Today we're having fun with jargon because of three TLDs entering the GoLive phase for communities that like to abbreviate.

First, the TLD just for fen, .fans, is entering the GoLive phase. Whether you're a trufan, a neofan, a faned, an apahack or just a Jophan, .fans is the TLD for any and all fanac, whether that's publishing the online version of your new ish, or organizing for the next con, this TLD is for you, whether or not you grok what we're saying.

For you mundanes out there, you don't have to be seriously into fandom for this extension. Today, it's open to all, so if there's something you love—whatever you love—show say it proudly with a .fans domain.

Next,  .mba is also entering GoLive, which in itself is shorthand, of course, for Masters of Business Administration. We don't have such a degree so we don't know for sure, but it seems part of the curriculum must be learning different acronyms. We can only assume the justification is to save time in the end. Besides CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO and COO, don't forget ABC, ETA, KPI, ROI, and the other TLD entering GoLive today: .fyi—the perfect TLD to get the word out with.

The list is below, accompanied by the corresponding GoLive prices of a one-year registration, all at A rates:

  • .fans: $102.97
  • .fyi: $27.05
  • .mba: $41.41

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Everything sounds dirty when we're talking about .sex, even our little post written announcement about how this extension is now entering being made available in the Sunrise phase, which will last go until October 1 on a first-come registered, first-served basis.

During Sunrise, these domains will cost $121.15 for a one-year registration.

Remember, the Sunrise phase is for TMCH-registered trademark holders. Get in touch contact with our corporate support team if you have a TMCH-registered trademark and help getting it up registering it on TMCH in order to snatch get one of these new gTLDs during Sunrise.

You know what? We're just going to take a cold shower and think only of rainbows and unicorns right now. No! Not unicorns ... just rainbows and clouds ...

Register a .sex?


For some reason the Dutch seem to have a one-up on us in everything. Bicycling is ubiquitous and safe in the Netherlands. Along with bikes, windmills and canals are leading the country in being green. And speaking of green, of course, the Netherlands are also famous for their drug policy. And the crown jewel of it all is Amsterdam, with its colorful and whimsical canal-side houses and an honestly awesome-looking flag (seriously, look it up).

Now we feel like they have a one-up on us yet again with a cool new gTLD. Though last month, we celebrated the romance of New Amsterdam, now it's time for the Old World charm of .amsterdam, now available in the GoLive phase for $57.37 per year at A rates. We're tempted to make a joke about bieng like the little Dutch boy holding back the flood of registrations but .amsterdam is really just too cool for that.

Register a .amsterdam?



Our memories of soccer are of shin guards under tube socks with velcro elastic straps digging into our calves, sucking on orange slices at half time and of course running, running, running in cleats, kicking up little bullets of dirt, chasing the ball down the flat, green pitch.

The rest of the world just calls it football, and in most places it's by far the most popular sport. Pick-up games are played from the dust of the Sahara to asphalt 9,000 feet above sea level in the Andes and everywhere in between.

But in North America we have a unique relationship with .soccer. For the longest time, it was something of a punchline, a silly thing that they do in other parts of the world but that doesn't compare to real football.

However, it seems it's is really making in-roads around here, so we have high hopes for the future of the sport in the land where we call it soccer. That's why we're excited that .soccer is entering the GoLive phase today. Domains under this extension will be available for $27.05 a year at A rates.

Register a .soccer?


In the beginning, there was just one line. And you were either on it or off it. Then, with telephones, you could start connecting lines, and modems starting bringing us all online and what used to be one line became a web. Today there are literally millions of criss-crossing, intersecting "lines." It's harder now to be offline than online.

Online dating, for example, has been a favorite subject of sensationalized media for upwards of twenty years now but how many relationships don't have an online component? How many partners never send each other emails or tag each other in social media posts? The number is dwindling by the day.

And you don't have to work remotely anymore to work online. In some places, the virtual office space is larger than the real one.

Which is why there's no better time to be .online.

For this GoLive, we're bringing .online online with a sweet promotion: .online domains will be discounted to $12.49 per year at all rates from 9:00 AM PDT on August 26, 2015 until 2:00 PM PDT October 25, 2015, at which point .online domains will go back up to their normal price of $51.67 per year (at A rates).

Register a .online?


It's .hockey night at Gandi!

That doesn't mean we're strapping our roller-skates on and skating through Camp Snoopy to get the team back together, but we will crosscheck anyone who calls us hosers (you're warned, cake-eaters).

Okay, here are the rules:
- .hockey is open to everyone
- .hockey domains can be between 1 to 63 alphanumeric characters
- IDN is allowed (good news for fans of Canuck great Jean Béliveau)
- No high-sticking
- No fighting

You do that and you go to the box, you know, by yourself, and you feel shame.

Domains in .hockey are now available for $68.09 per year.

Register a .hockey?


There is a kind of primal joy in seeing a .dog .run across an open field.

Next time you get a chance, look at those ears flopping around, the tongue hanging out of its mouth, and see if you don't notice its eyes gleaming with pure ecstasy and freedom.

Now entering the GoLive phase, both .dog and .run are now avalable for all to register. A .dog domain will run you $41.41 per year and a .run is only as demanding as $27.05 per year, both at A rates.

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It was already last October when .nyc entered the GoLive phase, but it was reserved for individuals, organizations, and businesses with an address in one of the five boroughs. For those who don't meet those qualifications, a couple of new gTLDs are entering the GoLive phase that have us dreaming of the tough and romantic city of New York.

Sure, these days New York is better known for the touristy garishness of Times Square or hipster coffee shops in Brooklyn, but we're still dreaming of the New York stirred by the sweeping strings of Gerswhin, still a town that exists in black-and-white like in old movies, the New York of Shakespeare in the park, and fireworks over Manhattan.

Today's GoLive has us dreaming of that old romantic New York, with .taxi, (as much a symbol of classic New York as the Chrysler building) reminding us of streets packed with yellow cars, and .theater, reminding us of a city always humming with the creative buzz both on and off Broadway.

You can pick up a .taxi for $68.09 (less than a fare from mid-town, most days), and a .theater for the same $68.09, at A rates.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Sometimes it seems like it would be fun to live a double life: "By day, a mild-mannered domain name registrar, by night Gandi fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the Internet way!"

Maybe we got a little carried away there but it's all to introduce two new gTLDs that also live a double life:

By day, .live and .studio are great for television, radio, or even Internet broadcasting (perhaps producing that new superhero idea we just had in front of a .live .studio audience), by night, they .live in a .studio in an up-and-coming neighborhood.

These two gTLDs are now entering the Sunrise phase, during which they will each be available for $167.59 per year.

They will enter the Landrush phase October 25, during which they'll be available for $178.39 per year and then on October 28, they will enter the GoLive phase, when they'll be available for $31.15 per year. All those prices, of course, were cited at A rates.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


Yez, u can has .lol nao. As ov August 11, teh new .lol extenshun has entrd teh GoLiv fase, an we r hoping ill feels tickld by the redikulus 90%-off promoshun *cough* *cough*

Excuse us, hairball.

As we were saying, we were hoping you would feel tickled by our 90%-off promotion until the end of teh yer—err … the year—but please try to hold in your laughs (and we'll hold in our lolcats) while we explain:

This is an extension not just for lolcats, but for all kinds of cats (but especially those who like to laugh. Out loud, that is).

And with the promotion until the end of the year, you can get one of these domains for just $4.14 for a one-year registration at A rates (normally $41.41).

U can stop holdin in ur laffs nao and registr a .lol domain todai.

Registr .lol?


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