Prestashop hosting at Gandi

Your e-commerce website hosted at Gandi. In just a few minutes, launch your online store, with Prestashop web hosting from Gandi.


From  $13.50  $6.75/month

Choose the best Prestashop hosting for you



 $13.50  $6.75 /Month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your M hosting for $6.75/month

  • To have your own e-boutique
  • Free TLS/SSL certificate
  • 1 module max recommended
  • 2 CPU/up to 512MB RAM
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
Small Businesses


 $27.00  $13.50 /Month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your L hosting for $13.50/month

  • For your small business's online store
  • Free TLS/SSL certificate
  • 5 modules max recommended
  • 3 CPU/RAM up to 1 GB
  • 50GB storage (expandable)


 $54.00  $27.00 /Month
Welcome offer 50% OFF the first year.

Your XXL hosting for $27.00/month

  • For an e-commerce website with a lot of traffic, optimized for additional modules
  • Free TLS/SSL certificate
  • up to 10 modules max recommended
  • 8 CPU/up to 16GB RAM
  • 50GB storage (expandable)
Pricing Options Prices for Singapore, taxes excluded, in $ (SGD)

Included in each Prestashop web hosting plan:

  • Storage expandable up to 1TB (€0.22/GB)
  • Free TLS/SSL certificates
  • Automatic configuration of the domain name
  • Compatible with additional Prestashop modules
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A great deal of flexibility to absorb spikes in traffic

Create and stay in control of your own online store with Prestashop hosting

For over 20 years, Gandi has been an independent actor on the internet, and we continue to look for new solutions that will allow our customers to also be as independent as possible. E-commerce is essential these days for any business, and so to help you get started with an online store, we have an easy way for you to install the Prestashop CMS on a Simple Hosting instance for Prestashop web hosting.

Prestashop is one of the most widely used solutions in the world for the construction of e-commerce websites, and its configuration and use is very simple. It is also open-source, which means that you have total control over your data, as well as that of your customers!

With Prestashop hosting at Gandi, we want to facilitate the creation of your e-commerce website, and help you benefit from the many features provided by the Prestashop CMS, for your Prestashop web hosting as well as the quality and flexibility of Gandi's web hosting — a combination that all but guarantees the best Prestashop hosting experience for you and your customers. All of this so that your business can grow and bring you new sources of revenue.

Which is the best Prestashop web hosting pack for me?

Best Prestashop hosting solutions for individuals and professionals who need to deploy an e-commerce website

Transform your idea into a business

Prestashop hosting for who? Individuals & start-ups

You want to quickly launch an activity to test your idea or your market. What's the best Prestashop hosting option for you?

  • Simple and rapid installation
  • Best Prestashop hosting plan for flexibility. Upgrade to a more powerful Prestashop web hosting plan if your site is a success
  • Free TLS/SSL certificates that can be automatically installed

In just a few minutes, you will have your own e-boutique that you can customize as you wish.

Start with a size M Prestashop web hosting Plan

Develop a new source of revenue for your company

Prestashop hosting for who? SMEs

You want to diversify your business activity by creating an online store for your company or your client using the best Prestashop hosting possible.

  • Automatic linking with your domain name
  • Compatible with additional Prestashop modules
  • Popular independent open-source application

Thanks to the complete Prestashop interface, you can create a professional e-commerce website by including a dynamic product catalog that you can manage yourself on your own Prestashop web hosting instance.

Start with a size L Prestashop hosting Plan

Deploy a robust e-commerce website on your Prestashop web hosting

Prestashop hosting for who? Specialized e-commerce businesses

Speed and reliability are the best Prestashop hosting features for a high-volume Prestashop online store, and making use of its features will requiring using additional modules.

  • Powerful Prestashop web hosting up to 8CPU/16GB RAM
  • Benefit from professional Prestashop modules
  • Stay in control of your customers' data

Benefit from advanced Prestashop features to build a professional e-commerce website, while keeping control over your customers' data.

Start with a size XXL Prestashop hosting Plan

Included in all Simple Hosting Prestashop hosting plans

  • Streamlined installation

    Select your domain name, choose a name for your website, and the rest is done automatically for you. You just need to confirm the security email that we send you, and you'll have a Prestashop platform ready to go on your Gandi Prestashop web hosting instance in no time.

  • Additional Prestashop modules

    Take advantage of the many modules that are available for you to add more features to build your best Prestashop hosting experience, as well as optimize the performance of your e-commerce website.See the Prestashop modules.

  • Varnish web acceleration

    The performance of Gandi's Prestashop web hosting solutions is accelerated thanks to the use of a "Varnish" cache, that caches pages that are the most frequently visited on your site. This shortens the response time and increases the speed at which your pages load for your visitors for the best Prestashop hosting experience for you and your customers.

  • Flexibility

    Change the power of your Prestashop web hosting (from S+ to XXL) on the fly, by just clicking on a button. It is easy to meet the needs of a temporary or permanent increase in traffic.

  • Expandable storage

    Add up to 1 TB of additional storage for your Prestashop hosting instance.

  • Hosted in France

    Gandi's datacenters are located in France and in Luxembourg. By default, Simple Hosting Prestashop hosting installations are deployed in France.

  • Prestashop hosting security: Free SSL certificate

    With S+ instances or higher, you can generate free SSL certificates for your Prestashop hosting in order to secure data transmission and reassure visitors to your website. Learn more about certificates.

  • Stay in control of your data

    Your store is hosted at Gandi, and Prestashop is an open-source application. You alone have access to the data that is hosted on your Prestashop hosting, so that you are in control of your customers' data.

  • Maintain control of your e-commerce website

    Prestashop is an open-source application, and so you can access and modify the source code (if you have the knowledge and need to do so). This helps you guarantee the best Prestashop hosting experience for reliability and stability of your e-commerce website.

How to install Prestashop on Simple Hosting?


Choose the power of your Prestashop hosting instance. Size M is usually the best Prestashop hosting plan.


Log in to your Gandi account and select the domain name that you want to associate with your Prestashop hosting.


Choose the complete address for your site (such as


Complete the checkout process and validate the email we use to verify your SSL Certificate.


You will then receive an email with the information you need to finalize the configuration of your Prestashop hosting.

Prestashop web hosting, a dedicated tool for e-commerce vendors

What is PrestaShop?

To put it simply, PrestaShop is a technology used to create online shopping platforms for e-commerce websites. All web developers have to do is to set up various tabs such as promotions, best sellers, or payment using a foreign currency.

Prestashop is quite simple to understand and get started with. The e-commerce website’s administrators – whether they’re web developers or not – have direct access to the back-office, from which they can manage their various add-ons. So what’s so special about Prestashop? Thanks to a number of automated functions available in the back-office, it is possible to do such things as creating a page, adding a button, deleting content, etc. without any technical knowledge.

The benefits of a Prestashop web hosting solution

Those looking to deploy an e-commerce site might find Gandi's Simple Hosting the best Prestashop hosting for doing so. Gandi’s Prestashop web hosting solution is able to scale up in order to match increases in incoming traffic on your e-commerce website and ensure the best Prestashop hosting availability. While you may choose to launch your website using a Prestashop hosting size M pack, it is possible and even very simple to later upgrade it to a larger Prestashop hosting pack.

Best Prestashop hosting loading times for your web pages

Using “Varnish,” Gandi’s Prestashop web hosting solution can store your site’s most popular pages in cache. That way, your most visited pages load quicker. This improvement in load times has been proven to bring great customer satisfaction.

100% secure European Prestashop web hosting service

In order to keep your data — as well as the various interactions and payments that take place on your e-commerce website — safe, our Prestashop hosting servers are located in European data centers (specifically in the countries of France and Luxembourg). Our Prestashop web hosting solution is fully transparent, reliable, and secure.

Simplified manual setup

While Wordpress’s setup process is automatic, this is not the case for other CMSes like Prestashop or Woocommerce. However, installing Prestashop on a Simple Hosting instance is very simple. All you will have to do is to go through the relevant tutorials we’ve made available to you and closely follow all of our instructions.

In short, choosing a Prestashop web hosting solution simplifies the processes you have to go through to deploy your e-commerce website. Prestashop distinguishes itself by being intuitive and simple to manage, making it an ideal alternative to more complex CMSes like Magento. The Prestashop web hosting process may be done at very affordable prices and allows for a number of advantages. Find out if Gandi's Prestashop hosting is the best Prestashop hosting for you.

Frequently asked questions

No worries, at Gandi, our hosting solutions are very flexible and allow you to easily and immediately change from one plan to another. A size M plan is the best Prestashop hosting plan to start with, and you can then upgrade if you find that it is not enough to handle the load needed for the modules that you have installed and/or the traffic on your website.

Yes, after you have installed Prestashop, you have full administrator permissions. You therefore have access to all of the modules that are available for your version of Prestashop. However, you should take care to not install too many modules, which can needlessly slow your website and contribute than a less than best Prestashop hosting performance.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your Simple Hosting instance, the login information related to your Prestashop hosting is available on the administration page of your Simple Hosting instance on Gandi's website. If you are totally stuck, you can always contact our support team.

For difficulties you may experience using and configuring your Prestashop e-commerce shop, you will need to turn to the Prestashop community and search among their online help resources, forums, and tutorials. Gandi's Prestashop hosting customers do not have access to the Prestashop Enterprise service, or the security and advantages of that offer, which is provided directly by Prestashop.

Yes, you can and must regularly update the version of your Prestashop for the best Prestashop hosting experience. You can do this directly from your Prestashop interface. Be careful to verify, however, that your Simple Hosting instance and the version of PHP/MySQL are compatible with the new version of Prestashop before you proceed.

If your domain name is with another provider, you can still choose a Simple Hosting instance and manually install Prestashop on it for Prestashop hosting at Gandi. You must then manually configure the DNS records at your domain name provider to link to it.

If you don't have a domain name at all, you will need to register one before you can install your website. You can do this here.

Get help

Your e-commerce website at Gandi

Select one of your domain names at Gandi and follow the instructions. The installation is automatic after you place your order. Your Prestashop site will then be ready on your Prestashop hosting in just a couple minutes.

Create a Prestashop e-commerce shop

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