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    Gandi provides you with all the solutions you need for your online activity: hosting, professional email, and SSL certificates.

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The extensions you want

Expanding your activity in new markets and coming up with creative and catchy domain names is important to any online business today. Because of the vast selection of extensions we provide, you will surely be able to find the ones that meet your needs, as well as some that maybe you didn't know existed, thanks to our intelligent domain availability suggestion tool.

New International Opportunities

Customers take comfort in seeing a domain name in an extension that corresponds to where they are living. For example, a customer in France feels more secure and reassured when accessing a website that ends in .FR. Take advantage of Gandi's large list of country code TLDS (ccTLD), to help expand your business abroad.

Access more international extensions

Extensions that correspond to the names of cities, regions, or countries (ccTLD) sometimes require a local address in order to be registered. Thanks to Gandi's Trustee Services, we can register these domain names on your behalf, all the while allowing you to benefit from owner rights to the domains.

TMCH Trademark Protection Registration

Starting in 2013, hundreds of new domain name extensions were created in order to relieve a nearly saturated market and to let businesses better target their market.

These new possibilities are therefore also opportunities for you to have an even larger choice of domain names. By making use of our TMCH (Trademark Clearing House) service, which is an international trademark protection mechanism, you benefit from:

Priority registration for new extensions

With Gandi's TMCH service, you can register your domain in priority, which protects your trademark in these new extensions.

During a new extension's launch period (Sunrise), only domains corresponding to TMCH-registered trademarks may be purchased, and this, only by the owner of the trademark.

Protection against cybersquatting

Active protection of your trademark: While your trademark registration is active with TMCH, you will be alerted to any registration of a domain name that corresponds to your trademark by a third party when it occurs on a new extension.

for 1 year excl. tax
for 5 years excl. tax
for 3 years excl. tax

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Prices for United Kingdom, taxes excluded, in £ (GBP), for A rates.

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Redundant DNS Infrastructure

Gandi's Premium DNS service adds an extra level of protection against downtime in the event of an infrastructure incident or a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. By using this service in addition to our LiveDNS nameservers, you will benefit from a third-party redundant DNS infrastructure, and so you can be confident that your online services (email, website) will remain available in the event of such an attack.

Separate infrastructures

Gandi's Premium DNS service uses Cloudflare's extended Anycast infrastructure as a redundant backup to our own, such that in the event of a massive incident or attack the impact will be mitigated and your digital activity will remain available (see how it works).

Easy and rapid activation

Activating this service is very simple and does not cause any service interruption or changes to your DNS records. It is done directly from your account, and is something that you can manage by yourself, without needing to contact customer support.

per month excl. tax
The total price is calculated based on the domain's expiration date. This offer does not apply to individuals.

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Prices for United Kingdom, taxes excluded, in £ (GBP), for A rates.

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Phone Advisory Service

Benefit from a scheduled telephone call with one of our experts to get personalized and clear answers to questions you may have concerning your business's domain name strategy or management.

Advice and insight

Get advice on key topics to your online business such as security and protecting your business's domain identity. We can also provide you with concrete tips to launching a successful domain portfolio transfer, in addition to other domain-related topics that you might have a question about. Purchase a 45-minute call with one of our experts to get the professional help you are looking for.

How it works

After you submit a brief overview of your business's profile and your needs and purchase the telephone session, we will contact you to set up a date and time for the call, and get additional information if necessary, so that we can address your questions efficiently and to the point.

£125.00 excl. tax
Maximum call duration: 45min.

Pricing options

Prices for United Kingdom, taxes excluded, in £ (GBP), for A rates.

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Need a personalized service?

For access to a dedicated account manager, a-la-carte services, or a personalized long-term professional relationship, Gandi's Corporate Services may be right for you.

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