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15 years: Gandi by the numbers

Hundreds of miles of cables, thousands of gallons of coffee, 1.7 million active domains

In case you missed it, we're celebrating our 15th birthday this month, and giving away over 15,000 prizes each day at 15.gandi.net.

We wanted to share a few numbers with you on the evolution our activity over the past 15 years.

Gandi15 infographic


  • 1.7 million active domains
  • 5.2 million domains registered
  • 8 million orders
  • 75,000 websites via Gandi's website builder
  • 2 million support requests
  • 110,000 servers created
  • 150,000 Simple Hosting instances
  • 75,000 SSL certificates
  • $0 spent on advertising

It's been a great 15 years. We look forward to spending the next 15 with you!

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