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VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Servers, are a hosting solution that offers the user a very high degree of control while remaining very affordable. Gandi lists several very flexible VPS hosting offers, each of them matching different needs in terms of resources. Discover our VPS hosting offers and learn more about this type of web hosting solution which has become increasingly popular among web developers.


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What is VPS hosting?

Any knowledgeable web developer will greatly benefit from having direct root access to their virtual server, allowing them to control which software and functionalities they want to have on it at all times. This type of web hosting offers an incredible amount of freedom. VPS hosting is the least expensive way for you to have full access to a dedicated server and benefit from all the many advantages that come with one.

After you subscribe to one of our VPS cloud solutions, you will be provided with a virtual server onto which you have to install a Linux distribution among the several options we offer you. It is then up to you to configure this operating system however you wish to, and to install whichever web development stack you deem necessary in order to create your websites and web applications. You’re also responsible for securing your virtual private server.

Thus, VPS hosting is a product dedicated to experienced users wishing to optimize performance and to have the maximum amount of freedom on their server. It’s designed so that you may enjoy the same user experience as if you were to have your own private dedicated server at home, to which you’d have full access and exert total control on.

What is Gandi’s cloud VPS solution about?

Our VPS hosting solution is available at 6 different performance levels in order to accommodate as many use cases of our servers as possible. Your server will be available very shortly after its purchase, allowing you to get started with the configuration process as soon as possible. You’ll be able to access your server as a superuser, meaning that you will have complete control over the entirety of its operating system and its applications.

You will benefit from 3 TB of monthly outgoing traffic, and unlimited incoming traffic with every single one of Gandi’s VPS hosting packs. You are charged at a fixed hourly rate, for each hour your virtual server is live. What this means, is that you can create and destroy new server instances whenever you see fit, and you will only be billed for the number of hours they actually existed for.

At Gandi, we make sure the servers hosting your VPS instances are in perfect working condition, and guarantee they will be online and functioning at least 99.5% of the time. If you ever encounter any difficulties during the initial setup process of your VPS hosting instance, you may contact our free technical support. Our team is available 6 days a week, 24 hours a day.


香港 價格,以 HKD (HKD) 計價,適用 A 費率。 變更

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