  • 100GB 儲存空間容量


$25.30 /month
  • Domain name included
  • 15 個網站 (含) 以上
  • Up to 4 CPU/up to 4 GB (upgradable to 8 CPU/up to 16 GB)
  • 200GB 儲存空間容量(可擴充至 1TB)
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INCLUDED in each e-commerce hosting plan:

  • 最高可擴充至 1TB 的儲存空間 ($6/GB)
  • 免費 SSL/TLS 憑證
  • 無限制的頻寬
  • 自動連結您的網域名稱
  • 快取系統 (Varnish)
  • 透過電子郵件提供技術協助

Choosing the best hosting for e-commerce at Gandi for your website


Regardless of which type of e-commerce web hosting platform you opt for, quality e-commerce hosting is essential.

The security of your e-commerce hosting platform is a crucial consideration. The best hosting for e-commerce options protect your customers’ financial information and personal data. Updates, firewalls, and penetration tests are all indispensable measures you should use to protect your customers, though these aspects are up to you, not Gandi.

The e-commerce web hosting solution you choose for your online store will also influence your website's load time and overall performance. The best hosting for e-commerce solutions provide quick load times — essential for a quality user experience.

Lastly, your e-commerce hosting solution should provide complete and permanent availability for your customers, especially in times of high traffic. Whenever your e-commerce hosting is unavailabe, your site is down, and sales are lost.

CMS options for your e-commerce hosting

E-commerce hosting and website creation used to require web developers to create complex systems from scratch. Now, there are several CMSes that give anyone the ability to take the plunge and start selling goods online using their own e-commerce hosting solution. Among the most prominent CMS options for e-commerce hosting are PrestaShop, Drupal, WordPress and Magento.

PrestaShop for e-commerce hosting

Entirely free, this CMS, based in France, provides simple tools you can use to create an online shop on your e-commerce hosting solution. Customizable, flexible, and easy to install, PrestaShop also boasts an extensive library of themes and modules.

當您使用專業的電商網站代管服務時,設置您的 PrestaShop 網路商店會變得快速又值得信賴。

Drupal for e-commerce hosting

Drupal is a Content Management System that allows you to build highly complex sites and platforms using an intuitive interface hosted on the e-commerce hosting platform of your choice. Perfect for those who want to integrate more advanced features, or even develop new ones, Drupal offers a strong foundation where almost any concept could be built on the best hosting for e-commerce for you.

An e-commerce hosting solution developed specifically for Drupal is the best hosting for e-commerce option to use with this CMS to make sure you don’t miss out on any of its immense capabilities.

WordPress for e-commerce hosting

WordPress is the most common and respected CMS. It is the most widely used content management system in the world and powers more than a third of all websites on the web. WordPress’s versatility, speed, and ease of installation are the reasons for its excellent reputation, along with its user-friendliness and regular automatic updates. The best hosting for e-commerce sites are WordPress-specific e-commerce hosting options that will help you link your domain name automatically. Together with the right plugins, you'll have everything you need to create a powerful and easy-to-use online boutique.

Magento for e-commerce hosting

Despite its somewhat complicated code, Magento boasts a powerful foundation on which to build the most ambitious online shops. Capable of supporting up to 80,000 orders per hour, and a product catalog of up to 500,000 entries, remains a firm favorite among e-commerce web hosting professionals. This slightly more demanding solution requires a dedicated e-commerce hosting solution.

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INCLUDED in each e-commerce hosting plan:

  • 最高可擴充至 1TB 的儲存空間 ($6/GB)
  • 免費 SSL/TLS 憑證
  • 無限制的頻寬
  • 自動連結您的網域名稱
  • 快取系統 (Varnish)
  • 透過電子郵件提供技術協助

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Carefully choose the best hosting for e-commerce pack for supporting the traffic your site will be receiving. Here's how to get a PaaS e-commerce hosting server online with us in just a few minutes.


  • 小型 S+ 方案:適合靜態網頁或是個人部落格
  • 中型 M 方案:適合內容管理系統或是低流量的部落格
  • Large: great for dynamic sites or moderate-traffic e-commerce web hosting
  • XX-Large: best hosting for e-commerce sites and blogs with high traffic

With our IaaS solution, create and organize your e-commerce hosting to your liking using the ultra-flexible Gandi Cloud hosting options. Here's what we offer:

  • 以小時計費
  • 快速建立主機
  • 無限配置的可能
  • 隨意調整大小
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