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Whether you want to host a new website, a web page, a personalized or professional email address, or use a cloud-based file storage service, the first step is to register the perfect domain name that is short, memorable and relevant.

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Got a website creation project? Save money and time with a website pack

Your domain name is included for free with your hosting!

Choose your domain name, from a list of more than 80 available domain extensions, included for free with your hosting!

Quick and easy to install and without time commitment.

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Everything you need at no extra cost:

Buy a domain name, get your SSL certificate free

Build trust and improve security with a well-ranked website using SSL/HTTPS — free for the first year when you buy a domain name.

Full-service, free Anycast DNS

Your domain's DNS (domain name system) is free, secure, and available with DNSSEC, high quality anycast DNS servers, configuration templates for quick configuration and automatic backups for no additional cost.

10,000 aliases and redirections included

It is sometimes useful to be able to create several different email addresses, all centralized into the same mailbox. With your domain name, Gandi provides you 10,000 aliases and email forwarding for maximum flexibility (and creativity!)

What can you do with a domain name?

Entrepreneurs: Grow your business

Entrepreneurs: Grow your business

Scale up quickly

Add HTTPS web forwarding, make bulk updates, duplicate configurations on domains, delegate fine-tuned permissions to partners or new hires, and make instant DNS updates — all included.

Connect with customers

Trust is a decisive factor in any consumer’s purchasing decisions. Add email and free for the first year SSL with your domain registration to connect with prospective customers and show you're serious.

Access your domain names anywhere

Manage your domain names seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or mobile with our streamlined, adaptive, and intuitive interface.

The Gandi difference: When you buy domain names, we provide everything you need to hit the ground running — DNS, an SSL certificate, email and web forwarding — for free.

Set up shop

Beginners: Start your website

Beginners: Start your website

Go online in just a few clicks

Get started on your project immediately and easily. You don’t need to be a developer — buy a domain name, and it just works!

Easily manage your domains online

Log in to our website to use our intuitive and easy-to-use domains dashboard for whatever your project may be.

Everything under one name

A domain name brings together your website, your email, and anything else under a single, recognizable banner. It’s how people can find you or contact you.

The Gandi Difference: Need help? Our Customer care team works in house, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, alongside our developers and admins around the world to fix problems at their root, save you time, and avoid hassles.

Get started

Developers: Build your project

Developers: Build your project

Harness the full power of your domain name

Buy domain names, batteries included — with state-of-the-art DNS services, email forwarding, HTTPS forwarding, and a free API.

Mix and match domain name services

Easily update or rollback DNS records, change DNS nameservers, add secure HTTPS web forwarding redirections, or quickly spin up a new VM — whatever your next project demands.

We listen to you

If something isn’t working right, let us know and we’ll fix it! Got an idea for a new feature? We reply to every email and take your suggestions seriously.

The Gandi Difference: Our domain name services are designed to be powerful, easy to use, and tailored to your needs. Our customers are our partners in guiding new development. We put you —and your needs— in the driver’s seat.

Launch your project

It's that easy.

Set up your shop, your website, or your blog in just a few clicks.

Domains for businesses: Tailor-made services, APIs, and domain name protection expertise

Whether you're a developer building services that need a domain, a reseller managing domains for customers, or a large corporation that needs online brand protection, our 360° services are a strong base on which to securely build your business.

  • Businesses: Protect your identity and reputation

    Trust your brand reputation to the domain name experts with more than 20 years of experience registering and managing domains — our team is composed of experts dedicated to managing your domain name portfolio and advising you on your domain name strategy. Our tools constantly monitor the internet to detect when your brands are used in domain names or subdomains.

    Read more about Gandi Corporate Services

  • Resellers: Easily and securely administer your customers’ domain names

    Easily make bulk updates to customers’ domain names, create configuration templates, and fine-tune rights delegation with our simple but powerful domain dashboard.

    Read more about becoming a Gandi reseller

  • Developers: Domain API and Premium DNS

    Our domains API features expose every action you can do in our web interface, so that you can build anything you want for your enterprise, your business, or your customers.

    On top of that, you can trust our robust DNS service and add an extra security layer to your critical domains with Premium DNS so that your or your customers' domains always remain available.

    Find out more about Gandi's API and Gandi DNS.

Buy domain names at Gandi

Protect your domain name, secure your site

Making sure your web presence is safe and secure is our top priority. Rest assured, we provide everything you need to protect your domain name, your website and for easy domain management.

  • Free SSL/TLS certificates

    Secure transaction and login pages with HTTPS by using SSL to build trust with your customers — free for the first year! Or redirect your domain registration with free HTTPS web forwarding.

  • Account security

    Keep your domain names safe with state-of-the-art, strong security options. Your Gandi account supports Multifactor authentication (MFA) using the WebAuthn standard.


    Protect your customers’ data and prevent attacks that forge DNS data all in one click when you activate DNSSEC on your domain name.

Why Gandi?

A professional, polished web presence just a few clicks away

You don’t have to pay more for what’s already included. Need to secure transactions on your website? A SSL/TLS certificate is included for the first year. How about an email address now that your website is online? Create mailboxes and unlimited aliases and email forwarding addresses.

Trusted by experts

IT experts around the world trust Gandi’s 20 years of domain name experience. Since 2000, we've defended the open, transparent values of the internet. We’re committed to open source software and are part of the broader community of developers.

Gandi also supports alternative projects that do good for the internet, for the environment, and for society. Buy domain names at Gandi and help support the health of the internet.

We are here to help

Don’t struggle alone! Our Customer care team is here to help! Get support 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, in English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin, from our in-house support team.

Here are all the ways you can get support:

Do you have an idea to suggest or a comment to make? Send it to

We read AND reply to EVERY email.

  • The real deal

    We only sell products and services that we would use ourselves. When you buy a domain name at Gandi you can be sure it’s up to your standards.

    We believe everyone has the right to a secure online presence and we don't sell your personal data.

    We communicate technical incidents immediately and own up to accidents and mistakes.

  • Real value over time

    Domain names, and the added value we bring to them, are at the core of what we do.

    We ensure our competitiveness by providing services for free when you buy a domain name that are sold as add-ons by our competitors, or are simply non-existent.

    For us, fair pricing on renewals, free SSL, unlimited aliases and redirects aren’t upsells—they’re just the norm.

  • Anyone can use a domain name

    Domain names are not just for IT experts, but everyone — small business owners, and even new internet users can buy a domain name. At Gandi, all the products and services you need to create your online presence are included with your domain name and at your fingertips. Our Customer care team is ready to walk you through any questions you have.

Buy your domain name now.

Frequently asked questions

A domain name is like the address of your website, like an identifier. It allows users and new customers to search not only your website, but also your professional email address and any other services you might associate with it. It is also the basis of the URL for links leading to your website.

Technically, a domain name links a human-readable name (your domain name) to a computer-readable address (a series of numbers known as an IP address).

A domain name is generally composed of 2 parts, for example in "":

"gandi" corresponds to the domain name registered with a registrar, it is the basis of your online presence. This domain name, once completed with a web hosting, can become your website. It can be the name of your brand or a keyword related to your activity.

".net" is the top level domain extension of your domain name, it completes your identity and contributes to your online visibility. Indeed, the choice of the extension of a domain name is more important than it seems. Your online presence is measured by the referencing of your website on search engines, it will be impacted by your extension, it must therefore be adapted to your target to appear in its search results. For example, if you are targeting a particular country, it makes sense to choose the domain name extension related to that country. Choosing the right extension can greatly contribute to the visibility of your domain name and therefore of your website.

Then the protocol and the DNS system allows you to link your domain name to an IP address. DNS is a kind of global directory of correspondence between domain names and IP addresses.

In some cases, your domain name may have subdomains, they correspond to sites called annexes but nevertheless linked to your main domain name. "" is for example a subdomain of

You need to choose a name and a TLD or top-level domain extension. The domain extension is listed in the domain name system. There are hundreds of TLDs, but .com, .org, and .net are the most widely used ones.

Need help choosing your domain name? Our domain name search tool suggests alternatives that we think will be the most relevant for you. And if you want to get an especially good deal on a cheap domain name, you can find the best deals available right now on our Promotions page.

The best way to choose a domain name is to pick one that meets all four of these criteria:

  • Meaningful
  • Easy to remember
  • No strange spelling or grammatical irregularities
  • Descriptive

The best way to approach choosing a domain name is to think about how you will use it. You will probably share it on social networks, announce it verbally to your friends and family, maybe print it on business cards, or post it on billboards. At the same time, people will probably find you through search engines. Check the availability of your perfect domain with our domains suggestion tools or check who owns it with our Whois service.

The first thing you need to do when you start creating a website or online store is to choose a domain name, do a search on your domain name availability, and register it. How do domain names work? Every domain name is registered or "bought" for a period of 1 to 10 years from a domain registries, which manages domain endings (.net, .fr, .com, .org, etc.).

Check to see if the right domain is available for your business online using our domain name search tool. You'll immediately see a confirmation screen that shows the domain availability. If it is available, you can add it directly to your shopping cart and buy your domain name!

Here is, generally, how domain registration works. Registries manage and sell domain names under the domain endings (.net, .fr; .com, .org, etc.) they are responsible for. Domain name registrars, like Gandi, are accredited by these registries to sell multiple domain names with each of these domain endings to end users (individuals, small businesses, large companies, associations, non profit organization etc.). An end user, then, will buy a domain name from a registrar, where they can do a domain name search of every domain ending. Once registered, a domain name is associated with an Owner Contact, who becomes the owner of the domain name for a specific period of time. If a domain name appears as "unavailable" in our search results, that's because it's already registered to someone else. You can check who owns it using our Whois serviceor look for alternatives using our domain name search tool.

So you want to create a website, but the web address you wanted is already taken and you don't want to "fall back" on another domain ending or use a different name. You have a few options, including finding the owner thanks to the Whois and offering to buy the domain name from them. The Whois is a directory that lists the technical and contact information of domain names, created when a domain name is registered with a registrar, such as Gandi. The whois contains information about the registrar, the domain registration and expiration date, and especially the update date, which is the last modification made to the domain name. This is a good indicator to tell you whether the domain name is active or dormant. Then you can try to contact the owner. The whois is not always the solution, though, since it isn't always kept up to date (if a contact changes, for example), but especially because GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) prevents registrars from publishing the contact details of an owner (if not a company) without their consent. As a last resort, you can try to contact the owner through the contact page most websites have.

A domain name is an essential element to any website. To host a website, you should be sure to buy a domain name so that your website has an address. You'll also need to buy website hosting services for your website. We offer different hosting plans that each correspond to different levels of use. When you have your hosting plan, that will give you access to the FTP server, which requires an address (, user (username), and password, where you can upload your site's files.

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