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It includes

  • a free SSL certificate to secure your domain
  • 2 free mailboxes with 3GB of storage
  • -50% off your first web hosting purchase

This extension requires subscribing to Gandi's Corporate Services.

This extension is only available for customers that have subscribed to a Gandi Corporate Services contract. For more information please contact our Corporate Services team.

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per year
  • For 1 year



  • 到期日不会变更



per year
  • For 1 year
  • Late renewal (domain suspended): 29 days after the domain's expiration date - $224.44
Pricing Options Prices for 新加坡, Taxes excluded, in SGD (SGD)

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Rules and particularities of .ar domain names


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分配: 您无法直接注册 .AR 域名。 .COM.AR为公开域名,但必须在申请区域有当地联络人,如有需要Gandi可为您提供。在注册期间,您需提供证件号码。对个人而言,这可以是护照号码、身分证字号、或驾照号码。对公司和机构而言,可提供税籍号码或加值税编号。
注册年限: 最少 1 年


.AR second level domain name opening:
- A Landrush phase will run from November 25th 2019 to January 23rd 2020. During this phase, domain names are not allocated under the first come first served basis, they are allocated at the end of the Landrush phase. If several applicants have requested the same domain name, a draw will assign the domain name. In case the domain name is not allocated to you, you will be not entitled to receive any refund. All registration requests made between these dates will be subject to Landrush phase.
- The general opening will occur February 23rd 2020. At this time domain names will be available under the first come first served basis. All registration requests made between the end of the Landrush and the beginning of the general opening, will be stored and sent to the Registry only at the time of the beginning of the general opening.

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