If you live in Europe, you have probably not been able to escape this event, which has united tens of thousands of supporters around 22 athletes who fight over a ball in one of the largest stadiums in France: The European Football Cup.

Driven by the enthusiasm of some football fans at Gandi, we have concocted a promo for the extensions of qualifying countries, which will change depending on the results of the matches: from 15% off for the teams that make it to the 8th finals to 35% off for finalists.

Whether or not you are a fervent follower of each and every match, or totally uninterested in this event, you can take advantage of these promos from 23 June to 10 July, the date of the final, for domain creations at A rates.


So, as of 23 June, here are the extensions covered by the 15% off promo:

  • Belgium - .BE
  • Croatia - .HR*
  • France - .FR
  • Germany - .DE
  • Hungary - .HU*
  • Iceland - .IS*
  • Ireland - .IE*
  • Italy - .IT
  • Northern Ireland - .IRISH (already at 50% off)
  • Poland - .PL
  • Portugal - .PT
  • Slovakia - .SK*
  • Spain - .ES
  • Switzerland - .CH
  • United Kingdom - .UK
  • Wales - .WALES

Of course, since these are geographic extensions (ccTLD), some registration conditions may apply. To see what these may be, check the information page associated with each extension (click the link in the list above). Please also note that if you want to register one of the extensions marked by *, you must first subscribe to our Corporate offer.

This one goes out to all you companies out there.

We see you, sweating and working over there in that office park. Or downtown business district. We see you making value, paying employees, providing services, pleasing customers.

And now we’ve got something for you. On June 22, 2016 at 9:00 AM PDT two new gTLDs that are for those companies out there, working hard for the stakeholders—.ltd and .gmbh—are entering the GoLive phase.

That means domains in these two TLDs are now open to everyone. For .ltd, which now will be available for $25.24 per year at A rates, that means everyone-everyone. For .gmbh, which will now be available for $38.65 per year at A rates, you have to have your existence as a Gesellschaft mit besechränkter Haftung (if you don’t know what that means, sorry .gmbh is not for you) validated with the respective authorities in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein or Switzerland.

Either way, companies, we know you never take a break, but now you're getting one with .ltd and .gmbh.

This one goes out to you.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


When Radix registry celebrates, it does it with style.

Radix registry is turning two years old this month, and so all its domains will be available for just $0.99 for the first year. That includes .HOST, .ONLINE, .PRESS, .SITE, .SPACE, .TECH and .WEBSITE.

The party, which started June 20, goes all night, and the next day, and the next: all the way until June 30 at 11:59 PM UTC.

Don't wait. Find your perfect domain name:

This June, .xyz turns two and so it’s all about twos: two days at two cents, 25 days at twenty-two cents. 

Having a June birthday means .xyz, for what it’s worth, is a Gemini and we’ve probably never met a person who actually matched their astrological sign as much as .xyz matches its sign.

Geminis are supposed to be versatile, and .xyz definitely has that: it’s probably the most versatile of all the new gTLDs.

Gemini is also the twins, so everything comes in twos. So far so good: xyz’s more famous twin, of course, is abc. And this year, because it’s .xyz’s second birthday, the celebration comes down to twos, too. First, it’s in two phases: from June 1-2 (two days), .xyz domains will be just each. That’s a pair of two pretty pennies.

Next, from June 3-30, .xyz domains will be 22¢ each.

Register a creative, versatile .xyz? Or two?


  • Number 10: Monday June 20 marks the five-year anniversary of when ICANN announced that they would begin accepting applications for new gTLDs within the year, including .top.
  • Number 9: Your .top domain doesn't have to expire in the next 10 days for you to renew it.
  • Number 8: Registration of .top domains has surpassed 2.5 million, making it the number two most registered new gTLD.
  • Number 7: This also makes it the top (no pun intended, really) most registered new gTLD based outside of the US
  • Number 6: .top is one of four new gTLDs put on record with Chinese MIIT to build a website with
  • Number 5: It’s easy to type. c, o and m are about as far apart on the keyboard as possible. t, o and p, though? All in the same row. You could type it one-handed.
  • Number 4: .top is international. Registrations span 230 countries.
  • Number 3: Over 30 words in the English language end in -top. And that’s not counting innumerable phrases (careful for premium domains, though).
  • Number 2: If you’re on top, and you like being on top, you should stay on top and keep your .top domain. You just should.

and …

  • Number 1: The number one reason to renew a .top domain before July 1 is because .top renewals are on promotion for ten days only (one day for each of the reasons on this list): from June 20 to June 30, 2016.

Domains in this extension can be renewed for just $6.26 per year (they’re normally $12.52 at A rates). So that’s a full half-off.

It’s easy to stay on .top if you can get half-off.

Usually, email is quick. You hit "Send" and seconds later your friend replies with a smiley, or the boss confirms your meeting invite, or your crush cancels your lunch date and you know not to show up.

But sometimes, the message doesn't get there in time. You question your comedic abilities as your joke is left dangling without response, emoticon or otherwise. The boss misses your big presentation. You're left alone at the sandwich shop with an extra egg salad sandwich and a broken heart. Then, the email arrives, too late, and you find yourself wondering why your email service provider didn't deliver your email. How hard can it be?

The problem starts with spam.

Don’t get us wrong, the proliferation of free email service providers is great. Increasing access to such a basic element of internet infrastructure is something we can definitely get behind. But it also makes an email address completely disposable. Spammers can easily obtain an email address, use it to send out a large amount of material in a short amount of time, and toss it away once it gets identified as a spammer address.

Sometimes these spamming campaigns can be epically massive.

The primary tool mail providers have for combating spammers consists of blacklisting and greylisting.

You’re probably familiar with these concepts. A blacklist is a list of permanently blocked users. In the context of spam, a user could be an email address, an IP address, or even a whole relay server.

A greylist is the same concept but consists only of temporarily blocked addresses.

Delivery of messages from a blacklisted or greylisted user gets delayed. This gives email providers time to identify and flag the potential source of spam.


What we see happen sometimes with Gandi Mail is that mail providers (especially freemail providers) add our mail relay servers to their blacklists or greylists if our users send too many emails within a given period of time. Sometimes our relay servers can be added to such a list even when the high volume is attributable to legitimate traffic.

To be clear: email to these providers does arrive, but sometimes with some latency. We are constantly working proactively to avoid being blacklisted or greylisted and to remove our servers from blacklists and greylists as quickly as possible.


If you notice a delay in mail delivery from your Gandi Mail address, then, we have a few recommendations on how to proceed:


1. Check our status page at status.gandi.net

This page is updated with information about known outages and delays that may effect email coming to or from Gandi Mail.


2. Get the headers

The full headers of an email show the delivery path of the email. They furthermore provide a “Message ID” we can use to check our mail servers for more information. The headers are essentially a log of which servers an email passes through. When a message is received by a new server, that server puts a timestamp on it.

An email’s headers show where an email went and how long it took to go from place to place. That will identify where the delay occurred. Every mail client has a different way to get an email’s headers, so if you don’t know how to get your headers, you’ll probably need to search the web for “how to view message headers in [your email client].”

If you don’t know how to read mail headers and want to see for yourself, there are great tools online for doing so, like mxtoolbox.


3. Contact Customer care

If you don’t see anything on the Gandi status page about mail delays but you see a delay in your mail headers or just don’t know how to get them or interpret them, Gandi customer care is always a resource you can depend on to help you out. You can feel free to contact them using the online contact form, or by our online chat. If you can attach your mail headers that already gives us a good start.


Mail latency is not ideal. It can cause real-world problems. But so can spam and freemail providers do need to do their best to protect their networks. Gandi works hard to address blacklisting and greylisting of our servers and other sources of latency as quickly as possible.


Sometimes, we need your help, though. So if you see something, say something. And remember: if your friend, your coworkers, or your crush (or anybody else for that matter) have a domain at Gandi, they can use Gandi Mail, too, instead of the freemail provider they may have now. Every Gandi domain comes with five mailboxes, a thousand forwarding addresses and 1 Gb of storage for free.


After all, it’s nicer to have an email with yourname@yourdomain.tld? than just yourname@freemail.com, isn’t it?

The spirits (well, mostly just the TLD release calendar) predict many good things coming your way, dear Gandiens, many things.

So what’s in store this month? Well, .store for one, is entering the GoLive phase on June 14, 2016 at 9:00 AM PDT.

But wait, there’s more in store for .store! From now until August 14, 2016 at 4:59 PM PDT, .store domains will be on sale for just $14.99 per year when you buy it in the GoLive phase. Normally, the GoLive price for .store will be $76.95 per year, so that’s 80% off, right off the bat.

With a promo that good, we predict that you will find the .store of your dreams this summer.

Find out if there's a .store in store for your future?


.コム (.xn--tckwe) is the rare but increasingly common “translated” domain name. This time around, .コム is the Japanese translation of .com.

Previously, Sunrise and Godfathering periods limited registrations to brand owners and owners of corresponding .com domains. Now .コム is open to all for it’s now regular price of $16.79 per year at A rates.

Register a .コム?



The extension .gdn has been around for a little over a year now at this point, but Gandi is happy to now offer .gdn domains. The GDN in .gdn stand for “global domain name.”

Domains in these extensions will be available for $13.09 per year at A rates.


Register a .gdn?



Many TLDs have come to you with a line that didn’t seem true, and until now, you’ve passed them by.

Now it doesn’t wear a diamond ring, or even have a song to sing. All we know is .我爱你 means “I love you.”

That and .我爱你 will be 50% off for the rest of year, that is, until December 31, 2016 at midnight UTC. Which means instead of the usual price of $45.51 per year, new .我爱你 domains will be just $23.00 per year for the rest of the year.

Show some love?



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