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Domain names on sale

  • .me


    Play with the English language with this sentence-forming TLD

    Create a unique message with .me verb phrases!

    *  $26.40  $6.00

    From to

  • .academy


    The cool domain ending for schools, universities, and teaching classes

    Give your first online lesson with a .academy

    *  $41.21  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .agency


    The ideal choice for your new website if you operate an agency in any field.

    For anyone providing a specific service such as employment, modeling, talent, marketing, public relations, adoptions, advertising...

    *  $29.81  $5.00

    From to

  • .bio


    A generic domain ending (or generic extension), short for 'biologique' (organic), as in farming and food

    Be recognized instantly as a trustworthy business

    *  $80.33  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .boutique


    A domain extension for shops and businesses

    Offer chic deals with your .boutique

    *  $41.21  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .consulting


    The domain extension for both independent consultants and big consulting firms

    Rely on networking, marketing, and word of mouth to keep your clients coming in the door

    *  $44.06  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .digital


    Digital is the highway on which nearly all data is now transmitted

    Everything is digital or computerized, from music to art and design.

    *  $44.06  $4.00

    From to

  • .education


    The perfect domain ending for all teaching and learning-related content

    Universities, schools, training courses, and coaching websites now have their own eeeeeextension

    *  $29.81  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .email


    The generic extension related for all things email

    Stay in touch with your customers

    *  $29.81  $5.99

    From to

  • .expert


    Everyone is an expert at something

    Every field has its experts, what's your expertise?

    *  $67.83  $9.99

    From to

  • .finance


    The extension devoted to websites in the investment banking, financial advice, accountancy, reviews, or money management sectors

    Spend, save, and invest with a .finance

    *  $67.83  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .global


    The truly international broadcasting extension

    Increase your .global presence online

    *  $80.79  $39.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .immo


    The generic domain extension for the real estate industry

    Build your online space with a .immo domain name

    *  $34.71  $19.99

    From to

  • .info


    The perfect domain extension to share news, updates, or just general information

    Understood around the world, .info is frequently used by press websites, radio, and online media in general

    *  $28.10  $5.00

    From to

  • .life


    The generic domain extension to share what really matters to you

    Feel alive and show what you do with a .life

    *  $40.26  $4.00

    From to

  • .live


    The .live domain extension brings energy and immediacy to your website

    Feel the moment and go .live for real-time updates

    *  $33.61  $4.00

    From to

    1 year
  • .market


    An extension intended for use by the business world

    Differentiate yourself with a .market domain name

    *  $40.26  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .media


    The coolest extension to share your latest news

    Perfect for media specialists, content makers, freelancers, or podcasters

    *  $44.06  $7.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .mobi


    The most important domain name ending for companies connected to the mobile web

    Especially well suited for websites that are easily visited from a mobile device

    *  $33.42  $5.00

    From to

  • .network


    The domain extension for online networking

    Connect with people all over the world with .network

    *  $29.81  $5.99

    From to

  • .news


    The perfect domain extension to share information and updates

    A site that uses a .news domain name is generally perceived as a trusted source of information

    *  $33.61  $9.99

    From to

  • .pro


    The domain extension for sites devoted to 'professionals'

    A .pro domain name strengthens your business's brand

    *  $28.10  $5.00

    From to

  • .rocks


    A new domain extension for lovers of precious stones and anything that needs a shout-out

    What rocks? That's for you to decide!

    *  $16.30  $7.99

    From to

  • .services


    The generic TLD for those looking to promote their skills

    Perfect for business services, individuals, freelancers, and bloggers who want to showcase their talents

    *  $40.26  $7.99

    From to

  • .sh


    ccTLD of Saint Helena island and shell scripting aficionados

    Evoke the Unix shell for geeks and devs

    *  $86.04  $59.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .solutions


    The best choice for FAQs, help centers, support sites, online tutorials

    Show people where to find .solutions

    *  $29.81  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .studio


    The coolest domain extension for a descriptive web address

    If you teach art or create art, a .studio TLD is the perfect way to expand your online presence

    *  $33.61  $19.99

    From to

  • .systems


    The perfect domain ending for everything that is related to systems (computing stuff, communication, transportation, economy)

    Its applications are many and varied, perfect for businesses that develop, market, or operate systems!

    *  $29.81  $11.99

    From to

  • .team


    The extension which shoots and scores for sports teams to fan bases

    Inspire and promote togetherness with a .team.

    *  $41.21  $9.99

    From to

  • .technology


    The online location for sharing ideas and building tech-focused communities

    Enable people to develop ideas, solve problems, and increase efficiency

    *  $29.81  $19.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .world


    The most popular and flexible domain extension to share information about global news and events

    Raise awareness and express yourself to the whole wide .world

    *  $40.26  $4.00

    From to

    1 year
  • .bzh


    The local extension for the region of Brittany in France

    Give a Breton flavor to your domain name with .bzh

    *  $66.00  $27.00

    From to

    1 year
  • .cloud


    The generic extension to promote cloud computing

    Offer a complete solution with a .cloud website

    *  $24.29  $10.99

    From to

    1 year
  • .eu


    The official TLD of the European Union

    Show your link to Europe with a .eu domain name

    *  $15.00  $6.00

    From to

  • .tech


    .tech is the domain extension for all things technology

    Get a .tech domain for your techie website!

    *  $60.79  $4.50

    From to

  • .online


    Do you see me .online?

    The world must see you .online!

    *  $29.99  $4.50

    From to

  • .site


    If you have a site, you'll need a .site, obviously.

    Find the best .site for your site!

    *  $34.87  $3.40

    From to

  • .store


    Enriching online retail presence, one .store at a time.

    Get the search engine advantage of a .store for a low price now!

    *  $76.95  $3.40

    From to

  • .space


    You think .space is only for astronauts? Imagine .space as your clean slate.

    Find a new domain name for your new .space.

    *  $29.02  $3.40

    From to

  • .link


    A .link domain name automatically connotes the idea of connection and relationships
    Bring together your community

    *  $13.66  $8.00

    From to

  • .art


    The generic extension dedicated to the world of arts and culture

    Show off your talent with a .art domain name

    *  $6.99  $3.50

    From to

  • .shop


    .shop is an ideal extension for any business selling products online.

    Expand your business and open a new .shop today!

    *  $45.95  $3.00

    From to

    1 year
  • .org


    The generic TLD for “organization” sites. It can be used for any type of website

    Connect a global community with a .org domain name

    *  $17.20  $9.99

    From to

  • .blog


    An intuitive online namespace providing consumers quality blogging services

    Promote yourself or your business with a .blog

    *  $38.35  $8.00

    From to

  • .tattoo


    An extension intended for tattoo enthusiasts

    Distinguish your studio with a .tattoo website

    *  $57.40  $3.50

    From to

  • .gay


    An extension dedicated to the LGBTQ community

    From accomplished artists to inclusive global brands, dedicated LGBTQ organizations and the allies who support them — everyone is welcome at .gay

    *  $47.87  $3.50

    From to

  • .ink


    An extension intended for use by any industry with a relationship with ink

    Be remembered with a .ink website

    *  $31.90  $3.50

    From to

  • .wiki


    The .wiki extension is dedicated to sharing information and online documentation

    Focus on everything that has to do with knowledge and general culture.

    *  $31.90  $3.50

    From to

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering a domain name is the first step in creating your website. That process takes place at a registrar, like Gandi for example. A domain name's cost includes several additional services: at Gandi, the price of your domain name includes 2 email accounts with 3 GB of storage, an SSL certificate, and 24/7 support. There are two possibilities from there: either your domain name is available and you can register it or the domain name has already been registered by someone else and you'll need to try to contact them if you want to buy it. This option is generally more expensive. The whois allows you to learn more about who owns a domain.

Choosing a domain name is a crucial step when creating your website. A trustworthy registrar, then, is essential. There are many in a competitive market, each of us offering different services. According to your needs, you might favor: the extensiveness of a TLD catalog, pricing, and services included, the quality of service, commitment to data privacy, the existence of free support, or customer opinions. At Gandi, we meet all these criteria. Come register the domain name you want!

If you want to register a domain name for a personal or professional project, you should use a registrar, like Gandi for example. The process couldn't be quicker or easier. First, check to see if your domain name is available using the search bar. If the domain name that you want to register is available, you can add it to your shopping cart and proceed to check out. If the domain name is not available, you can look up information about the owner using Gandi's whois service. You can also look for an alternative from among the options our search engine provides. If you still have questions about domain names, feel free to consult our online documentation or contact our Customer care team.

When the internet first started, a website was only available via its IP address. The arrival of domain names enabled the hard-to-remember series of digits to be replaced and offer greater visibility to internet addresses. Depending on the domain ending that you're interested in: .com, .fr, .net, etc., the name that you want may already be registered by someone else. To check whether a domain name is available with the domain ending you want, for example, myquestionforGandi.net, just navigate to Gandi's domain name search page. If you're busy, you will likely want to also protect your brand name by registering your domain name in some or all available domain endings. Our Gandi Corporate Services experts can help you in this process with all domain endings in our catalog.

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