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At Gandi, we understand the increasing demand for simple and affordable, yet also reliable and powerful, PaaS hosting solutions. This is why we offer multiple hosting plans designed to help you start new projects and deploy websites and web applications as quickly as possible. This article aims to help you understand what PaaS is about, and why it’s the ideal choice for many web developers.

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£6.55 /month incl. VAT
  • Domain name included
  • 1 website maximum
  • Up to 1 CPU/ 512 MB
  • 20GB storage
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Welcome Offer New Hosting Client

Pay by the year and get 50% off your first web hosting.

£8.22 /month incl. VAT
  • Domain name included
  • 5 websites max recommended
  • Up to 2 CPU/up to 1 GB
  • 50GB storage


Welcome Offer New Hosting Client

Pay by the year and get 50% off your first web hosting.

£12.37 /month incl. VAT
  • Domain name included
  • 10 websites max recommended
  • Up to 3 CPU/up to 2 GB
  • 100GB storage


Welcome Offer New Hosting Client

Pay by the year and get 50% off your first web hosting.

£16.52 /month incl. VAT
  • Domain name included
  • 15 websites or more
  • Up to 4 CPU/up to 4 GB
  • 200GB storage (upgradable to 1 TB)
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INCLUDED in each plan:

  • Free domain name registration included
  • Free TLS/SSL certificates.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Automatic linking to your domains.
  • Varnish web accelerator.
  • Technical support by email.

PaaS hosting at Gandi

What is PaaS?

PaaS, or “Platform as a Service,” is a hosting solution that enables cloud computing using online web development tools. PaaS hosting solutions are designed to help you develop websites and web apps with only a minimal amount of time setting up and configuring your instance. Using a PaaS solution lets you bypass many of the steps necessary for deploying projects online, including managing hardware, dependencies, and installing the web development tools you need.

Let’s say you wish to create a new blog or website for your business, using WordPress. While you’re very familiar with WordPress, you don’t have any web development skills outside of the use of a CMS like WordPress. In this case, Gandi’s PaaS Simple Hosting solution is your best option. In this example, we would initialize your instance on our servers, then install PHP, MySQL, and WordPress for you so that you’re ready to start working with the tools you’re familiar with without any hassle.

With this solution, you can create an account at Gandi, generate a Simple Hosting instance, and instantly be provided with all the tools you’re perfectly comfortable working with, without ever worrying about any of the programs running in the back-end.

What are the PaaS hosting solutions available at Gandi?

Our Simple Hosting offer is a very affordable PaaS hosting solution. When creating your Simple Hosting instance, you will have the choice between WordPress (PHP), Node.js (Javascript), Python, or Ruby. Our servers are preconfigured and come with 50 GB of free storage space that may be upgraded to up to 1TB. There isn’t a hard limit to how much bandwidth you may use, meaning that you will never face any additional costs if you experience a spike in visitors.

You may choose between several differently-sized Simple Hosting packs with options from Starter to Business, according to what your websites and web applications will need to properly function. If your plan turns out to be too small for your needs, you can upgrade to a larger sized pack at any time, smoothly and without any server downtime.

All of our Simple Hosting offers also include a free SSL certificate, a free domain name with your web hosting. These domain names may be purchased directly on Gandi or via another provider, and they can be easily linked to your websites.

FAQ / frequently asked questions

  1. We provide hosting services of different sizes corresponding to your site's traffic.
  2. Once you have hosting, you will have an FTP server address (000000@sftp.dc0.gpaas.net), a user (username), and a password.
  3. You can then upload your site's files to the server.
  4. In order for your site to have an address, you'll also need to buy a domain name.

Find the hosting that you need for the best price:

Choose your web hosting option from the following packages:

  • Starter: perfect for static sites and personal blogs with WordPress
  • Advanced: ideal for CMSes and blogs with a low amount of traffic
  • Pro: great for dynamic sites or e-commerce sites with a moderate amount of traffic
  • Business: for high-traffic e-commerce sites and blogs

Not sure which to try? If you don't know how many visitors will go to your site, no worries. From Gandi's administrative interface, you can easily upgrade your website hosting. We suggest starting with a Starter Wordpress plan or an Advanced pack and upgrade to a higher plan if you see that you need more power to handle the number of visitors to your websites.

Generally, a web hosting plan is the simplest way to host a site. Web hosting doesn't give a lot of control of the hosting infrastructure to the owner of the website. Which is great if you're not a technical expert, but those looking to more finely tune their use of resources, and control their hosting environment should consider using cloud hosting, a VPS, or dedicated hosting.

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