While both .rest (for restaurants) and .bar (for, well, bars) have been open for business since 2014, today, October 19 the special, exclusive .bar and .rest are opening up too.

We're talking of course about premium domains.

These are the exclusive .rest and .bar's that are in high-demand, with a steeper price of admission to go with it. Here's just a sample menu of available options:

airport.bar (for that pre-flight grog)
exotic.bar (for all the rum drinks you can stomach)
fight.bar (first rule is: don't talk about fight.bar)
american.bar (play this one again, Sam)
cajun.rest (jumbalaya and crawfish pies)
buenosaires.rest (probably a steak house with a good house Malbec. Tuesdays are Tango night)
detroit.rest (for good food and good music, we assume)

As you can see, it's mostly a mix between some nice generic names and more geographic names.

Open that .bar or .rest you always wanted?:


The South Asian diaspora of late has been gaining in visibility. The Office and Parks and Recreation introduced a mass audience in the US to Mindy Kaling and Aziz Ansari, who have now also gone on to headline their own shows The Mindy Project and Master of None, which challenge viewers to re-think assumptions about identity and how it is represented in media.

South Asians are often pigeon-holed as either doctors, math geeks and lawyers or as convenience store clerks, taxi drivers or call center employees. The reality, obviously, is more complex. And thankfully that complexity is finally breaking into mainstream public consciousness.

Enter .desi, the TLD for the South Asian community, whether born on the Indian subcontinent or far from it, .desi is for anyone who identifies with the South Asian identity.

And from October 16 until December 31, .desi is half-price. That means that a .desi name that's normally $23.14 per year at A rates will be just $11.57 per year*.

So this fall is a great time to celebrate Desi identity with a .desi domain.

Register a .desi?



*Prices in USD. See .desi price page for local prices (including INR).

This is a promo for anyone whoever wanted to be somebody.

The TLD .whoswho is a literal who's who of the internet. And the good news is, you can have your domain in this high-tech update of the old Who's Who catalogs from October 15 until January 31, 2017 at 4:00 PM PST for half price. That's all the prestige of being a who in the .whoswho for just $19.18 for the first year only (normally $38.35 at A rates)*. That applies for all domain creations. Even premium domains will be half-off their normal price.

So if you're a who and want whoever to know who you are, get your .whoswho for half-price while you can.

Choose whose .whoswho?


*Prices in USD. See the .whoswho price page for local prices.

How many anime crushes do you have? How large is your J-Pop playlist? How many times have you felt a burning desire to poses a stuffed animal from a video game or an anime t-shirt?

If you answered "more than one" to any of the above, you might be otaku.

And if so, we have good news for you. The TLD just for otaku culture, .moe, is half-price from October 10 through 16, meaning it will be available for just $11.57 per year*. This only lasts one week, so better get one now!

Moe for a .moe?



*Prices in USD. Check the .moe price page for local prices.

ICANN must be a little preoccupied this month.

All September, only seven TLDs were delegated to the root zone, among which five were brand TLDs, leaving only just two true gTLDs.

So we'll keep it short and sweet this month.

.wowSeptember 26

Out of three applicants that also included Google and United TLD Holdco Ltd., who submitted a Public Interest Commitment (no it did not pertain to World of Warcraft), it was Amazon's application that won out in the end.

.通販 (.xn--gk3at1e) — September 30

Meaning "online shopping," .通販 (pronounced "tsuhan") was the last gTLD delegated by ICANN under the IANA contract with the US government, so it seems almost fitting, maybe to the point of irony, that it was an IDN.

Amazon also won out for .通販, despite GAC objections related to utilizing this TLD to possibly monopolize online shopping.

For the record, those five brand TLDs that were delegated were the following:


So you can also look out for domains in those TLDs coming to a browser near you (although if .monster had been a true generic it would have been great for Halloween). Stay tuned for more updates on recently-delegated TLDs next month.

As always, these two TLDs are on the bleeding edge of the new TLD program. We don't know yet how they'll be rolled out to the market, so we can't say for sure whether we'll be offering them at Gandi. We'll try our best, though.

For vloggers and voyuers and photography enthusiasts, a new TLD is now entering the Sunrise phase. Starting on October 5 at 5:00 PM PDT, .cam enters the Sunrise phase, when it will be available for $281.62 per year at A rates*.

Otherwise, from December 12 until December 14, .cam will be available in the Landrush phase for $571.66 per year at A rates*.

And finally, .cam enters the GoLive phase on December 14 at 2:00 AM PST, when it will be available for just $40.25 per year at A rates*.

Get your .cam?


*Prices in USD. See .cam price page for local prices.

The things we do for other people ...

It's a little too easy to find fault with the narcissism of the new internet celebrities, whether they're spending hours to achieve the perfect selfie then filtering it to death or obsessively Periscoping every minute of their lives.

The thing is, even the measliest web presence means having an audience. The downside is the supposed narcissism of the "me" generation. The upside is how it creates communities around common interests, sometimes ones shared by millions, other times small and niche. And offers unprecedented interaction. Like a Reddit AMA on the grand scale or comments on your vacation photos on social media on the other end. Your presence online isn't so different from a small-scale stage, now, a space in which you interact with your audience.

From October 1 through December 31 at 4:00 PM PST, three TLDs that can help you shape your online space are on sale at half parice: .live, .studio and  .video. Meaning that instead of the the usual $15.57, or $14.41 for .video, per year at A rates*, .live and .studio will be just $7.79 per year and .video will be $7.21 per year*.

So make your online .studio and broadcast your .video. You only .live once. But don't do it for us. Or your audience. This one's for you.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


*Prices in USD. See the .live, .studio and  .video price pages for local prices.

Fall is a time for bold new colors, a time for fresh, stiff breezes to stir through the trees and produce a thousand permutations of color and shape in the leaves as they strain in the wind and twirl to the ground.

All that changes can get you to see the world around you in a fresh, new way, just like an original design. Fall is a great time to design something new.

And this fall in particular is the perfect time to .design something, whatever it might be, because from October 1 through November 30 at 4:00 PM PST, .design domains will be on sale for just $10 per year (normally these domains are $62.36 at A rates)*.

Or if you're stumped for ideas and in the neighborhood, come drop by the Taipei World Design Capital exhibition at the Songshan Cultural Park in Taipei between October 13 and 30. If the change in season doesn't have you rethinking things, this is a world-class exhibition with free admission (open between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM local time) and Gandi will be there, so come find us to talk about web design, designing a web presence or .design ideas in general.

Whether or not the change in sesaons has you feeling particularly creative, if you're design-minded, you won't want to miss out. But still, give it some thought, come up with just the right .design for just the right purpose.

Get your .design started?



*Prices in USD. Check the .design price page for your local prices.

In the old jetset days, you had to be a millionaire to fly to far-off and exotic locales. But, thanks in part to online deal finders, today travel is open to all.

Similarly, when .travel debuted back in 2005, you had to actually be in the travel industry in order to obtain one.

As of now, the jet set age of .travel is over: .travel domains are now open to anyone providing services, products or content of, by or for the travel industry. Especially travel startups and travel writers.

You do still have to become a .travel "member" before you can get a .travel domain, though, and getting a Member Number or UIN is still required. You can get that automatically on the travel.travel website.

Otherwise, once you have a UIN, .travel domains are available for $90.00 per year at A rates*. Happy .travel's!

Register a .travel?



* Price in USD. See the .travel price page for local prices.

Quick quiz for students of the Chinese language:

Q. How do you say "website" in Chinese?
A. .网站 !

As of September 26, TMCH registrants could get theirs in the Sunrise phase for just $150.60 per year*. The Sunrise phase will last until October 26 before .网站 passes into the Landrush phase on November 1, during which domains will be registered for $138.59 per year* until it enters the GoLive phase on November 2 at 3:00 PM PST, when domains will be available for $19.35 per year at A rates*.

Register a .网站?



*Prices in USD. See .网站 for local prices. 

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