Gandi supports alternative projects

Gandi is committed to being the ethical choice for creating a web presence. Our customers support us in this mission, and in turn we support companies, whether Internet-based or not, that have also embarked on this adventure despite the presence of well-established monopolies.

Search criteria

Among the many factors that determine whether or not we get involved in a given project are:

  • 1. Concrete

    Your project has already launched and is sustainable, or you're in the last phase before launching. More generally, you have built a well-known, high-quality project, but need a little help.

  • 2. Open

    We want to support projects that affect as many people as possible, or allow a community to expand its horizons.

  • 3. Alternative

    You offer an alternative to a dominant "mass" commercial supplier, that floods the market and does not leave any room for creativity or freedom of choice. It might seem a little silly but that kind of thing really bothers us …

If you think that your project is right for us...

Just send us an e-mail at: non-profit [@] We will do our best to provide an answer for every proposal.

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