It's your internet.

We make it straightforward for you to find and buy the best domain names, then manage and use them to build your Internet, from email to websites and servers.

Easily create and publish content, host your websites and projects, set up an e-commerce shop, and even create email accounts. Your Gandi account equips you with the tools to build and organize your web assets in a single friendly interface driven by powerful technology.

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Find and manage the perfect domain name

You can easily find and set up the right domain name for your personal, your company, and your family projects without prior technical knowledge. Gandi offers one of the largest catalogs in the world, with over 750 TLDs or extensions. We also package free and easy-to-use tools and add-ons with every domain you purchase.

Publish your blog or website

Publish your content effortlessly with our custom blogging and website-building tools. No technical knowledge is necessary to create friendly- and professional-looking websites -- just choose from dozens of pre-built templates. For those who do have some knowledge of website programming, it's also simple to dive into the code and further customize the look and behavior of your site.

Email accounts for your domain

With Gandi Mail, you can easily and securely set up email accounts for your domain name without having to worry about the technical details of email server configuration. Create your addresses @yourdomain.tld in just a few clicks, and benefit from built-in Spam filtering and Anti-Virus. You can then send and receive emails from any email client, using standard POP3, IMAP and SMTP, and from our Webmail service, accessible from your web browser.

Become an online vendor

The Internet is the greatest marketplace in history, where any two parties—whether individuals or organizations—can freely exchange goods and services. We offer advanced e-commerce features so that you can smoothly make your entrance into this marketplace and start growing your business.

Host and share your files

Gandi offers generous storage and bandwidth quotas so that you can freely transfer, store and make files available for download. Use email attachments, host your website or even spin up a server to share pictures, videos, and documents with anyone: from family photos to professional documents, small files to big files.

Apply and enhance your technical proficiency

Even though our tools are practical and intuitive for beginners, we didn't compromise their efficacy for users of our products and technology with profound technical skills. That way, the more your technical understanding of the Internet evolves, the more you'll be able use Gandi's products to achieve. From advanced setup and customization to full website and project hosting, you'll find no limits to what you can accomplish.