It's always with great remorse that we make this type of announcement but effective 23 January 2017, in order to comply with our contractual obligations, we have increased registration and renewal prices on 76 TLDs, on all price grids.

The reason for the price increase largely has to do with the fact that we pay most new gTLDs in US Dollars and exchange rates have recently fluctuated such that we were compelled to increase rates on affected TLDs.

Generally, we don't adjust our prices based on minor exchange rate fluctuations, however the variations this time were too significant to be able to avoid adjusting our rates. So it's out of necessity that we are notifying you of the following new rates on the following TLDs:

Taxes are not included in the above prices, which unless otherwise indicated, apply both to renewals and creations.

Besides the TLDs listed above, the following TLDs are also impacted, though only in grids B through E:

.asia, .org, .ag, .tv, .tel, .ws, .mobi:

  • Grids B and C: +10% on transfers only
  • Grids D and E: +10% on all operations

One last TLD, .biz, is also impacted but only on Grid E. The prices for all operations have been increased by 10%.

Ever wish there was a domain that could do everything? One that could do x, y, and z but cost you less? Well, then this will come as good news: if you want a new .xyz domain, you can get one from now until December 31, 2017 for just $0.99 for the first year (normally $13.63 at A rates)*. Or get one for two years at $7.31 per year*.

Register a .xyz?



*Prices in USD. See .xyz for local pricing.

Consider this your reminder to step away from your computer for a at least a few minutes today and do something spontaneous, unexpected, and purposeless.

Neuroscience tells us that we need a little novelty in our lives to keep our amygdalae pumping out dopamine. Otherwise, you might end up like the proverbial Jack after all work and no play.

All of that is to say: isn't it about time you had some .fun?

And now you don't even have to get up from your computer. You can order your .fun today. For instant gratification, you have to have a trademark registered with TMCH. If you do, you can have your .fun between today, January 23 at 4:00 pm UTC (8:00 AM PST) and April 2, 2017 when this TLD is in the the Sunrise phase. Domains in this phase are available for for $565.20 per year*.

If not, order some .fun for the Landrush phase, which will take place between April 2, 2017 and April 5, 2017. Domains bought in the Landrush phase are available for $164.80 per year*.

Finally, if you'd rather have .fun at regular prices, you can wait until April 5, when .fun enters the GoLive phase, though you can order in this phase now. Domains in the GoLive phase will be available for $28.87 at A rates*.

But to make things a bit more entertaining, .fun domains in the GoLive phase will be on sale from now and until June, 5. Meaning: you can pre-order your .fun now and have  get yours on promo for just $12.99 per year*.

Having .fun yet?


*Prices listed in USD. See .fun page for local pricing. 

There's nothing better thanˇ to start off the new year (or, really in the case of these TLDs, end last year) with a group of strings recently delegated to the root zone by ICANN which contain some expected outcomes and some surprises.

Recently-delegated TLDs

.hairDecember 2

While two .hair applications were received, ultimately ICANN allowed the delegation of .hair to L'Oréal despite objections by the GAC.


.hospitalDecember 9

The .hospital TLD sheds light on one of the more controversial categories of applied-for strings, namely, those pertaining to the medical field. Along with other medical-related strings, ICANN's appointed Independent Objector filed an objection for the .hospital string, especially given the potential for abuse.

For its part, the applicant, Donuts, maintained that .hospital is general enough that it has a legitimate commercial use outside of the realm of actual hospitals, and that no such confusion would occur.

While the American Hospital Association filed a community complaint (and it would be hard to object to the categorization of the AHA as a legitimate representative of the community covered), no such community organization stepped forward with enough capital to cover the application costs.

It should also be considered that the higher than average likelihood of denial of an application for such a string puts the risk of investing in such an application by a third-party. This would seem to almost guarantee that a large portfolio registry would be more likely to apply than a smaller registry and Donuts was indeed the sole applicant.


.dataDecember 20

It's also not surprising that multiple registries would apply for a string like .data, which you'd be hard-pressed to find a community with a clear claim over (much to our chagrin).

It's somewhat surprising that there were only three applicants, given the evident potential of a .data TLD: Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd., Donuts, and Dish DBS Corporation (i.e. Dish Network).

And despite a warning from the GAC, who worried about monopolization concerns, .data was delegated to Dish DBS.


.phone, .mobile December 20

Similarly, it's surprising that .phone and .mobile only received two applications each (Amazon dropped their .mobile application) one from Donuts, the other from Dish. In this case, just as with .data, the GAC objected to Dish's applications for the same reasons, however Dish was in the end delegated this TLD with the back end provided by Afilias for each.


.fun December 21

While .fun would have been a, well, fun generic TLD, Oriental Trading Company, who were ultimately awarded with the delegation of this string planned to use it as a brand TLD or a "closed TLD." As it turns out, though, the fun twist ending to the story is that Oriental Trading Company wound up auctioning off the rights to .fun to Radix Registry in October, just in time for it to be delegated last month.


Well, though it may not have been gripping, edge-of-your-seat drama, there were some twists and turns this month. Come back next month to see what surprises await ...

Remember, though, that while we try to gain accreditation for as many TLDs as possible, just because you see these on our list here doesn't mean we'll be able to offer any of these soon (though in some cases we can and will be).

A hospital is a kind of sacred place. It's where people go to get better. And now, with a .hospital domain, whether you're helping people or animals or anything for which good health is a priority, you can create the online space for them to get better too.

The .hospital TLD is entering the Sunrise phase today, January 10, meaning it can now be purchased at Sunrise pricing for TMCH holders at $162.79*. If you want to take advantage of this period, you have until March 11, 2017 to do so.

Or, if you don't have a trademark registered with TMCH, you can still register now for the Landrush phase for priority registration, which launches March 13, 2017. During this phase, .hospital domains will be available for $182.81*. You have until March 15, 2017 to take advantage of this phase.

Finally, on March 22, 2017, .hospital opens its doors to the general public when it enters the GoLive phase. You can register for this phase, which is the final release phase, now.  Domains will be available for $63.11 per year* at A rates in the GoLive phase.

Register your .hospital?



*Prices in USD. See  .hospital for local prices

We're starting off the new year with a promotion on the ccTLD of a country that celebrates New Year twice this month! While Chinese New Year falls on January 28, 2017 in the Western Calendar, in the traditional Chinese calendar that date will be 4714.

As you are probably already aware, each Chinese year has a specific zodiac sign. So, starting January 28, we will enter the year of the Fire Rooster (some may say "Year of the Chicken").

The Rooster is known for its persistence and dynamism, which we thought would best be represented by a healthy 25% off .CN domains through the end of February.

That means .CN domains are just 6,33€ (instead of 8,44€), US$ 7.60 (instead of the usual US$ 10.13) or NT$ 232 (instead of NT$ 310).

You do not need to have a contact address in China or company in China to obtain your .CN domain name, however there is a real name verification requirement which Gandi does at no additional cost to you. For this you will have to send an personal ID (a drivers license will mostly do the trick) to our support team after registering the domain.

So to protect your brand or secure yourself an address in an ever-growing Chinese economy now is the right time.

Register a .CN?


Red is the color of love, good fortune, and joy. And in Chinese culture in particular, it's found everywhere during New Years, weddings, new shop/business openings and many other occasions.

Why not identify and promote your website with this vitality .red and get inspired by anything and everything red?

From January 1, 2017 until June 30, .red domains will be just half price. That means they'll be available for just US$8.15 per year* at A rates.


Register a .red?:



*Prices in USD. See .red page for local prices.

Afilias, the registry whose portfolio contains such colorful TLDs as .black, .blue, .pink and .red among others, is offering a six-month promo of 50% off on thirteen of their TLDs. The TLDs (with corresponding prices indicated*) include:

  • .archi: $39.67 (regular price $63.65)
  • .black: $28.62 (regular price $57.25)
  • .blue: $8.15  (regular price $16.31)
  • .info: $8.27 (regular price $16.55)
  • .kim: $8.15 (regular price $16.31)
  • .lgbt: $28.62 (regular price $57.25)
  • .mobi: $9.00 (regular price $18.00)
  • .pet: $10.40 (regular price $19.27)
  • .pink: $8.15 (regular price $16.31)
  • .poker: $28.61 (regular price $57.22)
  • .promo: $9.70 (regular price $19.40)
  • .red: $8.15 (regular price $16.31)
  • .ski: $56.61 (regular price $56.61)

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


*Prices listed in USD. See individual price pages (linked in the list above) for local prices.

Mōkarimakka? That's "How's business?" in Osaka-ben, the Kansai dialect of Osaka. The traditional response, bochi bochi denna, means "so-so." Take that as you will.

In any case, you probably know Tokyo as the economic and cultural center of Japan, but with having given birth to companies like Panasonic, Sharp, Sanyo, and Minolta Osaka is a kind of capital in their own right.

And what better to feed that innovation than a cup of ramen? Osaka is also the birth place of world-famous instant ramen company Konami.

Even if business is really just so-so, now's a good time to snatch up a .osaka while you can. From January 1 through February 28, .osaka domains are half-price for the first year. That means a new .osaka domain will be US$23.91 for the first year and the regular US$47.82 after that*.

Register a .osaka?



*For local prices, see .osaka price list.

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