If you own a .info domain name, now's the time to renew it and if you've ever wanted a .info domain name, now's the time to get it. The reason is on July 1, 2017 at midnight UTC (which means June 30, 2017 at 5:00 PM PDT), prices on .info will be increasing by approximately 12% for all operations.

That means that, for example, a new .info domain at A rates will increase from the current price of $16.55* to $18.54*, the same for renewals.

*Prices in USD. See .info page for local prices

While Elizabeth II, the current queen of England was born 21 April, it's on 17 June that the British monarch celebrates her Official Birthday. And there's no better way for a queen to celebrate than a birthday parade.

Call it our own Trooping the Colour, then, that from 1 May through 30 June, .uk domains of all varieties are 50% off. Meaning .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, and .me.uk are all £2.50* for the first year and £5.00 after that*.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:

*Prices in GBP, see price pages linked above for local pricing.

You are not alone out there! There are plenty of people like you, at least in some way or another. And if you like to get together with some of those like-minded people, you might try joining, or creating a club. And when you have your club, you'll probably want a domain name, which is where this promotion comes in.

From May 1 through May 31, 2017, new .club domains will be just $1.99* for the first year and then $13.43* at A rates after that.

What's your .club?


*Prices in USD. See .club pricing page for local prices.


As technology advances the ways we connect with one another and increases the quality of those connections, the planet seems to get smaller and smaller on the one hand, and on the other our knowledge and understanding of even the smallest corners of the globe has become radically deeper.

The extension .global is emblematic of these changes: at once a universal signifier for those whose organizations or lifestyles extend across the globe, while also opening a new space for any one individual to elaborate their own expression of what these new possibilities mean.

For our part, we're happy to announce that this May, from May 1 through May 31, 2017, the first year of a new .global domain is on sale for $12.00 and then $95.34 at A rates after that*.

What does .global mean to you?


*Prices in USD. See .global pricing page for local prices.

This morning, Tuesday April 25, 2017 at 7:00 AM PDT (14:00 UTC), .eco entered the GoLive phase. Domains in this TLD are now available for $95.44 per year* at A rates.

If Earth Day this weekend got you riled up to support the environment and ecological causes in general, we have good news for you. The new TLD .eco is now launching in the GoLive phase. The registry, the .eco Organization, is a non-profit representing a coalition of ecological partners including WWF and Greenpeace. They are partnering with Big Room, a certified B corporation, to bring .eco domains to the ecological community.

Since .eco is a TLD primarily for this community, the .eco label is reserved primarily for companies, institutions, and individuals dedicated to protecting the environment. As such, while anyone can register a .eco domain, it won't be activated by the registry until a profile has been created on the resgitry's website.

This process will entail three steps:

  1. When you register a .eco domain, you will receive an email (at the email address on your Gandi account) inviting you to create a .eco user account.
  2. Once your user account has been created, you will receive another email requesting that you complete your profile on the registry's website.
  3. When your profile is complete, a final email will confirm the activation of your domain name.

In between, should there be any delay in creating an account or completing your profile, for both steps one and two above, you will receive reminders three, seven, fourteen, and thirty days after creating your domain or creating your user account. You won't be able to use your domain until your account is created and your profile is completed.

Otherwise, if you don't want to or can't activate your domain immediately, you will be able to do so at any moment up to a year after the initial registration of your .eco domain name.

Register a .eco?


*Price in USD. See .eco page for local pricing.

Two TLDs — .realty and .observer — for two different professions where independents are up against big-time players are now entering the GoLive phase.

There's no better way for an evening to devolve into bitter resentment like playing a simulated property-trading board game. And if you thought competing to buy and develop property was fun in your living room, the stakes are higher and the defeats more stinging in real life. It's a tough game, but now that .realty is the GoLive phase, it's a little easier for small realtors to fight the Uncle Pennybags of the world: domains in this TLD are now $15.56 per year at A rates*.

Of course, no monopoly is complete without absolute control over the local media market, but .observer, a TLD to help news organizations stand out, can help break down those barriers to entry, too. Now that it's in the GoLive phase, domains in the .observer TLD are also available for $15.56 per year at A rates*.

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


*Prices in USD. See .realty and .observer price pages for local prices.

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