TLS/SSL Certificates

What is a Professional SSL certificate?

As unsecured websites are increasingly being scorned, an increasing number are adopting the HTTPS protocol. Phishing-type attacks are increasing rapidly in number, and professionals now need to demonstrate to their Internet users that they understand the importance of providing a safe space for them. Such practices reinforce their visitors' trust by offering them more serenity when using their website.

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Why use an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are small files which link together several pieces of information regarding a company or an individual and a cryptographic key. Thanks to them, it is possible to secure:

  • User navigation on a website or social media,
  • Identification data,
  • Data transfer,
  • Bank transactions.

What are the differences between a Standard and a Professional SSL Certificate?

Unlike a Standard SSL certificate which simply validates a domain name (which is sufficient for personal sites, content sites, or showcase sites without a shop), a Professional certificate offers a higher level of validation. It validates the organization itself, and therefore can only be purchased by companies that can prove their true legal existence. Thus, this type of certificate will not work for an individual or for an organization without an officially established legal existence.

SSL certificates have the benefit of offering financial guarantees to cover possible losses in the event of a certificate failure.

Gandi’s Professional SSL certificates

Gandi offers two types of Professional certificates: a Single Address Pro certificate and a Wildcard Pro certificate.

The Single Address Pro SSL certificate covers one domain name, as its name indicates, and is the perfect solution to secure a single website where sensitive data is exchanged or financial transactions are carried out. This type of certificate offers transaction warranties ranging from $10,000 to $250,000.

The Wildcard version of our Professional SSL certificate is aimed towards organizations that have several subdomain addresses they need to secure in addition to their main domain. Thus, it can cover ‘’ as well as ‘’ or ‘’. The Wildcard version of our Pro certificate offers transaction warranties ranging all the way up to $250,000.

Thanks to its varied and competitive offer, Gandi allows you to find the best SSL certificate to fit your needs and those of your organization. From a simple certificate for a single address to the complete validation of your company or the protection of multiple addresses, many solutions are available. Gandi’s certificates may be used anywhere and with any domain name and boast a ‘30-day money-back guarantee’.

Pricing Options Prices for Canada, taxes excluded, in $ (CAD)

FAQ / frequently asked questions

An SSL certificate lets you protect a web address, or a group of web addresses, in the case of Wildcard and Multi-domain certificates. Secure your transactions and give your users peace of mind. Customers who have Gandi hosting can get a free SSL certificate that can be automatically installed on each of the sites they've defined in their instance.

Gandi's SSL certificates provide assurances of the security of your site by displaying:

  • A green box in the address bar (either the text is shown in green letters or the entire bar is green, depending on the browser)
  • «https: //» appears with a chain icon
  • The name of the owner of the website
  • The name of the Certificate Authority (CA)

Here's what each type of SSL certificate that we offer is used for:

  • Standard SSL certificate: protects websites that don't make financial transactions
  • Wildcard SSL certificate: protects several websites that don't make financial transactions
  • Multi-domain SSL certificate: secures an administrative interface, a members space, an intranet, a webmail portal, etc.
  • Professional SSL certificate: secures a website that makes financial transactions or exchanges sensitive information. This type of certificate is only available for businesses or other legal entities
  • Business SSL certificate (EV): protects certain organizations that may be the target of attacks, like banks, for example, or large brands that want to reassure their customers that they are visiting their official website rather than a look-alike trying to steal their information. This type of certificate is only available for organizations with a "Business" type account or any other legal entity.
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