If you live in Europe, you have probably not been able to escape this event, which has united tens of thousands of supporters around 22 athletes who fight over a ball in one of the largest stadiums in France: The European Football Cup.

Driven by the enthusiasm of some football fans at Gandi, we have concocted a promo for the extensions of qualifying countries, which will change depending on the results of the matches: from 15% off for the teams that make it to the 8th finals to 35% off for finalists.

Whether or not you are a fervent follower of each and every match, or totally uninterested in this event, you can take advantage of these promos from 23 June to 10 July, the date of the final, for domain creations at A rates.


So, as of 23 June, here are the extensions covered by the 15% off promo:

  • Belgium - .BE
  • Croatia - .HR*
  • France - .FR
  • Germany - .DE
  • Hungary - .HU*
  • Iceland - .IS*
  • Ireland - .IE*
  • Italy - .IT
  • Northern Ireland - .IRISH (already at 50% off)
  • Poland - .PL
  • Portugal - .PT
  • Slovakia - .SK*
  • Spain - .ES
  • Switzerland - .CH
  • United Kingdom - .UK
  • Wales - .WALES

Of course, since these are geographic extensions (ccTLD), some registration conditions may apply. To see what these may be, check the information page associated with each extension (click the link in the list above). Please also note that if you want to register one of the extensions marked by *, you must first subscribe to our Corporate offer.

Beginning on May 1st 2012, the Portuguese extension .PT will be available to those outside Portugal.


You will still need to provide an ID number, but it will no longer be limited to Portuguese citizens. The first major change is that there is no longer any need to have a personal or company name that is the same as the domain!

For example:

  • If you are a registered organization (company, association, etc.) in Europe (EEC), you must provide your Intra-Community VAT number. If you are not in Europe, you must provide a different fiscal ID number.
  • If you are an individual who is a citizen of Portugal, you must provide your Fiscal Code. If you are not Portuguese, you must provide your passport number.


Register .PT:


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