GandiCloud Volume Snapshot

Automatic or manual snapshots.

Snapshot your volumes regularly or before important changes, to ease rollback in case of trouble

€0.03 excl. VAT / GB / Month 

With snapshots, keep accurate versions of your data

Whether to replicate a configuration on another server, or to roll back in the event of a problem, snapshots allow you to keep versions of your volumes at specific times:

  • Keep a one-time version of your volume.
  • Take a snapshot manually, or enable automation.
  • Use the Gandi interface to manage your snapshots, or the OpenStack public API.
  • Pay according to a single rate, based on the size of the source volume: €0.03 excl. VAT / GB / Month.

GandiCloud Volume snapshots are ultra flexible

  • Simple billing based on the volume's size

    GandiCloud VPS snapshot are invoiced post-payment, depending the volume size. The price is per hour and per GB, according to the basic monthly price: €0.03 excl. VAT / GB / Month.

  • A manual snapshot before an upgrade

    Before major maintenance of your server, remember to take a manual snapshot to have a rollback solution in the event of a problem during your intervention.

  • Automatic mode for more peace of mind

    You can activate the automatic mode to take a snapshot per day and be able to go back up to 2 months. A maximum of 11 snapshots are kept. The retention strategy is detailed in our public documentation.

  • Manage easily from the interface

    From the Gandi interface, you can, in a few seconds, access all the management features of your snapshots.

  • Define your strategy with the public API

    With the CLI or via the OpenStack public API you can trigger the creation/deletion of snapshots and thus define your own retention policy.

  • The data remains in France

    Like all data on the GandiCloud platform, your data and that of your users remain secure in our Datacentres in France.

Manage your snapshots as you see fit

UI. With our user interface

UI. With our user interface

With the Gandi interface, you can use all the features related to snapshots (create a manual snapshot, delete it, activate automatic snapshots,...).

Access Gandi's interface

CLI. With the command line

CLI. With the command line

If you prefer the command line (CLI), no problem! All GandiCloud actions and even more are available directly with the OpenStack CLI. Consult the documentation to access all the commands.

Access the GandiCloud CLI documentation
# Create a snapshot
openstack volume snapshot create --force --volume <volume_id> <snapshot_name>
# List the snapshots associated with a volume
openstack volume snapshot list --volume <volume_id>
# Create a new volume from a snapshot
openstack volume create --snapshot <snapshot_id> --size <size_in_GB> <volume_name>

API. With Infra-as-code tools

API. With Infra-as-code tools

From the OpenStack public API, it is possible to use your own infrastructure management tools to manage all of your GandiCloud resources and create snapshots. For example, with Terraform you can create a manual snapshot.

See more about Terraform at Gandi
// create a new volume from an existing snapshot
resource "openstack_blockstorage_volume_v3" "volume_1" {
  snapshot_id = <snapshot_id>

Take advantage of GandiCloud's flexibility for your servers

Take advantage of all the security offered by snapshots and other GandiCloud options to deploy and maintain your services!

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