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the .рф ccTLD is the official extension in Cyrillic of the Russian Federation

Your .рф domain includes

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    a free SSL certificate to secure your domain
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    2 free mailboxes with 3GB of storage
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    -50% off your first web hosting purchase

.рф domain prices


$36.00 per year

Register a .рф domain


$4.00 per year

Transfer a .рф domain


$36.00 per year

Renew a .рф domain

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Registration 1 year $36.00 /year
Renewal 1 year $36.00 /year
Transfer $4.00
Restore (more info) 30 days after the late renewal period $36.00 for 1 year, then renewal at normal price
Owner change N/A N/A
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.рф domain rules

.рф domains (Российская Федерация, Russian Federation) at Gandi.net

Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited by RU-Center since March 2009

Terms and Conditions

Assigning: .рф is open to everyone
Syntax: from 2 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (other than in first or last position)
IDN: mandatory, Cyrillic characters
Registration period: 1 year
Second-level extensions: no


Registration: to registered a .рф domain name, please indicate:
- for individuals: your passport number, its issue date and the issuing authority (including country) and your birthdate,
- for legal persons: your incoporation number, the address associated with your Gandi account must correspond to your legal address.
At any time, RU-Center may contact you for a verification of your personal data and require additional documents to provide within a deadline of 7 days, failing this your domain names in .рф can be deleted
Renewal: no later than 3 days before its expiration date
Disputes: no alternative process, see the explanations of the registry
Transfer (change of Registrar): the transfer-in process may be initiated on our Interface. In case of a transfer from an accredited Registrar other than RU-CENTER an authorization code (supplied by Your current Registrar) is required. In case of a transfer from RU-CENTER or a RU-CENTER partner the procedure is manual and requires supporting documents, please contact our customer service department. Before any request, please be sure that: your domain name does not expire soon and the last transfer and the last owner change have been done since more than 30 days (in case of transfer between RU-Center and a RU-Center Partner or between RU-Center Partners, in principle these deadlines do not apply). The transfer does not change the domain's expiration date.
Change of owner: owner changes are not available on our website, please contact our customer service department. The procedure requires supporting documents. Before any request, please be sure that your domain name does not expire soon , and the last transfer and the last owner change were done sooner than 30 days prior. The owner change of a domain name does not change the domain's expiration date
Deletion process: quarantine of 30 days, see this table

Frequently asked questions

What is a domain name?

Domain names are essential to having an online presence. They are an easy way for people to know where to find your website and to send you emails. It’s the "gandi.net" in https://www.gandi.net.

Without a domain name, it would be necessary for everyone to know the exact IP address of the machine where your website is currently hosted (need hosting?). That might be fine if there was just one, but eventually everyone would have to start making a list somewhere, with the names of websites and their corresponding IP addresses they want to remember just so they could keep track of them all.

This is why domains are so very useful. Having a domain name (learn more) makes it possible for people to find you by just knowing the name of your website or email address. The domain name system takes care of converting your name into machine address where your content is hosted.

Learn more about domain names at Gandi

How can I register a domain name?

Maybe the easiest place for a first-time domain buyer to go to is Gandi’s domain shop.

If you already know the domain name you want to register:

  1. Enter the domain you want into Gandi’s form and submit.
  2. If the domain is available, we will display its price, and you can then add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Add your contact information to complete your order and proceed to checkout.

Frequently, it’s a good idea to register the name of your project or company in a couple different common extensions (for example: .com, .net, .de). This is a good way to protect your brand and keep your name unique online. To help you with this, we will give you a lower price if you choose to register a bundle of domains, our shop’s AI will suggest the most popular extensions for you in this case.

Learn more about registering domains at Gandi

How can I choose my domain name?

Choosing a great domain name can be a lot of fun. The name should be short, witty, easy to remember and meaningful to what you're about. For companies and associations, it's important to also remember to register domains in order to protect your organization's online identity, trademark, or brand.

Gandi provides you with over 750 extensions to choose from, so you can also be creative there too. Why limit yourself to .com when you can also make use of descriptive new extensions like .best, .lol, or .website!

With so many possibilities, Gandi can help you choose with our domain suggestion engine. You can search for the exact domain you want, or you can try entering a variety of words that are related to your project and submit. We will find great combinations based on your search and make a list of suggestions for you.

Learn more about registering domains at Gandi

How can I set-up my domain for a custom email address?

With your domain name at Gandi.net, you get two free mailboxes that you can use to create custom, professional-looking email addresses.

It's really simple to make a custom email address:

  1. go to your domain's admin at gandi.net,
  2. choose the "email" tab,
  3. click "create" and fill out the form!

You can use custom emails with Gandi even if your website is hosted elsewhere. (learn more).

Of course, you can buy more mailboxes if you need, or increase the storage from 3 GB to 50 GB. There are so many other features like forwarding addresses, aliases, out-of-office replies, and a lot more. For more on email at Gandi and everything you can do with it, please see our online documentation.

Learn more about email at Gandi

How can I secure my domain with DNSSEC?

Hackers are increasingly targeting the infrastructure of the internet itself by rerouting how domain names resolve and, in the process, stealing data. One simple way to prevent this from happening to your website and emails is by activating DNSSEC on your domain.

Gandi provides simple and free DNSSEC admin for domain names registered with us. If you are using our LiveDNS nameservers, the entire process is automatic.

To secure your domain with DNSSEC:

  1. Go to your domain's admin at gandi.net
  2. Choose the "DNSSEC" tab
  3. Click "Enable DNSSEC"

It's done! Your domain will now be protected from DNS cache poisoning, and your users can be assured that when they go to your website they will not be redirected elsewhere by a scammer. For added security, you can combine this with an SSL Certificate from Gandi as well.

This service is also available for customers using external (custom) nameservers. You can add up to 4 keys on our DNSSEC interface (learn more).

Learn more about DNSSEC at Gandi

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