Custom domain email for your business or personal email

Custom domain email addresses with Gandi

Gandi enables you to create and configure your own ‘’-type custom email addresses quickly and easily. You can add an unlimited number of personal email addresses when you purchase a domain. Every user can have their own custom email address.

People visiting your website or blog, for instance, will be able to contact you through an easy-to-remember custom email address such as ‘’ That way, you can manage email related to your online presence separately from your personal email.

Pricing Options Prices for United Kingdom, taxes included, in £ (GBP)

For now, our custom domain email service is only available if you have a domain name at Gandi

  • Buy a domain

    Want a custom email address and don't have a domain yet? You can buy one to create your personal email address in seconds.

    Buy a domain
  • Transfer a domain

    Already have a domain somewhere else? You can transfer it to Gandi and get custom domain email addresses with your domain at Gandi.

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More info on personal email addresses

Two types of custom domain email accounts are available

Gandi offers two types of personal email accounts for your custom domain email addresses: Standard and Premium. The real difference between the two is storage capacity. Standard custom domain email accounts have 3 GB of storage space, while Premium custom domain email accounts have 50 GB. Choose the custom domain email option that best fits your needs.

The advantages of our GandiMail Service

Gandi’s custom domain email service is called ‘GandiMail.’ Reliable and professional, this service provides many advantages.

1,000 forwarding custom domain email addresses and aliases

This custom domain email service allows you to redirect email sent to your custom email address or addresses to your personal email inbox. For instance, your customers may write to you at a custom email address with a more professional appearance, and you can receive your emails and respond to them from the personal email interface you are used to. This custom domain email solution is ideal for those who manage their personal email in a way that already suits them for their custom domain email as well.

Thanks to our Alias system, you can create multiple custom domain email addresses that will redirect email to a single, pre-existing GandiMail custom email address. You'll be able to see them directly from your GandiMail custom domain email account.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection

Running on Gandi’s email servers, these protective measures help you to avoid viruses, malware, and spam.

That way, malicious email can be immediately identified, before it hits your personal email inbox.

Compatibility and ease of access

Since your custom email address inbox may be accessed via the POP/IMAP/SMTP protocols, you can access your business or personal email through your usual personal email software.

To enable you to access your messages from any browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, Gandi also offers two Webmail interfaces. Our webmail can interact with your contacts, to-do lists, and calendars.

SIEVE Filters

By default, all GandiMail custom domain email accounts allow you to apply a SIEVE filter directly onto the mail server. Your SIEVE filter will remain active even when your personal email application is closed. With a SIEVE filter in place, you can check your mail on any device, and your personalized filter will work on each one.

Pricing Options Prices for United Kingdom, taxes included, in £ (GBP)

Our custom domain email service is only available if you have a domain name at Gandi.

Don't have a domain name yet for your custom email address? You can buy or transfer one to us.

Transfer a domain

Buy a domain

Frequently asked questions

To create a custom email address, you'll first need to buy a domain name.

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Go to your admin interface to configure your custom domain email accounts
  3. Create unlimited aliases and custom email address forwarding according to your needs

Our custom domain email services include:

  • Unlimited custom email address aliases and personal email forwarding
  • Easy access to webmail from anywhere
  • Flexible, with no commitment
  • Filters available

We provide a wide range of professional, custom email address options for your site. Our Gandi Mail custom domain email service is only available if you have a domain registered with Gandi. Don't have one yet? You can:

Get a custom email address with your domain name and professionalize the look of your personal email addresses. With Gandi, you can be sure you're using a safe and secure online, email service to quickly and easily manage your personal email from any platform. Our custom domain email hosting options are:

  • Standard 3 GB of storage for $3.99 per month
  • Premium 50 GB of storage for $7.99 per month
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